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HTML5 Showcase - Video

HTML5 Showcase - Video
Shared Links is the best way to see what’s up on the web. When you’re in the mood to read something new, quirky, or cool, open Shared Links in the Safari Sidebar, where you can view links from people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can scroll seamlessly from one story to the next, no clicking required. So they’re quick and easy to read. Share anything you come across on the web without leaving Safari. Just click the Share button, then choose how you want to send it off. Safari has advanced power-saving technologies built in. Safari takes advantage of power-saving technologies such as App Nap, which puts background Safari tabs into a low-power state until you start using them again. Power-saving technologies let you browse longer compared with Chrome and Firefox.1 Memory management technologies help Safari — and the rest of your system — stay responsive.2 Safari Baseline Firefox 1.29x more memory usage Chrome 1.35x more memory usage 1 2 Third-party data and cookie blocking.

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HTML Media Capture W3C Candidate Recommendation This version: Latest published version: Fluid CSS3 Slideshow with Parallax Effect In this tutorial we will create a slideshow with a parallax effect using several CSS3 properties. The idea is to move the background positions of two backgrounds while sliding the container of the slides. View demo Download source In this tutorial, we are going to create a slideshow with a parallax effect with the help of some CSS3 properties. We’ll use radio buttons and sibling combinators for controlling which slide is shown.

Never Mind the Bullets - BEAUTY OF THE WEB Seems like these guys like their cards. Could that be the famous outlaw Brand McArthur in the flesh?! HTML5 Studio ⧉ Info WebGL Globe A WebGL sphere of news stories. Open stories by clicking. When you find the video, hit to play. jQuery Video Background plugin Code available for download on Github. Example of the jQuery Video Background plugin. Will place a resizable video in to the background of the page or designated element. Browsers that don't support the HTML5 video element will get an image if a poster image was provided.

Experimental CSS3 Animations for Image Transitions « Previous Demo: Item Blur Effect Images by Joanna Kustra Back to the Codrops Article next 21 Ridiculously Impressive HTML5 Canvas Experiments HTML5 is the thing to talk about these day. Today, we have a collection of some ridiculously impressive HTML5 canvas-based experiments that will make you say, "Wow!" Let's take a peek at some of the latest, cutting edge examples out there. This is one of the best canvas-based experiments. This is one of my favorites -- absolutely amazing! 18 Reasons To Love HTML5 and Start Pinning in IE9: the Winners of Dev Unplugged When we launched Dev Unplugged on March 1st of this year, we knew what we were hoping for: amazing web experiences that pushed the limits of modern browsers, particularly in the genre of gaming and music. We set the bar extremely high and challenged developers to show everyone where they thought the web was going. It has been a daunting process working our way first to 40 finalists and now to 18 winners and runner-ups. It was clear going through the submissions how much time and effort developers put into crafting their apps, and we thank everyone who entered the contest and hope they enjoyed the experience of building on HTML5 and IE9. We are now happy to put an end to the suspense, and announce the winners of the first Dev Unplugged contest!

tubular, a YouTube Background Player jQuery Plugin Video controls:Play | Pause | Volume Up | Volume Down | Mute Tubular is a jQuery plugin that lets you set a YouTube video as your page background. Just attach it to your page wrapper element, set some options, and you're on your way. $(page content wrapper element).tubular(options); Tubular's hello, world

CSS3 Card Trick: A Fun CSS3 Experiment This tutorial is based on a simple animated experiment that showcases just one of the amazing things you can create using CSS. I’ve used no images and no scripting; everything’s done using HTML and CSS. It goes without saying that since CSS3 is still not supported by all browsers, it might not work as intended; but I’ve coded this in such a way that it will degrade gracefully on non-CSS3 browsers, including IE (of course). Pragmatic CSS3 -webit-transform matrix3d Tutorial Matrix3d When you dive into apples documentation of matrix3d you will find a short definition "Specifies a 3D transformation as a 4 x 4 matrix." following by the function definition in code: matrix3d(m00, m01, m02, m03, m10, m11, m12, m13, m20, m21, m22, m23, m30, m31, m31, m33) Unless you're a math god you probably think to yourself: "I find the lack of documentation quite disturbing" followed by the question on how to build the really hot Superman stuff on left.

Use this when going to any apple associated site, especially on a mac. When apple broadcasts live events Safari users get preferred treatment over other users. by csmark Jul 4

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