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Westciv - tools & resources for web professionals
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Good-Tutorials - Newest Tutorials Coder's Guide | Learn to code for free online! | Coder's Guide Guide to Cascading Style Sheets Also available in Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish Style Sheets Now! Change the appearance of hundreds of Web pages by changing just one file... Influence presentation without losing visitors... All with the power and flexibility of Web style sheets. Quick Tutorial A basic introduction to Cascading Style Sheets. CSS Structure and Rules An introduction to the various kinds of selectors, pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements, and cascading order. CSS Properties Descriptions of the various properties available in Cascading Style Sheets, level 1. Linking Style Sheets to HTML Various methods of incorporating style sheets into an HTML document. Style Sheet Dependence How to misuse style sheets and make your pages inaccessible. CSSCheck Check the syntax and style of your Cascading Style Sheets with this CSS lint. CSS References Links to CSS specifications and other documentation.

80+Download Free CSS/HTML Templates Layout 2010 « CSS Templates - FreshDesignWeb All professional free CSS/HTML templates for easy design website. It is important for web designer to find new CSS/HTML layout web templates to improve the ideas design, However, the templates was used by other already but they take some part of the templates to create new one by mix more templates together. If you are looking best html and css templates to create your website. You may like my favorite collected html/css templates for purpose such company, product, service, business, shop, wedding, restaurant, portable, electronic shop, book store, jewelry shop, medical clinic, beauty and real estate…etc. It released for free download. The CSS templates layouts was design by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make professional website design and also improve website performance. i hopeful that this collection will save you some time in your design and development. You may like this: Free HTML5 Templates Caprice – Free HTML Template Demo More Info Affection Free CSS Template Demo More Info Digy

HTML Lion - HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript,jQuery Firebug 30 Inspiring Niche Photography Websites to Explore | Speckyboy Design Magazine Photography is a vast and ever changing creative industry that is closely linked to graphic design. Everywhere we go we see photography on billboards, posters, websites and the news. Below are 30 inspiring photographer or photography related websites. These websites illustrate a variety of creative methods to present the same thing: photographers and their work. Photojournalism Websites Burn Magazine Mike Ross Photos Great Photojournalism Rethink Dispatches Noor Images McCall Studios Advertising Photography Websites Marge+Casey Associates Vendrame Tim Tadder Sonja Muller Ciril Jazbec Cake Factory Wedding Photography Websites Josevilla Photography Karen Wise Luna Pics Photography Bentley Gray Photography Elizabeth Messina CM Photography Manipulated Photography Website Dark City Revisited Blue Chimp Ivan Bajic Garrigo Sastudio Erik Johansson Glamour and Fashion Photography Websites Gavin O’Neill Tarunkhiwal Celebrity Photography Marcollins Photography James Hickey Studio Photography Gabriel Lerigon

Showdown! 5 Online Image Compression Tools Compared Photo: tncountryfan Last year the HTTP Archive Report released the disturbing news that average page size on the web had increased 32% (to an average of 1.7Mb) in 2013. If that is even close to correct, it’s astonishing news. Although, predictably, JavaScript, HTML and CSS all increased, more than half the increase was accounted for by imagery. It was a case of more pixels, bigger files and more of them. While in some rare cases there isn’t a lot you can do to cut the size of an image, thanks to increasingly clever compression algorithms, more often than not you can drastically reduce the file size with minimal to no image quality loss. As you might expect, not all compression tools are created equal. Some graphic programs come with image compression tools on their own. Of the many standalone image compression tools, I’ll review online tools only. In order to make the comparison as fair as possible, I’ll use the same images across the services. 1. 2. 1. TinyPNG Original image – 445KB 2. 3. - Dreamweaver Extensions, Slideshow and Media Presentation Creator, Menu Builder, Audio and More 50 Examples of Creative 404 – Page Not Found Pages | Speckyboy Design Magazine There are two ways you can go when designing a 404 page for your website – you could go the sensible route and make it usable and try to help the reader find exactly what they were looking for or, you could design a 404 page that not only defines the character of the web site or the designer, but also makes it a pleasure and surprise. Its amazing the effect a sprinkle of humor and some creativity can have on someone and it will certainly make your site that little bit more memorable. Below, we have a collection of sites with original, creative and generally humorous 404 pages. South Park Studios Dilbert Website Blizzard Entertainment Future of Web Design London Popscreen Carsonified 404 Chris Jennings 404 Twurn Houston, we have a problem! Henrik Hedegaard – WOOPSIE DAISY! Wufoo Page Not Found Jamie Huskisson 404 Tele2 404 – Page Not Found What the Dickens…? Suspended Animations Oops! YouCastr – Woops! Acro Media Inc – Dude, we can't find that page! Content Not Found : The New Yorker

CardView Grab it on github or check out the online demo. This is something I wanted to add to the SwipeView but while working on it I realized that they were two pretty different concepts and code bases. The purpose of the widget is to let you browse through a potentially limitless collection of items, a bit like a rolodex. Here urges an explanatory video. Nothing particularly mind blowing but the good part is that it uses just three elements to handle an infinite list of items. The control is of course targeted to mobile devices –or small screens anyway– and memory footprint was my main concern. CardView is a class that you can initiate like so: The first option is the “deck” wrapper, the DOM element that contains the three cards. The second option is an object you use to configure the control. effect is the visual effect used to flip the cards. direction is the direction of the swipe the control reacts to. dataset is an array which contains all your cards data. Your wrapper would look like this:

CSS Zen Garden: The Beauty of CSS Design 45 Free eBooks for Developers and Designers | Speckyboy Design Magazine Over the past year or so we have published several articles featuring a selection of the best free ebooks for web designers, with each post proving very popular and highly resourceful. Sadly, since then some of the fantastic ebooks we previously featured are no longer available or are no longer been offered as a freebie. But looking on the positive side many new web design ebooks have been released and, as you will see within this post, there are also a few ebooks, recommended by our readers, which we missed in those previous articles. Just as we did with the previous posts we have not offered a critique of each book only a description of the content, as we feel that if someone spends so much valuable time writing an entire specialized book and then offer it for free, in our eyes they deserve only praise and appreciation. All of the 45 books in this post are completely FREE and can be either downloaded in digital format (PDF) or viewed as a web page (HTML). Better CSS Font Stacks →PDF →