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Tecnologías de la amistad. Tecnologías de la amistad (1) Las formas sociales de producción, gestión y circulación artística en base a la amistad En este artículo me referiré a una serie de discursos recogidos en un banquete entre artistas y filósofos (2) que organicé junto con Roberto Jacoby para Periférica, arte de base, en el Centro Cultural Borges, los días 7, 8 y 9 de Diciembre de 2006.

Tecnologías de la amistad

La experiencia del banquete nos condujo a un intercambio de información y transmisión de saberes y prácticas en un marco de convivialidad y comensalidad, ese tiempo social que articula y condensa las relaciones entre las personas. Autores como Tibor Scitovsky y Albert Hirschman llaman la atención sobre la formación del capital social a partir del capital tiempo utilizado en la convivialidad. Para Hirschman, el “amor”, la “confianza” no son recursos que se consumen en el acto de producirse sino que se multiplican al activarse, de allí que estudie la función de los banquetes en la Revolución Francesa y la Grecia Antigua. Web vernacula olia lialina. Olia Lialina. A Vernacular web. Indigenous and Barbarians. An extended and illustrated version of my talk at the Decade of Web Design Conference in Amsterdam, January 2005 Deutsche Version in Telepolis Teil I Teil II Teil III Teil IV Version Español in A Minima magazine pdf Vernacular Web 2, published in August 2007 Vernacular Web 3, published in July 2010 The Indigenous and The Barbarians When I started to work on the World Wide Web I made a few nice things that were special, different and fresh.

Olia Lialina. A Vernacular web. Indigenous and Barbarians.

I'll start with a statement like this, not to show off my contribution, but in order to stress that -- although I consider myself to be an early adopter -- I came late enough to enjoy and prosper from the "benefits of civilization". So what was this culture? To be blunt it was bright, rich, personal, slow and under construction. I wrote that change was coming "soon" instead of putting an end date at 1998, for example, because there was no sickness, death or burial. Just as clothing styles come back into fashion so do web designs. Philippe Parreno. Lives and works in Paris 2015Hypothesis, Hangar Bicocca (curated by Andrea Lissoni), Milan – ITH {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS: Philippe Parreno, Park Avenue Armory, New York – US 2014Philippe Parreno: Quasi-Objects, Esther Schipper, Berlin – DEPhilippe Parreno: With a rhythmic instinction to be able to travel beyond existing forces of life, Pilar Corrias, London – UKTV channel, CAC Málaga, Málaga – ES.

Philippe Parreno

In Many Ways The Exhibition Already Happened. In Many Ways The Exhibition Already Happened ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts, london december 2001 - january 2002 Pierre Huyghe, M/M (Paris), Philippe Parreno and R&Sie/François Roche/Stephanie Lavaux Curated by Cristina Ricupero Press release « While there is often a mirage of consensus in the London art world, the Paris scene remains complex, layered and critical.

In Many Ways The Exhibition Already Happened

The ICA is therefore proud to present a major exhibition devoted to contemporary art, design and architecture from France. Each participant creates and plays with the construction of "landscapes". MMParis. Work. Bjö Jam3 WEB DE BJORK TRADUCIDO AL ESPAÑOL POR GOOGLE TRADUCTOR. Jam3 Developed 3D Website Conceived and Designed by M/M (Paris) for Björk 'Biophilia' Debuts. TORONTO--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Digital Agency Jam3 today announced that a new website developed by the agency for Icelandic singer and songwriter Björk is now live at

Jam3 Developed 3D Website Conceived and Designed by M/M (Paris) for Björk 'Biophilia' Debuts

The site, conceptualized and designed in 3D by M/M (Paris), launched as part of a promotional effort around Björk’s upcoming new album, Biophilia, features an immersive galaxy with versions that can be enjoyed on virtually any device and current browsers. “In creating the 3D site using Javascript on an HTML5 canvas, we really believe we have broken new ground and set a standard for sites that want to rely heavily on animation in 3D without a plugin while maximizing performance on all platforms and operating systems.” Jam3 worked in conjunction with Parisian art and design team M/M (Paris) and full-service merchandise and e-commerce specialists Sandbag to bring the new site online for the artist. About Jam3: About M/M (Paris): About Sandbag: Björk México.