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WordPress deslizante & Gallery Plugin

WordPress deslizante & Gallery Plugin
Make Your WordPress Slider Stand Out with Striking Lenses Designed specifically for SlideDeck 2, Lenses give your slider a stunningly crafted appearance. With a dozen lenses (and even more to come) available for the WordPress version of SlideDeck, you now have more control and flexibility in customization than ever before. 12 Lenses 14 Sources 60+ Options 29+ Million Combinations See Live Examples Your Content, Your Look

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Opciones tecnológicas The more you read, the more you know Explore tech gaming Elastic lists Background: Facet Browsing Facet browsers make different aspects of the underlying data accessible in parallel. Selecting one of the metadata values, and thus filtering the result set, restricts the available metadata values only to those occurring in the results. Consequently, the user is visually guided through an iterative process of query refinement and expansion, never encountering situations with zero results. Facet browsing applications impose no restrictions, in which order, or in which granularity filters are applied on a result set.

Forget Scams, Offer Real Service This blog gets quite a lot of traffic when it comes to several scams I came across and wrote about. If you found this blog looking for information about scams, I hope you did not join the scams. I’ve been tempted to join such scams too. The people who present such scams know how human nature is. Some position it as creating an income source. Some tell it like an investment. Cu3er Post Elements We all love Cu3er. It’s an easy to use, remarkable free flash component, created by Stefan Kovac. We use it on our front page and simply love it! Unfortunately Cu3er didn’t have a WordPress plugin for everyone to use, until now!

jQuery Plugin: jQuery-Notes 1.0.8 Settings the notes-file: If you want to change the path to the notes or use another extension, you can change it in php. new note('[path]', [prefix], '[image]', '[extension]'); Images Simple images: MIRACLE: Indian Finds Saudi Father After 27 years - Arab » Arabian Scandals TWENTY-eight-year-old Indian national Ahmed Fahhad Mohammad Al-Hajri’s story is stranger than fiction. It is a story that film directors in India would die for. It is straight out of Bollywood. Born to a Saudi father and an Indian mother in Mumbai in 1981, Ahmed Al-Hajri has spent most of his life trying to track down his father. His father, Fahhad Mohammad Faleh Al-Hajri, was suffering from acute spinal pain in the early 1980s when he headed to Mumbai for an operation. One of his friends accompanied him to India.

Templates For any web designer/developer willing to build a quality and good-looking website quickly, Bootstrap is probably the 1st option that comes to mind. It is an impressive front-end framework with the wide range of elements + components it includes and the consistency (in means of design + functionality) of each of them. Today, we are releasing an amazing and exclusive freebie for WRD readers: a free Bootstrap template: Bootstrapper which is designed by the popular template marketplace FlashMint and comes with the HTML5-CSS3 + PSD source files. Bootstrapped is a perfect fit for the website of any creative individual, company or app/service: like designers, photographers, developers, web agencies, a product, etc. Almost any use. It is responsive and includes a slider in the frontpage to showcase any content wanted and a slider of featured works + latest news.

Annotation Overlay Effect with jQuery Today we will create a simple overlay effect to display annotations in e.g. portfolio items of a web designers portfolio. We got the idea from the wonderful portfolio of where Flash is used to create the effect. We will use jQuery. 100 Best Photoshop Tutorials of All Time that Yield Professional Results Photoshop tutorials are one of the most popular subjects on the web, as the digital art community continues to grow and new designers bring their unique skills. However, quality Photoshop tutorials that teach you a useful effect, have a quality finished result and are well explained are harder to find, and with the large number of tutorial sites available, it can be hard to sort the quality from the mundane. In this massive roundup, we’ve collected the top 100 best Photoshop tutorials that have ever been created, that yield professional results, teach you a useful effect, are well explained, and will have you designing like a pro in no time. These tutorials are collected from niche tutorial sites around the web, and range in age from creation in 2008 to a few tutorials that were created just last week. So, if you think you’ve seen all there is to see from Photoshop, guess again and check out this post. If you liked this post, check out our other design tutorial roundups:

Sliding Login Panel with jQuery 1.3.2 Sliding login panel with jQuery - Demo This script is based on my previous script "Show/Hide Login Panel with Mootools 1.2" but now works with jQuery 1.3.2 instead of Mootools 1.2. Click "Log In | Register" on top to open the demo. Tiny Circleslider: A lightweight jQuery plugin What is it? Tinycircleslider is a circular slider / carousel. That was built to provide webdevelopers with a cool but subtle alternative to all those standard carousels. StoryCorps 9/11 Stories StoryCorps has released a set of animated short films telling the stories of people whose loved ones died during the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives. Since 2003, over 50,000 everyday people have interviewed family and friends through StoryCorps.

Freelance Design Contracts and Templates - Sessions College for Professional Design Free to Use Contracts and Business Templates for Designers A designer who can navigate the intricacies of contracts and client management will stand out as a true professional in the graphic design or Web design business. We know it can be a challenge to decipher which forms are essential for your own design career; that's why Jason Vaughn of Creative Public has provided the free design business templates below! The forms cover everything from pricing to job management and creative strategies. Many of the forms below should be customized for your own business. Check out our video tutorial on adapting the forms to meet your own needs.

How this guy used webinars to make $6,300/hour This guide is based on Mixergy’s interview with Lewis Howes. After an injury ended his career as a professional football player, Lewis Howes started a successful webinar business and made $6,300 in one hour. It was all done using webinars to drive sales, so we invited him to teach you how to do it.

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