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Ultra-fast HTML5 build tool

Ultra-fast HTML5 build tool
Installation is one-line, once you have node.js. In your console, run: npm install -g brunch Getting started Create a new Brunch project: brunch new <skeleton-URL> [optional-output-dir]

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B4J - Free development tool for Windows, Mac and Linux B4J - The simple way to develop cross platform, desktop and web applications! B4J is a 100% free development tool, similar to Basic4android that generates cross platform, desktop, server and web applications. B4J follows the same concepts of Basic4android, providing a simple and powerful development tool. Download B4J Full Version Patterns For Large-Scale JavaScript Application Architecture Today we're going to discuss an effective set of patterns for large-scale JavaScript application architecture. The material is based on my talk of the same name, last presented at LondonJS and inspired by previous work by Nicholas Zakas. Who am I and why am I writing about this topic? I'm currently a JavaScript and UI developer at AOL helping to plan and write the front-end architecture to our next generation of client-facing applications. As these applications are both complex and often require an architecture that is scalable and highly-reusable, it's one of my responsibilities to ensure the patterns used to implement such applications are as sustainable as possible. I also consider myself something of a design pattern enthusiast (although there are far more knowledgeable experts on this topic than I).

Backbone patterns Building apps with Backbone.js Here, I try to document the good practices that our team has learned along the way building Backbone applications. This document assumes that you already have some knowledge of Backbone.js, jQuery, and of course, JavaScript itself. Table of contents Thanks Introduction to the Box Language — Box 0.2.0 documentation Creating objects There are two main entities in the Box language: types and objects. Types have names starting with an uppercase letter. Brackets HTML Wrapper extension Whats New 1.0 Check out the newest crafted features. Added advanced options. Installation

notes: Want Scalable Application Architecture? Check AngularJS. The Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture is a presentation by Nicholas Zakas where he suggests a flexible and scalable architecture for JavaScript applications. Here are other related resources: The presentation is interesting but it also leaves many open questions. In short, the architecture contains following application layers: base library (jquery, etc)application core: manages modules (register modules, tell when to start and when to stop)handle errors (like wrap all modules' methods into try/catch and log errors)enable inter-module communicationshould be extensible (error handling, ajax wrapper, general utilites, anything!) Here are some questions raised by the presentation:

Build a Contacts Manager Using Backbone.js: Part 4 In part four of this series, we saw how easy it is to add and remove models from our collection, and keep the page updated in sync with the changes. In this part, we're going to look at editing existing model data. Getting Started We'll start out by adding another simple button to the template, which will enable editing of its data: As we are adding this button to our existing template, we can also add an entirely new template that can be used to render an editable form in which the model data can be changed. Boogie: An Intermediate Verification Language Boogie is an intermediate verification language, intended as a layer on which to build program verifiers for other languages. Several program verifiers have been built in this way, including the VCC and HAVOC verifiers for C and the verifiers for Dafny, Chalice, and Spec#. A previous version of the language was called BoogiePL. The current language (version 2) is currently known as just Boogie, which is also the name of the verification tool that takes Boogie programs as input. The Boogie research project is being developed primarily in the RiSE group at Microsoft Research in Redmond.

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