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Megane (How to Read Japanese)

Megane (How to Read Japanese)
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NIHONGO eな - Portal for Learning Japanese - Digital Dialects (Learn Japanese) This is a site with various games for studying vocabulary and kanji. It’s very easy to use. I have plans to visit all kinds of places in Japan. Yes, there are various regional dialects and the vocabulary and pronunciation varies significantly! List of articles What's New! Brand new iOS and Android versions of the website are now available! Let’s study Japanese! MARUGOTO Plus Elementary 2 (A2) Apps and sites to enjoy Japanese culture Learn beginner and intermediate Japanese grammar so you know it well.(2017.11.30) Learn beginner and intermediate Japanese grammar so you know it well.(2017.11.30) 日本語 Copyright 2010 The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

英語・語学の学習情報サイト「スペースアルク」:アルク Learn Japanese Online for Free - it's fun with easy flash quizes! WaKan Project Website - About Learn Japanese | Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese Japan for the Uninvited Free Japanese Font - Download Japanese unicode fonts free to download for Mac and Windows AJATT | All Japanese All The Time | You don't know a language, you live it. You don't learn a language, you get used to it.

Learn Japanese | (Audio) - Download free podcast episodes... - StumbleUpon Mamelon Mamelon (マメロン) is a free Japanese font with rounded edge design, created by the designer who brought you “Makinas“. The kanji characters were modified based on Makinas kanji, by making it rounded and then pair up with self-made kana characters. It has a total of 6600 glyphs including large collection of kanji characters, making this font a useful font to apply on many different design needs. Usage Permission Free for personal, non-commercial, and commercial works Link Mamelon Font download page *To download, visit the page above, and scroll down to locate the big grey download button as highlighted below. Supported characters