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Flash Vs HTML5

Flash Vs HTML5
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Sencha Animator - Create CSS3 Animations with Ease The Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management platform simplifies the challenges of managing the software development lifecycle of web applications. Now you can seamlessly design, develop, and test data-intensive web applications and deliver the right user experience, on the right screen, at the right time. Sencha Platform for Web Application Lifecycle Management The Sencha portfolio of products and services forms an integrated, modular platform for managing the lifecycle of your cross-platform web applications. Sencha products can be deployed separately or together to form an end-to-end solution. With the Sencha Platform you can prototype, develop, theme, debug, and test your web applications on any device running any browser. Design The Sencha platform helps you accelerate your web application development efforts with out-of-the box theming capabilities across all applications. Learn More: Ext JS | Architect | Themer Develop Learn More: Ext JS | Sencha Test | GXT Test An Open Platform

Winslew | lI' Ghun You might know this – you just found a nice webpage you want to read but have no time right at this moment? Maybe you create a bookmark for it – then you forget about it and remember it while on a long flight or being not connected to the internet. Wouldn’t it be cool to have such webpages marked for reading it later and having cached version of all this webpages on your notebook? Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later) is a service which provides a centralized storage for your webpages you want to read later. Winslew now is a Windows client to this service which can be used to fully administer your items (add, remove, mark as read, tagging, …) which caches text only version of the webpage so you can read them whenever you want and whereever you are.

Uzbl - web interface tools which adhere to the unix philosophy. Wanderfly | Spark Your Journey Very Useful HTML5 Tutorials, Techniques and Examples for Web Developers — tripwire magazine HTML5 examples can be really good inspiration for anyone starting a new web project, after all it is the future of web page markup and we all need to prepare for it. HTML5 is being developed as the next major revision of HTML (HyperText Markup Language). The major market and Internet leaders are already switching to the HTML 5 platform. With Apple and Google both pushing the standards in order to facilitate more advanced web development, we now see HTML 5 implementations popping up all over the place as more companies get on board with the advanced features. With the constant drop of Flash usage in web and Internet applications, HTML5 is opening new doors to web designers and developers. In this scenario, it is indeed imperative for every web developer to know about basic compatibility, features, tricks and tricks of HTML5. Keep in mind that besides coding your own web site from ground up you can also kick start your project using a WordPress theme. Advertisement HTML5 Web Applications

Nymphicus Twitter Client | The Twitter client you gonna love | Nymphicus Twitter Client 10 HTML5 Games Paving The Way HTML5 is still a developing technology and we’re barley beginning to see its capabilities in more advanced uses such as games. Though HTML5 isn’t even in its infancy yet, it’s beginning to emerge and here are 10 HTML5 games paving the way. Edit: With the addition of an HTML5 version of Asteroids, submitted by Shkwav. Quake II GWT Port Quake II GWT Port Unless you were living under a rock or don’t use the internet, you probably heard about the Quake II port using WebGL, the Canvas API, HTML5 elements, etc., built by a few Google employees. Requirements: Safari (nightly) or Chromium WPilot WPilot WPilot is a multiplayer space shooter you can actually play without building anything, that is – if you can find someone to play with. Requirements: Safari, Chrome, Webkit or Firefox (Win) Wolfenstein 3D Wolfenstein 3D For those who remember the older days of gaming, Wolfenstein 3D will probably strike a chord. Requirements: Firefox 2+, Safari 3.1.2+, Opera 9.27+ Aves Engine Aves Engine Akihabara Asteroids

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