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HTML5 Showcase - Video 5 Insane Ways Words Can Control Your Mind On some level we already know that language shapes the way we think. We're automatically more afraid to fight a guy named Jack Savage than somebody named Peewee Nipplepuss, even if we've never seen either of them before. It's totally illogical, but you probably run into an example of that every day, and don't notice it. While we tend to think words are just sounds we make to express ideas, science is finding that language is more like a fun house mirror, warping what we see in mind-blowing ways. For instance ... Speaking English Makes Us More Likely to Blame People Let's say your roommate Steve is jumping on your bed. How will you answer? Keep in mind, Steve pulls this shit all the time. The answer largely depends on what language you speak. Stanford scientists did experiments on this, by having speakers of various languages watch videos featuring, in various situations, people breaking eggs or popping balloons, sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident. Will nothing stop his madness?

Beautiful/Decay Cult of the Creative Arts Gabriel Moreno does beautiful work with such basic materials: a pen and a brush. His illustrations begin in black and white, upon which Moreno builds, adding layers of color and images of other places and people tattooed into their skin. Flowers, birds, and faces organically expand from his subjects, as if a rush of creativity, or a dream, is escaping them. chmod -x chmod Freizeit Презентация All Gone Мы будем рады видеть всех друзей FOTT на презентации книги ALL GONE. С этим изданием знаком, пожалуй, каждый, кто следит за кроссовками... Focus The Wolf of Wall Street Style Несколько дней назад в российский кинопрокат вышла лента "Волк с Уолл-стрит" - комедия американского режиссера Мартина Скорсезе. Focus CASHCA x 6876 Третья совместная коллекция 6876 и Cash Ca сначала "появилась" в он-лайн магазине японского бренда, а затем и английского. Focus TOO HOT ‘Boys Day Out’ Делимся интересной новостью наших друзей из ProperMag, которые, в свою очередь, делятся новостью своих лондонских братьев из Too Hot, которые вновь представили убийственную селекцию винтажных хитов родом из поздних 80-х/ранних 90-х. Focus Things to do Если вдруг вы никак не можете придумать, чем занять себя в свободное время, у нас есть для вас кое-какие идеи. Focus

HTML5 for Video The Acceleration of Addictiveness July 2010 What hard liquor, cigarettes, heroin, and crack have in common is that they're all more concentrated forms of less addictive predecessors. Most if not all the things we describe as addictive are. And the scary thing is, the process that created them is accelerating. We wouldn't want to stop it. No one doubts this process is accelerating, which means increasing numbers of things we like will be transformed into things we like too much. [2] As far as I know there's no word for something we like too much. The world is more addictive than it was 40 years ago. The next 40 years will bring us some wonderful things. Most people won't, unfortunately. These two senses are already quite far apart. Societies eventually develop antibodies to addictive new things. As knowledge spread about the dangers of smoking, customs changed. It took a while though—on the order of 100 years. In fact, even that won't be enough. Most people I know have problems with Internet addiction. Notes

Lorenzo Duran L’artista spagnolo Lorenzo Duran si avvale delle foglie come tela per le sue incisioni. Dopo il lavaggio e l’essiccazione, rimuove con precisione chirurgica ed estrema cura i segmenti in eccesso, usando una tecnica simile a quella del tradizionale paper cutting. Quest’ultimo passo è ovviamente il più difficile vista la fragilità del materiale scelto, il risultatò di questo processo è una serie di affascinanti disegni geometrici incredibilmente belli e dilicati. Grazie a Francesca per il suggerimento. via:

Text To Picture (TXT2PIC) - Write Text On Any Picture Or Choose Image Template Покупка товаров в UK - Alfaparcel Сколько это стоит? Комиссия Alfaparcel - 0% от стоимости заказа. Комиссии больше нет! Покупайте без комиссии сколько хотите, когда хотите, где пожелаете! Покупаете оптом? С нашей услугой "Абонемент Премиум" вы можете получить максимальную экономию на объединении большого количества заказов, хранении товаров и срочных запросах. На чем зарабатывает Alfaparcel? Мы делаем ставку на большие объемы и зарабатываем, прежде всего, на доставке и дополнительных (специальных) запросах клиентов. И хотя наша прибыль складывается, в основном, из доставки, мы все равно смогли сделать цены на доставку, ниже, чем у любых конкурентов. Дополнительная информация о любых возможных расходах, связанных с выполнением заказа, доступна на странице тарифов.

Popcorn.js | The HTML5 Media Framework The NASA Space Pen In this week's Friday funny, journalist and author Eugene Byrne looks at an amusing urban legend much beloved of engineers, and frequently used in management seminars because of its powerful moral about overcomplicated solutions. The story In the 1960s, the story goes, NASA realised that astronauts would need a special pen for recording data, instrument readings etc. when in space. NASA enlisted some of the finest minds in the country and set them to work. The truth Initially, American astronauts used pencils, too, but they weren't popular. It was actually an American pen manufacturer, Paul C Fisher (1913-2006) who came up with the solution in 1965. True, it did cost around a million dollars to develop, but that was all Fisher's money.

10 Street Artists You Should Know 1.) Above With unpredictable weather conditions and improvised workspaces, street art isn't that easy to do. Over the last couple of years, we've featured many great street artists here at theMET. Regarding the piece on top, Above says: "When I was in Lisbon, Portugal three months ago, I would walk by this homeless lady who was begging for money everyday. 2.) Banksy is the gold standard when it comes to urban street art. 3.) Portuguese-born Alexandre Farto aka Vhils is an amazing, super-talented street artist that you've probably never heard of. 4.) I think it's fair to say that street artist Roa is on top of his game. French street artist Christian Guémy aka C215 travels around the world beautifying the streets. 6.) You have to stand at the perfect angle to see this piece by Mentalgassi. 7.) Hyuro is an Argentinian-born street artist that is currently based out of Valencia, Spain. 8.) 9.) Hailing from Madrid, SpY is a famous urban artist that uses many different mediums. 10.)

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