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Visual strategic planning and outcomes tool

Visual strategic planning and outcomes tool
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CPN Tools Homepage ImageThink | Innovate and communicate with graphic recording & facilitation. Goalscape Goalscape Enterprise (private cloud and corporate server installation) is now available! For more information please contact It forces me to make hard choices and makes me concentrate on what I really must do.” “I found it so compatible with the way I work that I immediately bought it.”Konstantin Prokopiu – Senior Technical Architect, Adobe Systems GmbHRead more testimonials Do the right thing with Goalscape Goalscape goal setting software is the best way to define, work on and reach your highest goals. When you set goals in Goalscape they are always at the center of attention. Overall structure Relative importance Progress tracking Goalscape is the best way to run all your projects on the fly. Goalscape is the revolutionary new way to set goals and motivate, prioritize and progress to achieve whatever you are passionate about. Use Goalscape to define goals and plan activities when you run work projects and sports campaigns… even family activities. Want to know more?

Vensim The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press Edward Tufte is a statistician and artist, and Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Statistics, and Computer Science at Yale University. He wrote, designed, and self-published 4 classic books on data visualization. The New York Times described ET as the "Leonardo da Vinci of data," and Business Week as the "Galileo of graphics." Visual Display of Quantitative Information 200 pages Envisioning Information 128 pages Visual Explanations 160 pages Beautiful Evidence 214 pages Same paper and printing as in original clothbound editions. All 4 clothbound books, autographed by author $150 Available directly from Graphics Press. Die visuelle Darstellung quantitativer Informationen, (200 Seiten), $12 数量情報の視覚的表示, (200 ページ)、$12 A exibição visual das informações quantitativas, (200 paginas) $12 Visualizzare l'informazione quantitativa, (200 pagine) $12 La représentation de l'information quantitative, (200 pages) $12 La Representación Visual de Información Cuantitativa, (200 páginas) $12

DeskTop Author - ebook software Graphviz | Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software Visual Business Intelligence We typically think of quantitative scales as linear, with equal quantities from one labeled value to the next. For example, a quantitative scale ranging from 0 to 1000 might be subdivided into equal intervals of 100 each. Linear scales seem natural to us. Logarithms and their scales are quite useful in mathematics and at times in data analysis, but they are only useful for presenting data on those relatively rare cases when addressing an audience that consists of those who have been trained to think in logarithms. For my own analytical purposes, I use logarithmic scales primarily for a single task: to compare rates of change. I decided to write this blog piece when I ran across the following graph in Steven Pinker’s new book Enlightenment Now: The darkest line, which represents the worldwide distribution of per capita income in 2015, is highlighted as the star of this graph. Why didn’t Pinker use a linear scale? This provides a cozy sense of bell-shaped equity, which isn’t truthful.

Построение карт восприятия: концептуальный подход и метод анализа данных ведущий консультант аналитического департамента, компания «Маркетинговые и инвестиционные проекты» Изучение особенностей потребительского восприятия брендов является одним из важнейших технических элементов стратегического маркетинга. Пристальное внимание к этой проблеме было привлечено предложенной в 1972 г. Э. <1> Более подробно см.: Райс Э., Траут Дж. По мере распространения этой концепции возникла потребность в инструментах анализа сходств и различий между брендами и описывающими их атрибутами, возникающими в восприятии потребителей. Использование методов многомерной статистики для изучения восприятия выразилось в формировании отдельной группы методов, называемой картами восприятия. Удобство графического представления информации наряду с широким распространением современных статистических пакетов привело к росту популярности использования карт восприятия и увеличению разнообразия используемых для этой цели статистических методов. Первый уровень: выбор концептуального подхода.

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