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What Are The Hardest Languages To Learn?

What Are The Hardest Languages To Learn?
Learning a new language can be difficult, but some languages can be trickier than others. For native English speakers, the difficulty level of a new language depends on a variety of factors. So which are the most difficult to learn? And which languages would you be able to master in under a year? View the infographic below to learn more. (Click Image To Enlarge) Use This Infographic In Your Class We think that infographics are an awesome learning and teaching tool, so our creations will always be available for you to print out, use with your students and embed on your blog! Embed this image on your site <a href=" src=" <a href=" Blog</a> Warm-Up Activity Before handing out the infographic, discuss the following questions with your students: Are some languages harder to learn than others? Speaking & Critical Thinking Practice Questions to ask your students after presenting the infographic: What is the most surprising fact that you discovered from this infographic? Writing Challenge

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Thanks for this great graphic, learning Hindi myself. Unfortunately I think people who speak English as a first language these days aren't likely to follow through on learning a new language right through to fluency, with the "get it now" culture we live in with the internet providing answers to any questions we may have and so on, Learning Languages can be seen as to much effort! Which is a shame. Hopefully I'll keep Hindi going until I get it right! by mattwilson Oct 3