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Badass Hidden Gun Safe List. Gun safes come in all shapes and sizes.

Badass Hidden Gun Safe List

But the best, most badass gun safes are the ones that can be completely hidden while providing absolute gun safety. This list takes hidden gun storage to the next level with these 10 hidden gun safes to keep your guns secretly secured. Check out this super stealthy list and store your guns the badass way. Truck Step Gun Safe Keep your gun safe with you always with this convenient, mobile gun safe.

(via pinterest) Couch Gun Safe This unexpectedly placed hidden gun storage solution stays hidden in plain sight while providing a large amount of bullet proof storage space. (via pinterest) Podcast about making things with your bare hands. Analogies That Will Change The Way You Look At Life. 40 Awesome Websites That Will Totally Ruin Your Productivity. 1.

40 Awesome Websites That Will Totally Ruin Your Productivity

Stripgenerator Hey, get your mind out of the gutter–Stripgenerator is about comic creation, not clothing removal–though we wouldn’t claim that the two paths have never crossed. The site lets you build your very own customized comic strip in a matter of minutes. Choose from an array of characters and objects, and then bring your strip to life, one square at a time. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, sign up to start your own “strip blog” and have your content featured on the site’s home page. 2. FMyLife encourages people to send in anonymous real-life stories of worst-case scenarios that came horrifyingly true–things you’ll just have to read to believe. 3.

A must-try for any music or film fanatic, LivePlasma helps you find new movies and music by building interactive maps around your current favorites. 4. The onetime competitor to Mad Magazine has reinvented itself as a Web site for all things funny. Korean Long Board - GIF on Imgur. ⁕ Apprendre à dessiner. 23 Places to Find Odd and Interesting Gifts and... Bullet Bouquets. Bullet Bouquets.

Bullet Bouquets

No better way to call them than that. And just as cool as these loaded pots of blooms: gung-ho shooter and artist Anthony Zambai saw the idea for them on Reddit less than a week ago. When the Bullet Bouquet was presented on the front page of the Internet, a ton of people responded with comments along the lines of...Dude. I want that. So this clever dude and his wife, Amber, set themselves the goal of crafting an entire business over the weekend. WINKPENS - Write with Wine, Juice or Tea. Get Creative. by Jessica Chan. Sector 9 Faultline 39.5" Complete Longboard.

The 10 Best Websites for Men. There are literally hundreds of websites written specifically for men.

The 10 Best Websites for Men

Some offer self help while others offer men’s entertainment or products (click here for a list of men’s product websites). In researching for my upcoming men’s trivia app Mantelligence, I read through almost all of these sites. To save you some time, I decided to create a list of my favorites. For each site, I give you a quick breakdown of what the site is all about, the site’s highlights and a few of their best articles. So here they are. Huckberry Picture Huckleberry Finn in your mind’s eye. Huckberry sells men’s products but also has a phenomenal blog. Highlights:Amazing photographyUnique articles Alden Tan.

100 Video Sites where you can Watch TV Serials Online. Untitled. Watch TV shows online free at Exploding Kittens - A card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats. Top 20 Woodworking YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe to Now! Home - 50 Must See TED Talks about Creativity and Design – Design School. If you’re looking for ideas about design or seeking a creative muse, TED talks can be a worthwhile watch to stir your curiosity.

50 Must See TED Talks about Creativity and Design – Design School

From the latest web trends to the meaning of happiness, these 50 Talks are sure to arouse your creative fire. 01. John Maeda: How art, technology and design inform creative leaders Old meets new as designers find balance among the possibilities of technology, the solutions of design, and the questions asked by art. Coffitivity. 25 movies to watch when you're bored. Immersive Cocoon // Step Into The Future.

Directed & 3D CG by Oliver Zeller, Video Courtesy of I-Cocoon The world of interfaces continues to evolve and surprise us.

Immersive Cocoon // Step Into The Future

We still think of it as something we can hold, fold and place in our bag to carry anywhere. What if you can be part of an intuitive and holistic experience where your interface is not reduced to a mouse-click or a two dimensional tablet screen. Welcome to the Immersive Cocoon, a surround display dome with sophisticated motion sensor technology that inspired the technology depicted in 'Minority Report'.

Now your body becomes the interface, as you are enveloped and your body movement becomes part of this digital environment to make our everyday lives more enjoyable, at least that is what this conceptual project tries to explore. Image Courtesy of I-Cocoon The Immersive Cocoon opens its hatch silently and extends a small set of stairs that helps you move into this 360 degree display covering the entire interior walls. Sources: I-Cocoon, NAU. Duet Display.

Fire Power.