Design and the Elastic Mind

Design and the Elastic Mind

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openFrameworks > Wake Up With the World Up With the World is a an iOS application that turns your wake up alarm into musical collaborative experience. > Fractal Film The Best Tools for Visualization Visualization is a technique to graphically represent sets of data. When data is large or abstract, visualization can help make the data easier to read or understand. There are visualization tools for search, music, networks, online communities, and almost anything else you can think of.

Metro Mensch stories City Mayors presents Metro Mensch Short stories about people in cities Christmas Eve in an English seaside town And they praised the English Queen and they wished her Merry Christmas and they shouted “we are safe, we are in England.” It was the tall bearded Uzbekistani who broke the silence the group had kept since leaving Calais hidden in a truck. Get Smart by Charlie Finch Noam Chomsky argues that late capitalism is about using surplus value to create products which we don't really need that clutter and confuse our lives. What would he think of "Design and the Elastic Mind," hot curator Paola Antonelli's new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art?

Addressing Letters to the UW UW Address Format Name, Title (or student)Department (or Hall) / University of Washington Building / Room Number Box 35XXXXStreet Address (if there is one available. Check the online department’s website or ask the person you are sending mail to)Seattle, WA 98195-XXXX Each UW department (or building, such as a residence hall) has its own USPS campus box and ZIP+4 code. If you are sending mail or shipping packages using the USPS, you will use campus box numbers with the format above. Paul Villinski artwork > birds and butterflies birds and butterflies I am drawn to humble, yet evocative materials; in this case, crushed beer cans from the streets of New York - every one of them once raised to someone’s lips. My process of “recycling” them into images of butterflies is a quiet physical meditation, a yoga of tin snips and files and more: • on beer can butterflies As the butterflies alight on the walls of my studio, they lead into an exploration of formal, painterly issues. Often, they want to gather into a certain shape, or fly off on a particular tangent, and I let them.

Roberta Faulhaber, facilitation graphique Recently a friend of mine discovered mindmapping and decided to try to use it to memorize poetry, an ongoing although until now frustrated ambition. About a week later, we met in a café and she proceeded to recite poetry to me for half an hour -- including Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold (see below). I was truly astounded, not only that she had successfully memorized all this poetry but by the remarkable delivery and the way the central metaphors came through so clearly in the way she spoke the verses. Then she showed me the visual notes she used to memorize Mathew Arnold's poem. About Frontiers Frontiers Research Network The Frontiers Research Network is a rapidly growing research network for all academic communities. It includes the world's leading scientists, academics, clinicians, researchers and more. Launched in 2012, the Frontiers Research Network combines the user-friendly and multi-media approaches of online social networking with the extensive content produced by our authors, editors and high-profile academic users every day.

Embodying Ethics: Endangered by Rohan Chhabra London designer Rohan Chhabra has adapted a range of hunter jackets so they transform into models of endangered animals (+ slideshow). For his Embodying Ethics: Endangered project, Rohan Chhabra took hunting attire and formed it into the shapes of the animals threatened by the activity. "The project aims to use design to inform the issue of extinction of critically endangered species," said Chhabra. His range includes representations of a mountain gorilla, an Asian elephant, a tiger, a saiga antelope and a rhino. All five weatherproof jackets looks similar in their original forms but Chabbra has added extra zips and poppers in different places on each, so elements can be altered and reshaped into the individual animals. Toggles are positioned to look like eyes and fabric folds create ears.

New York Times Newsroom Guide to Useful Web Sites Recent additions: The Politico is an ambitious and much-talked-about new entry on the political scene. Metacritic gathers reviews of movies and DVDs, music and more. The Center for Public Integrity tracks various aspects of public life and has useful research tools. For those seeking an introduction to blogs, our Blogs 101 will give you a flavor. For business links, see Business Navigator; for politics, Politics Navigator; for health, Health Navigator Michael Shapcott - Part 2 Work in Progress (Graphite) I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of seeing into the future. Ultimately I feel that we are the creators of our own destiny but also that there is this mystery and force that is greater than ourselves simultaneously at work. It’s no doubt that our choices and actions help to create our future but how much is left to fate or to the great threads that link all of our lives into one? Perhaps most intriguing, is there a way to tap into and obtain a glimpse of what can or will happen to us?

Graphic Facilitators As part of her wider research into the tools and methodologies used by the next generation of global leaders, Heidi Forbes Oste has started down the path of researching the value of “visual practice” (visual facilitation, graphic recording, mindmapping, sketch-noting, etc.) As a piece of her dissertation, Heidi’s research on the visual practice, although still in the early stages, focuses on how it supports leadership and global teams using social technologies. In this one-hour webinar with Alphachimp's Peter Durand, Heidi answered questions and gave insight into the broader trends at the intersection of social systems, collaborative technology, visual learning, innovation and global leadership. Video & Digital Sketchnotes at

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