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Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch - Smashing Magazine

Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch - Smashing Magazine
Advertisement HTML5 and CSS3 have just arrived (kinda), and with them a whole new battle for the ‘best markup’ trophy has begun. Truth to be told, all these technologies are mere tools waiting for a skilled developer to work on the right project. While it is true HTML5 and CSS3 are both a work in progress and is going to stay that way for some time, there’s no reason not to start using it right now. So today we’re going to experiment a little with these new technologies. Use Graceful Degradation techniques and technologies to keep things in place for legacy browsers.Use Progressive Enhancement techniques and technologies to be up to date with the latest trends.Use HTML5 alongside a rising technology: Microformats.Have a clear vision of some of the most exciting new features HTML5 and CSS3 will bring. It’d be a good idea to have a read at some of these articles first: I’ll also assume you know the basics of HTML and CSS. Before we begin… So what are these two terms all about? 1. 2. <! <! 3.

10 examples of futuristic CSS3 techniques Pure CSS speech bubbles In a design, bubbles can be great to illustrate a quote. In this article, talented designer Nicolas Gallagher will show you what he built with CSS3: Text bubbles, with no Javascript or images. Source: Super Awesome Buttons with CSS3 and RGBA CSS has always been great to enhance buttons; but using CSS3, the RGBa property, and of course a lot of creativity, you can create modern and clean buttons. Source: Classy photo frame using CSS3 As I recently said on my other blog Cats Who Blog, images are very important in blogging, and in the Internet media in general. Source: Easily Turn Your Images Into Polaroids with CSS3 Source: Fancy web form with field hints using only CSS3

Coding a CSS3 &amp; HTML5 One-Page Website Template – Tutorialzine Web development is an area in which you have to keep up with the latest technologies and techniques, so that you are at the top of your game. And no wonder - this is an area which changes with an amazing pace. What is the standard now will be obsolete in just a couple of years. But changes do not come from nowhere. The early adopters are already using what we are going to use day-to-day a few years from now. One of these technologies is HTML5 - the new version of the fundamental language of the web. Today we are making a HTML5 web template, using some of the new features brought by CSS3 and jQuery, with the scrollTo plug-in. Step 1 - The Design Every design process starts with an initial idea which you later build upon. After this, the design is hand coded with HTML and CSS going hand by hand, moving from designing the background, colors and fonts, to detail work on the content section. Step 2 - HTML It is a good time to note, that HTML5 is still a work in progress. template.html - Article

HTML5 Website Layout Tutorials and Inspiration HTML5 Website Layout Tutorials and Inspiration Posted by Vikas Ghodke on March 21st in Tutorials. In webdevelopment you have to be in touch with latest technologies, if you really want to be on top. Now HTML5 is new its the fundamental language for web, so we all need to learn it thats why we have collected some tutorials on coding a layout with HTML5 and CSS3. Don’t hesitate in trying testking 642-631 dumps, E20-001 dumps, 642-642 exam guide, 642-654 dumps, and 640-816 certification material. Coding a CSS3 & HTML5 One-Page Website Template This tutorial has been written by TutorialZine. View Tutorial HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You’ll Soon Be Using Clean Layout tutorial on HTML5 and CSS3 written by NETTUT PLUS. View Tutorial Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch This tutorial is my personal fav, in the list. View Tutorial Do you want to clear the HP2-B76 exam successfully in the first attempt? Simple Website Layout Tutorial Using HTML 5 and CSS 3 View Tutorial Vikas Ghodke

15 Useful HTML5 Tutorials and Cheat Sheets | Tutorials 1911 shares 8 Must-have Cheat Sheets for Web Designers and Developers As a web designer or developer, it’s nearly impossible to remember multiple programming languages, frameworks, and keyboard shortcuts to various applications. This is where cheat sheets can be a life saver. Read More 2705 shares Photoshop CS6 Cheat Sheet Photoshop is one of the preferred tools of web designers, and like any other tool that is used over and over, it’s important to optimize one’s workflow by using keyboard shortcuts.

50 Excellent Tutorials for Web Development Using CSS3 In this modern web world we offering CSS3 techniques in these really useful tutorials with many exciting features and latest practice, after an detail research session about CSS3 (Cascade Style Sheet) make an roundup where amazing ideas about Web Developments. CSS3 have more exciting features which are most compatible for cross browser usability as we using famous internet browsers: Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Firefox, Safari and chrome, they all very supporting of new CSS3 properties. In this emerging roundup we emphasis on some latest techniques which were not supporting before in older versions, but now in this latest language techniques CSS3 you can follow all of these following techniques: text-shadow, rounded box, box sizing, opacity handlers, multiple backgrounds, border images and also supporting for multi column web layouts. Hope you all appreciate these helping list of best ever trainings about CSS3 and share your user experience for next version of CSS3. Gradient Borders

40 Powerful CSS Tools And Generators To Automate Your Workflow | Graphic and Web Design Blog -Resources And Tutorials Showcase of 40 useful and powerful CSS tools and generators. These tools can really relieve developers work in many ways – I understand you like always to do everything by yourself but it’s not the best way in the most cases, because it really takes time and such liberty we don’t always have. This is considered to be really complete list about everything CSS related, as CSS lover myself I really evaluate good automated ways so I can focus on things I enjoy the most – creating elegant, usable and optimized website! I just hope you will find some relief in this list as well! Enjoy your time and test these tools for best results! 1. Showcase of 40 useful and powerful CSS tools and generators. 2. Simple CSS allows you to easily create Cascading Style Sheets from scratch, and/or modify existing ones, using a familiar point-and-click interface. 3. Formats and optimizes CSS. 4. CleanCSS is a powerful CSS optimizer and formatter. 5. 6. 7. 8. CSS Sorter is a free online tool for sorting CSS files.

Touch The Future: Create An Elegant Website With HTML 5 And CSS3 | PV.M Garage I’m sure that who chooses to work as web designer makes a choice of heart, a choice of love. He/she decides to bet any given day on his creativity and his ability of producing an idea and of making it tangible, visible and perceptible for all. These crazy men have my respect. In his article on Design Informer titled “Web Design Iterations And Algorithm,” Adit Gupta explains how we can approach a web design work and how a website project can be processed in a number of iterations following a main algorithm. Step 1: understand the theme and the topics of the website and decode the client’s requestsStep 2: choose the right style and sketch your ideasStep 3: draw a clean and clear wireframe to summarize the structure of the websiteStep 4: design the website (in pixels) through an image editor, like Photoshop, to create a real-scale mockupStep 5: convert your psd mockup to HTML and CSS Five macro-steps to build an effective website using brain, pencil, paper, Photoshop, HTML and CSS. <!

47 CSS Tips &amp; Tricks To Take Your Site To The Next Level | CSS CSS is a wonderful language for presenting web pages. It’s not too difficult to learn, though like most things, it does have a learning curve. Where many people seem to get tripped up is in specific solutions to specific problems. Here are 47 of those solutions. 47 CSS Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to add to your CSS toolbox. For those, who don’t know what is CSS? Please follow the link below for detail introduction. CSS always plays a vital role in web design and it always gives you opportunity to make your website user friendly. You may be interested in the following related articles as well. Feel free to join us and you are always welcome to share your thoughts that our readers may find helpful. Don’t forget to and follow us on Twitter — for recent updates. CSS Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Your Website If you’re working with WordPress then of course, the WordPress Codex is always the best place to learn about WordPress and its tweaks with CSS. 01. 02. The HTML: The CSS: 03. 04. 06. 07.

12 Elegant, Free &amp; High Quality HTML5+CSS3 Templates HTML5 is the next major version of HTML. HTML5 provides some great new features for web designers who love to create readable code and semantically-meaningful layouts. HTML 5 introduces and enhances a wide range of features including: form controls, APIs, dragging and dropping, multimedia, drawing graphics on screen and a lot more. The new specifications has added quite a few interesting and useful tags for structuring your markup. In today’s post, we would like to present 12 elegant, free and high quality HTML5+CSS3 Templates for your next project, some of these templates include a step by step tutorials to teach you how to create your own. 1. The aim of this tutorial is to create an elegant blog/portfolio for an efficient professional (graphic and web designer or photographer). 2. 2 column layout and another 3 column with a little contact box, .psd file is included with each template. 3. 4. EarthDay is a 3-column HTML5 and CSS3 template designed to honor Earth Day. 5. 6. 7. <! 8. 9. 10.

CSS3 Techniques You Should Know Many of you have probably heard all the buzz around CSS3, but exactly which techniques can we use today? In this article I’ll show you some different CSS3 techniques that work great in some of the leading browsers (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera ), and how they will degrade well in the non-supported browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer). Using browser specific extensions, many of the proposed CSS3 styles can be used today! If you aren’t aware of the browser extensions, these are CSS styles with a vendor specific prefix. Mozilla/Firefox/Gecko: -moz-Webkit (Safari/Chrome): -webkit- (note: Some webkit prefixes only work in Safari, and not Chrome) As you might have guessed, one of the downsides of using these extensions is the fact that we must use all of the above prefixes to get the CSS3 style to render in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. A Note About Demos on This Page Drop Shadows The drop shadow effect accepts multiple values. Drop Shadow Demo: Gradients Gradients Demo: RGBA Demo: HSL Demo:

15 Useful CSS3 and HTML5 Templates and Frameworks CSS3 and HTML5 are two of the coolest things to come along within web design for a very very a long long time. Whats not to love? And the best thing of all? Below you will find a collection of visually basic templates, but with all of them fully packed and enriched with CSS3 and HTML5 goodness. HTML5 Basic Template Pack This template has been heavily inspired by the Smashing Magazine HTML 5 template tutorial, however the (CSS & Design) has been modified in several ways. RamblingSoul 19 CSS3 Template Cherry Blossoms HTML5 & CSS3 Ampersand HTML5 You can choose from either the two column or three versions of this HTML5 template. Backwards Compatible, One Page Portfolio (Template and Tutorial) Nearly Circular CSS3 The template displays a taster of what is to come from the CSS3 spec, mostly the lovely rounded corners and @font-face. ZooCroo HTML5 & CSS3 ZooCroo is a fun, playful and colorful template that utilizes HTML5 and CSS3, with a little extra fun thrown in. Rockit HTML5 & CSS3 Beach Vaycay

Modern CSS Layouts, Part 2: The Essential Techniques - Smashing Magazine Advertisement In Modern CSS Layouts, Part 1: The Essential Characteristics1, you learned that modern, CSS-based web sites should be progressively enhanced, adaptive to diverse users, modular, efficient and typographically rich. Now that you know what characterizes a modern CSS web site, how do you build one? Here are dozens of essential techniques and tools to learn and use to achieve the characteristics of today’s most successful CSS-based web pages. Just as in the previous article, we’re not going to be talking about design trends and styles; these styles are always changing. You can jump straight to: CSS3, the newest version of CSS that is now being partially supported by most browsers, is the primary thing you need to know in order to create modern CSS web sites, of course. There are too many CSS3 techniques to cover in a single article, let alone an article that isn’t just about CSS3! CSS3 Visual Effects Semi-transparent ColorAids in: progressive enhancement, efficiency

HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You’ll Soon Be Using - Nettuts+ In this tutorial, we are going to build a blog page using next-generation techniques from HTML 5 and CSS 3. The tutorial aims to demonstrate how we will be building websites when the specifications are finalized and the browser vendors have implemented them. If you already know HTML and CSS, it should be easy to follow along. Before we get started, consider using one of our HTML5 Templates or CSS Themes for your next project—that is, if you need a quick and professional solution. Otherwise, it's time to dig into these techniques. HTML 5 is the next major version of HTML. Before we begin marking up the page we should get the overall structure straight: In HTML 5 there are specific tags meant for marking up the header, navigation, sidebar and footer. It still looks like HTML markup, but there are a few things to note: In HTML 5, there is only one doctype. Instead of using divs to contain different sections of the page we are now using appropriate, semantic tags. "What?! That's all!

10+ Free HTML5-CSS3 Website Templates (To Start Designing For Tomorrow) We are pretty bored with the current limits of the HTML-CSS and it is clear that the HTML5-CSS3 is the cure to let the creativity flow. And, browser compatibility is no more a big issue as there are various resources like Modernizr, ExplorerCanvas or IE7.js that empower incompatible browsers. If you didn't already, it is a good idea to warm your hands on HTML5 and CSS3 as they offer so much. Here are 10+ free HTML5-CSS3 website templates to help you get inspired and started: HTML5 Starter Pack HTML5 Starter Kit is an impressive template that doesn't force you to build a specific type of website but shape it how you want. This free HTML5 template is cross-browser (including IE6), tablet/netbook ready, can instantly use Cufón and includes some structural/re-usable classes. And, it includes the layout as a .PSD file. Gotta’ love HTML5 & CSS3 An image gallery layout with HTML5-CSS3 which includes: A Free HTML5 and CSS3 Theme Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch 52framework iPhone App.