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Un blog en bois - Nouvelles tendances, marketing, publicité, high-tech, mode, musique

Un blog en bois - Nouvelles tendances, marketing, publicité, high-tech, mode, musique

Artoyz What is Artoyz ? Born from the mutual passion of 4 friends from graphic arts and toy figures, Artoyz was created on 2003 after the discovery of a new art trend coming from Asia : the designer toy or urban vinyl. was the first entity to be born on 2003. Since day one we offer you a selection both eclectic and sharp for every purse based on toy design and graphic arts. New Media, Marketing, Advertising & Interactive News & Jobs You know you’re working in UX when … I’m sure you’ve heard the expression 'Never work with children or animals' right? Well, after you’ve read this lot, I reckon you’ll want to add participants, facilitators and even clients to this list. You see, since my last blog I’ve spent a few weeks “playing journalist” sourcing weird, wonderful and downright bizarre stories from the UX (User Experience) Community. The idea came to me while I was telling a friend how I had to sit throughout a whole study earlier this year in Norway, trying not to crack up every time a participant had to fill in his name on a form. Thing is, he was doing it with such a straight face that for a long time I thought it really was his name.

HUSH-HUSH Le Publigeekaire Blog 30 Beautiful and Creative Ad/Marketing Agency Websites Advertising and marketing agencies often position themselves as being specialists in creativity. So it’s just natural that their websites are often creative and beautiful. As clients expect these businesses to be creative (and a website is often one of the first things potential clients look at), ad agencies need to have effective and impressive websites. Below is a collection of 30 agency websites from all across the globe.

ilc 24heuresactu - Le site qui vous parle d'actu autrement A la source des tendances Youngplanneur  Digital Campaigns, Online Marketing, Social & More. Infos de dernière minute et opinions sur Le Huffington Post

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