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Good Bad Bishop » The Chess Website One of the most misunderstood pieces in chess is the bishop. You sometimes will hear that bishops are better than knights. You sometimes will hear that knights are better than bishops. Some people will never trade their bishops because they think they are really good pieces.

Rappers Doing Normal Shit Google+ Rappers Doing Normal Shit 11.29.2011 04:37 pm Topics:AmusingHip-hopMusic Tags:Rappers Doing Normal Shit Ice Cube doing normal shit. Apparently hip-hop artists are just like the rest of us and do normal, mundane, everyday stuff. Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D OS Ver 1.2.0 for Rainmeter - Rainmeter Skins Gallery. Rainmeter skins and themes Download. RMSkin file download. Most skins are now available in a choice of three colours; Orange, Red and Blue. Simply click with the middle mouse button on the skin to cycle through the colours So after 3 weeks of chipping away at this in between revision for my A-Levels, I've finally completed my first skin package. I proudly present S.H.I.E.L.D OS The design of the skin is taken directly from the computers on the Helicarrier in The Avengers.

60 OS Replacements for Storage Software: Page 4 46. OpenSMT Replaces EMC Isilon products, IPDATA appliances, Netgear ReadyNAS Like Openfiler, OpenSMT also allows users to turn standard system hardware into a dedicated storage device with some NAS features and some SAN features. It uses the ZFS filesystem and includes a convenient Web GUI. Operating System: OpenSolaris. Patently Absurd Gerbil Shirt US Patent Issued In 1999 Hey, are you tired of leaving your small pets at home when you are out and about? Could you use a little more quality time with your gerbils, mice, hamsters or snakes? Well now your dreams have come true with the Gerbil Shirt!

Turntable and Violin Duet <p>[Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]</p> 453,695 views Loading ... Add This Groove To Your Site Permalink Surreal Photographs Mix Wes Anderson And Salvador Dali Photographer Todd Baxter doesn't try to capture real life in his photos. He's a narrative artist whose medium happens to be photography. "I have these ideas for a scene—like two kids looking into a glowing hole at night in the woods ("Owl Scouts") or the aftermath of a burglary with a couple tied up in their living room ("Bound and Gagged")," he says, "and I try to make them happen." His photography isn't photorealistic: It's staged, slightly off-kilter, and just a bit surreal. He uses a camera, but his work is less photojournalistic than it is painterly.

Free simple icons for your next project Follow @iconmonstr Support me ads via Carbon 3 months ago 31 Adorable Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse from the Last 600 Years Lexicographer Jonathon Green’s comprehensive historical dictionary of slang, Green’s Dictionary of Slang, covers hundreds of years of jargon, cant, and naughty talk. He has created a series of online timelines (here and here) where the words too impolite, indecent, or risqué for the usual history books are arranged in the order they came into fashion. (If you don’t see any words on the timelines, zoom out using the bar on the right.)

Pro tips to help you find your inner artist From the beginning of my career as a young artist, the worlds of JRR Tolkien have inspired me to create art. From Frodo to Boromir to Saruman, I love to delve into their psyche and create images reflecting the turmoil and conflicts that rocked their world, and in a way mirror our own. My earlier attempts at portraying the riches of Tolkien's writings had always fallen short, not just at the technical level but on the conceptual as well. Yet still I pushed on, for my love of the story overcame any limitations I felt in my artistic skills. This, I feel, is the most important message for you to take away from this workshop: that although you may glean some wonderful new insight into how to improve your art, these images and words can never supplant the passion and belief you must have for your own personal visions. Subscription offer

Seamless Pattern Background Designs 23 Oct 2013, 18:01 Hi, and thank you for sharing your wonderful pattern creator. I'm getting the hang of it, but there is one option that I cannot figure out how to use. I go to Pattern Cooler home and select a pattern that I want to edit (colors). I click the option to edit colors but the editor never comes up. It seems as though it gets stuck and never gets to the editor.

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