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Why This 20-Year-Old CRT Monitor Is Better Than a 4K LCD. The data brokers quietly buying and selling your personal information. Why annuities are a bad idea for almost everyone. Say-hello-to-the-very-first-marijuana-etf-you-can. The marijuana industry, and marijuana stocks for that matter, have been worth marveling at recently.


A majority of marijuana stocks have doubled or tripled in value over the past year as legal weed sales in North America jumped by 34% last year to $6.9 billion, according to cannabis research firm ArcView. But this could be just the tip of the iceberg. ArcView is also predicting North American legal sales growth of 26% per year through 2021, yielding a market worth nearly $22 billion. The possible legalization of adult-use weed in Canada, along with the recent legalization of medical cannabis in Mexico and the expectation that more U.S. states will choose to green-light recreational pot, has the industry and investors extremely excited. Image source: Getty Images. The first-ever marijuana ETF was introduced in Canada. On Flipboard. Connect Your Home Router to a VPN to Bypass Censorship, Filtering, and More. Whether you want access to video services not available in your country, get better prices on software, or just think the Internet looks finer when viewed through a secure tunnel, a VPN connection at the router level can solve all those problems and then some.

Connect Your Home Router to a VPN to Bypass Censorship, Filtering, and More

Unblock Content the Easy Way with StrongVPN You’re just trying to check out a website and they’ve locked you out because you’re not living in the right country. It’s ridiculous, but luckily you can get around the restrictions with StrongVPN, one of the only VPN providers that you can use to watch Netflix — and unlock any website you want. They’ve also got unlimited bandwidth, clients for any device, blazing-fast connections, great security, and a low monthly price. Why Is Everyone Talking About VPNs? Automatic robotic clothes and laundry folding machine.

This Augmented Reality Future Looks Like a Living Hell. Groundbreaking gadget claims to fit in your ear and translate foreign languages in real-time. Half of middle-aged men drink too much - do you exceed the recommended amount? All the Free Health Care You Can Get Without Using Your Deductible. Why Health Care Is So Expensive. SoloLearn Teaches Coding Basics In Bite-Sized Lessons Every Day.

Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases. A range of diseases — from diabetes to cardiovascular disease, and from Alzheimer’s disease to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — are linked to changes to genes in the brain.

Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases

A new study by UCLA life scientists has found that hundreds of those genes can be damaged by fructose, a sugar that’s common in the Western diet, in a way that could lead to those diseases. However, the researchers discovered good news as well: An omega-3 fatty acid known as docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, seems to reverse the harmful changes produced by fructose. “DHA changes not just one or two genes; it seems to push the entire gene pattern back to normal, which is remarkable,” said Xia Yang, a senior author of the study and a UCLA assistant professor of integrative biology and physiology. 'UK Muslim ghettoes' warning. How To Satisfy Demand For The Biggest Job Of The 21st Century. Harvard Business Review once called it "the sexiest job of the 21st century.

How To Satisfy Demand For The Biggest Job Of The 21st Century

" Data scientist is not only the top job this year (the position ranked number one on Glassdoor’s top jobs for 2016) but based on hiring demand and the potential for salary growth it's poised to be the top job in the future as well. But there may not be enough people to fill it. A McKinsey report predicted that by 2018, "the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills, as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions.

" Why the deficit? It’s no secret that individuals and companies throw off massive amounts of data every day. What It Takes To Become A Data Scientist To become a data scientist, an individual needs to have skills in database management, statistics, machine learning, and distributed and parallel systems, according to the American Statistical Association. A World War has begun. Break the silence. How many people are aware that a world war has begun?

A World War has begun. Break the silence

At present, it is a war of propaganda, of lies and distraction, but this can change instantaneously with the first mistaken order, the first missile. I have been filming in the Marshall Islands, which lie north of Australia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Whenever I tell people where I have been, they ask, "Where is that? " Mearsheimer on Strangling China & the Inevitability of War. As part of the research for my Crouching Tiger book on the rise of China's military and its companion documentary film, I interviewed 35 of the top experts in the world from all sides of the China issue.

Mearsheimer on Strangling China & the Inevitability of War

These are key edited excerpts from my sit-down at the University of Chicago with Professor John Mearsheimer, author of the realist classic work The Tragedy of Great Power Politics. My argument, in a nutshell, is that if China continues to grow economically over the next 30 years, much the way it has over the past 30 years, that it will translate that wealth into military might. And it will try to dominate Asia, the way the United States dominates the Western Hemisphere. 17 Delicately Designed Pork Recipes That You Need To Try! 1.

17 Delicately Designed Pork Recipes That You Need To Try!

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin. 6 Best Classic Colognes. Sensor-1 is the highly versatile security device you can stick onto anything. Bushmaster C22 22L 16 M4VM 25. Tails 2.0 is out. We are especially proud to present you Tails 2.0, the first version of Tails based on: GNOME Shell, with lots of changes in the desktop environment.Debian 8 (Jessie), which upgrades most included software and improves many things under the hood.

Tails 2.0 is out

This release fixes many security issues and users should upgrade as soon as possible. New features Tails now uses the GNOME Shell desktop environment, in its Classic mode. GNOME Shell provides a modern, simple, and actively developed desktop environment. Upgrades and changes. Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe & Video. How to Lace Oxfords & Men's Dress Shoes. Shoestrings, bootlaces or shoelaces.

How to Lace Oxfords & Men's Dress Shoes

It doesn’t matter what you call them. They all do the same thing; they keep your footwear secured and comfortable while you wear them. One of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your shoes is to simply change your shoelaces. Cut & Sew Men's NudiTees - High Quality Blanks - Ostrich Imports – The Chivery. Huffingtonpost. Gift shops for wedding, birthday and anniversary presents. Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, the holidays or "just because," you can find a lot of reasons to buy something special from one of Chicago's best gift shops.

Gift shops for wedding, birthday and anniversary presents

Maybe you want to give the one you love a night out at one of Chicago's best fine dining spots or tickets to the concert of the year. But honestly, there's no better feeling than watching a friend or loved one unwrap that perfect gift. To take the stress out of browsing some of the city's best and newest stores, we compiled our favorite go-to gift shops, stocked with clever items for any budget that are sure to please. (And we won't tell anyone if that "gift" is just for yourself. Promise.) Xiaomi’s Second Wearable Device Tracks Your Sleep, Steps And Heart Rate For $15. Xiaomi’s much-speculated second wearable device is now official, after the Chinese company unveiled the Mi Band Pulse. Ehang launches Ghost Drone 2.0 with VR goggles and zero-latency streaming up to 3K feet.

Chinese drone maker Ehang just launched the Ghost 2.0, a consumer drone that comes with virtual reality goggles to allow its user to experience the flight through the drone’s 4K camera. While still unusual, it’s not the first drone company to do so. Full pricing details don’t appear to have been announced yet, though a basic model without VR goggles or camera is listed at $599 on its website (available at $499 for the first 100 orders, due to ship in six weeks). Amazon to offer special deals from its Treasure Truck in Seattle. Amazon has changed the way we shop, turning just about everything that was retail-based to being available online. Now they're doing an about-face and making a move into selling things physically, but with a twist: it's from a real, moving truck. Ok, so maybe this isn't a revamp of how they'll do business, but it is a special event/promotion taking place in the company's hometown of Seattle.

Called the Amazon Treasure Truck, the vehicle will drive around the city offering a special, limited-quantity item at a crazy discount. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. The BeWELL Smoothie. Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 | Posted by KeleneAdmin. Brease — All your storage. Accessible anywhere. Brease — All your storage. Accessible anywhere. - Cool on the Go® - The World's Most Versatile Hands-free Personal Cooling Device. Compact Portable Fan System Powered By USB or Batteries. White / Purple - Sporting Goods. Prestat Chocolate - Prestat Pink Champagne Truffles 175g.

A decadent and creamy milk chocolate shell surrounds a milk chocolate champagne truffle. The pink marc de champagne adds a fruity sparkle to the chocolate center, and a dusting of icing sugar creates the perfect little package. Approximately 15 truffles per box. Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whipping cream, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, butter, marc de champagne(3%), sweetener: sorbitol, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring, Colour: beetroot extract (E162), Preservative: sorbic acid Country of Origin: U.K.Vegetarian: YESAllergy Information: Contains: milk, soya; GM Free; May contain traces of nuts, eggs, glutenNet Weight: 6.1ozThis item is sensitive to heat and should not be in transit for more than 2 days, especially when shipping to a hot destination.

Steam Workshop lets game modders sell their work, starting with Skyrim. P2P Lending Site Funding Circle Raises $150M Led By DST At A $1B+ Valuation. Uk.businessinsider. SAPVoice: When Machines Replace Middle Management. TextBlade portable keyboard is greater than the sum of its parts. An exclusive look at Bragi's ambitious headphones, the Pebble of personal audio. Eleven months ago an audacious Kickstarter campaign promised a sports headphone like nothing we'd ever seen before. Guardoor triangular smart sensor monitors doors, windows.

Guardoor is a new smart sensor bid as a home security product for those who prefer to keep home safety within the monitoring confines of their smartphone. Tabletop Fireplace. A Stranger Woke Me Up Today... And It Was Awesome  Crowd investing: Could you be backing the next Google? 20 November 2014Last updated at 19:34 ET By Matthew Wall Business reporter, BBC News. Morgan Stanley Best Long-Term Recovery Stocks. Bleen Portable Holographic Projector. Hands on with the Alienware Alpha. Spark Photon WiFi Module Adds Wireless Connectivity To Any Project For $19. Drinkwel. HDTV Refresh Rates Explained: 60Hz, 120Hz, and Beyond. Defend Your Home With Artificial Intelligence. Engineers made a battery-free radio the size of an ant. Leatherman By The Numbers Pocket Tools. Roambotics Jr. unicycle robot wants to play security guard. Ethereum Launches Ether. An Introvert's Guide to Networking. The nine companies that know more about you than Google or Facebook.

Pentagon document lays out battle plan against zombies. Never leave bullet time in SUPERHOT, a unique take on first person shooters. Making your own mobile app is now super quick and easy. Betty translates plain english into command line code. Anti-surveillance mask lets you pass as someone else. Consumer Physics’ $150 smartphone spectrometer can tell the number of calories in your food. Scio: This device tells you the chemical makeup of your food, drinks, and pills. Google's trippy Cube experiment lets you play DJ with six videos at once. The Beginners Guide to Betting on the Kentucky Derby. Psst! Wearable Devices Could Make Big Tech Leaps, Into Your Ear : All Tech Considered. Loves...Scarlett Johansson Turning Around.

Your Houseplants Can Think, Talk, Read Your Mind: New Research Adds Evidence. Digital Currencies Worth More Than $1. Android App Tweaks App Permissions. Daric, A New Peer To Peer Lending Platform, Will Go Live Next Week. Pogoplug packages Tor for the masss with the $49 Safeplug. Flite Launches A Free Online ‘Design Studio’ For Building HTML5 Ads.

Scientists Prove God Exists? German Scientists Say They Have. Firefox plugin reveals how your internet browsing is being monitored. Business + Innovation. Dash is a free coding course that'll teach you how to make CSS robots. The Secrets Of Networking For Introvert Entrepreneurs. iKettle brings high-tech to tea for a mere $160. August smart lock delayed until Q1 2014, available for pre-order now. How You Can Decorate The Empty Corners In Your Home - 15 Cool Ideas. Cell close-ups reveal how plants get bigger. Google's Go Could Replace Java. How To Easily Strip Gold From Computer Chips. This bracelet could replace your passwords, your car keys, and even your fingerprints. Kevo lock up for pre-order tomorrow, starts shipping in September.

Google's Chromecast Offers Way to Get Content From Mobile to TV - Ina Fried - Mobile. FYI: Why Does Some Food Taste Bad To Some People And Good To Others? HP22B CAROLINA REAPER ( OFFICIAL FBI REVIEW FROM HELL ) GUINNESS WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPER. T-Rex trying to do things (20 Photos. 2013 June 6 - Star Size Comparisons. k8o.