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Amit’s Game Programming Information

Amit’s Game Programming Information
What’s on this page? I’m interested in producing complexity out of simple parts. This page contains bookmarks that I collected while working on games; I did not write most of the content linked from here. As a result the set of links here reflects the types of things I needed to know: only a few specific topics (not everything related to game programming), general ideas instead of platform-specific information (graphics, sound, compilers), and ideas and designs instead of source code (I find it easier to go from an idea to code than from code to an idea). Other sites, like Gamedev Tuts+, Gamedev, and Gamasutra, cover lots more topics than mine does. Determining how to move around on a map is an interesting problem. These pages are about specific techniques for pathfinding and object movement: My current favorite algorithm is A*, because it can handle varying terrain costs well, and it seems to be faster than most graph searching algorithms. Code and Demos Data structures Displaying Tiles

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Finding a Pathfinder Bjørn Reese The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute for Production Technology, University of Southern Denmark Campusvej 55 DK-5230 Odense M Bryan Stout 4531 Airlie Way Annandale, VA 22003 Abstract: s free 3DS Models - for 3D-Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave, Softimage, Cinema4D etc. for 3D-Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave, Softimage, Cinema4D, Poser and all other programs which can import 3DS. You find 3D-Model Linklists at: Klickers kostenlose und lizenzfreie Bilder bei Pixelio free high resolution photos, textures, backgrounds and more

Axonometric projections - a technical overview <blockquote class="warningNote"> Please enable JavaScript to render the mathematics on this page. </blockquote> Abstract This paper discusses how axonometric projections may be used in computer graphics, multimedia applications and computer games. It compares the axonometric projection, or parallel perspective, to the linear perspective, lists the major properties and tackles some implementation details. An earlier version of this paper is included in the book "Advanced Game Programming".

Game Design Character Development in Video Games Learn how to use gameplay mechanics in order to show character progression. I'll also explain how Persona 4 uses mechanics to develop really lovable characters. JIGS Map Graphics - Tile-based Computer Game Design Part I Published on 11 / 01 / 11 Written by Lisa {cbavatar}left{/cbavatar} The development of JIGS has provided an exciting opportunity for us to delve into previously unexplored areas.

DarkBasic Code Corner Last 10 additions Gamespace (AGK) - Example of how to submit and retrieve scores using the online GameSpace system.Memblock drawing functions (DBP) - A set of anti-aliased drawing routines that write directly to an image memblock. This is useful for creating custom graphics while preserving background transparency. The box and circle commands can draw either an outline or filled-in. The circle has a radial gradient function.

Introduction to Isometric Engines - Game Programming Explanation and ImplementationTile and Sprite drawing in an Isometric View, Second EditionBy Jim Adams of Game Developers Network, Inc. (Jun 7,1996).Copyright © 1996 by Jim Adams, All right reserved.Graphics Illustrations by Lennart Steinke (Sep 1997) The author, Jim Adams, gives full permission to duplicatethis file only for personal use. No part of this filemay be published without prior written permission by the author. Notes:

Amazon Products Visualization - YASIV Yasiv is a visual recommendation service that helps people find the right product from Amazon's catalog; be it a book, a movie or a video game - Yasiv finds anything and everything which is sold on We often decide what to buy based on what others are buying, and that's no bad thing, after all. If something is bought by many of our friends there has to be a reason. Batman: Arkham City Batman: Arkham City Game Guide & Walkthrough (1/129)next page This guide to Batman: Arkham City contains a very thorough walkthrough of the main story mode of the game. Most importantly, you can find precise instructions regarding completing missions, reaching important locations and safely moving through them and what gadgets you will need to complete the puzzles prepared by the creators.

» Twine Resources PORPENTINE Twine is a simple but powerful game creation tool focused on hypertext. Anyone who can use a text editor can use Twine. When a game is finished, it generates an HTML file that can be played by anyone with a browser. Twine has been used to create text adventures, interactive poems, strategy games, educational tools, real time games, and much more.

Isometric 'n' Hexagonal Maps Part I - Game Programming Introduction WHOA! What do you know, I'm finally doing a tutorial on an actual Programming Topic. I think the temperature in Hell must have dropped below 32. CiteSeerX — Search Results — "game mechanics" Game Mechanisms & Procedural Fairness by Moshe Looks, Ronald P. Loui "... Book Title Book Editors IOS Press, 2003 1 Game Mechanisms & Procedural Fairness Moshe Looks 1 ..." Abstract - Add to MetaCart

Contains bookmarks that help in algorithms, snippets codes and tutorials to help the programmer to develope a game. by a_nameless_wolf Dec 14