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HomeMade Modern. Home / Children Playhouses. 3 module für jede Anforderung: mk1, mk2 und mk3 – miniki, the small mini-kitchen! Three different basic modules are available (mk1, mk2, mk3) to match all individual requirements.

3 module für jede Anforderung: mk1, mk2 und mk3 – miniki, the small mini-kitchen!

These modules can be combined to suit all tastes and so provide the perfect kitchen for all purposes. mk 1 H x W x D = 60 x 120 x 60 2 cooking zones sink dishwasher 4–6 cooking zones dishwasher (optional) front sides (optional) doors drawer mk 2 2 cooking zones dishwasher door drawer mk 3 fridge (fully integrated) Carre_Etoile______________________________* Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies. Micro compact home. Floating houses. Life on the Water … Why water?

Floating houses

Why would anyone leave the stability of terra firma to live on a moving surface, in smaller quarters and relative uncertainty? The answer is simple. Water is life and water changes everything. Can someone who doesn’t crave water understand the attraction? We have built our first floating house in 2010 on river Vah near city Komárno. Products / Modern Birdhouses / Modern Birdhouses™ Wieler is proud to present our Modern Birdhouses™, designed by architect Dail Dixon.

Products / Modern Birdhouses / Modern Birdhouses™

The birdhouses are handmade from oil-finished teak, with stainless steel screws and sandblasted aluminum roofs. Modern Birdhouses'™ Case Study Masters Series honors the architectural pioneers who participated in the Case Study Houses Program. Our birdhouses - named after Case Study participants J.R. Davidson, Richard Neutra, and Ralph Rapson - feature simple lines, modern detailing, and durable materials. They are hand-made from sustainably harvested teak that has been certified with the Rainforest Alliance's SmartWood program. The birdhouses ship pre-assembled, except for the mounting bracket, which can be attached with two provided stainless steel screws and a standard Philips screwdriver. Tiny houses – small dwellings of every shape and size. LittleDiggs. Treehouse / RPA. Architects: RPA Location: Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, CA, USA Project Area: 16 sqm Project Year: 2009 Photographs: Eric Staudenmaier Located on a high eastern-facing ridge with views downtown Los Angeles in the distance, the Banyan Treehouse is a diminutive art studio and sanctuary.

Treehouse / RPA

Perched atop steel pylons that abstractly emulate natural branches, the project is not literally a tree house but rather a modern interpretation of one. Every surface of the tree house is appointed with wood, creating an unparalleled level of warmth. Tree House / Robert Potokar and Janez Brežnik. The Tree House, designed by Robert Potokar of Robert Potokar Architecture Office and co-designer Janez Brežnik, is a wooden play structure that is elevated without requiring nearby trees to support its weight.

Tree House / Robert Potokar and Janez Brežnik

The concept, originally designed in February 2008 as since been realized three times. More on this project after the break. The freestanding, self-supporting house-by-a-tree is a playhouse designed with contemporary design principles, deviating from precedents that model real houses or garden sheds. Instead, the design was guided by the goal of creating interesting and different spatial experiences for children that inspire new forms of polay. The house is made of spruce spruce plywood, protected on the exterior by a colourless nano-varnish. The furnishings are minimal and simply constructed from dowel pins that allowed children to participate in the making of their playhouse.

Single Hauz. Single Hauz – swoisty mały manifest, to eksperymentalna propozycja domu/schronienia dla młodego/starego człowieka dzisiejszych czasów Świata Zachodu.

Single Hauz

Podstawowa komórka społeczna jaką nazywany jest związek małżeński dziś przestaje być jedynym modelem życia, przynajmniej na pewnym jego etapie. Single Hauz jako wolnostojąca jednostka mieszkalna przeznaczona dla 1 osoby wypełnia pewną próżnię na tym polu: brak takich propozycji dla tzw. “singli”. Sporą liczbę w tej grupie stanowią osoby młode, dobrze wykształcone, ambitne, energiczne i bardzo otwarte na świat. Single Hauz, zainspirowany wprost przydrożnym totemem reklamowym, jest pomyślany jako obiekt mogący “wpasować” się w niemalże każde miejsce na ziemi. Single Hauz, który po trosze jest latarnią, mostkiem kapitańskim, po trosze punktem widokowym i bezpiecznym schronieniem jest więc uniesiony w górę. W poszukiwaniu [ straconego] miejsca. Hedonizm czy ewolucja? Inventables: The Hardware Store for Designers.