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Welcome to the microformats wiki!

Welcome to the microformats wiki!
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DCMI Metadata Terms Table of Contents Index of Terms Section 1: Introduction and Definitions This document is an up-to-date, authoritative specification of all metadata terms maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Each term is specified with the following minimal set of attributes: Where applicable, the following attributes provide additional information about a term: This release of DCMI Metadata Terms reflects changes described more fully in the document "Maintenance changes to DCMI Metadata Terms" [REVISIONS]. References Section 2: Properties in the /terms/ namespace Section 3: Properties in the /elements/1.1/ namespace Section 4: Vocabulary Encoding Schemes Section 5: Syntax Encoding Schemes Section 6: Classes Section 7: DCMI Type Vocabulary Errata:

Wikisource Audacity Wiki Semantic Web Standards Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine WikIT Thinkpad-acpi Thinkpad-specific ACPI driver This is a Linux ACPI driver for the ThinkPad laptops written by Borislav Deianov and Henrique de Moraes Holschuh. The driver replaces ibm-acpi in Linux mainline as of 2.6.22 (March 2007). To confuse matters further, it appears that there was also an older (now abandoned) driver of the same name written by Erik Rigtorp which never made it into the mainline kernel. The current thinkpad-acpi contains essentially the same functionality as ibm-acpi with some added features. In Linux Kernel v2.6.31 "make menuconfig" the driver can be enabled in: Device Drivers ---> [*] X86 Platform Specific Device Drivers ---><M> ThinkPad ACPI Laptop Extras [ ] Maintainer debug facilities [ ] Verbose debug mode [ ] Allow control of important LEDs (unsafe) [ ] Video output control support [ ] Support NVRAM polling for hot keys Hibernate When hibernating, thinkpad_acpi should be added to the modules which are unloaded before and reloaded after hibernation. Hotkeys sysfs interface

Home Nicholas Felton | the free library Wiki [Ubuntu Česko] MDN Web Docs Wikisaurus This is the main project page of Wikisaurus—a Wiktionary subproject and a wiki namespace aiming at creating a thesaurus—a dictionary of synonyms, antonyms and further semantically related terms such as hyponyms, hypernyms, meronyms and holonyms. Please contribute your own Wikisaurus entries, or add to the existing Wikisaurus entries. Purpose[edit] Chunked purpose Purpose: To help people find words that they can't recall ordon't knowTo help people explore the network of wordsSemantic relations: Synonymy – same or similar meaningAntonymy – opposite meaningHyponymy – narrower meaning, subclassHypernymy – broader meaning, superclassBeing an instance – being an example of the class, set membershipMeronymy – part, such as wheel of a carHolonymy – whole, such as car of a wheelUsers: WritersManagersContributors to wikisBloggersWriters of love lettersJournal writers Added value of Wikisaurus is its Wiktionary integration—it links to and is linked from Wiktionary. Models[edit] Multilingualism[edit]

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