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Those who like paradoxical modes of expression could very well say: "There are objects of which it is true that there are no such objects." A scene from Hans Op de Beeck’s “Staging Silence (2),” a 20-minute film in which the camera never moves but everything in front of it is constantly changing. Open your eyes and admit it: Video art — basically, moving images displayed on screens in art galleries — is the most riveting, the most reliably surprising artistic medium of our time. Don’t be hoodwinked by the preponderance of really bad video art — all that sloppy footage, nonexistent editing, sadistically stretched-out durations, industrial drone soundtracks, and utter lack of plot, psychology, and pictorial innovation. Remember instead all the bad painting you have seen, and the complete lack of relevance this has in the moment when you finally come across a great Matisse, Rembrandt, or Velazquez.

bebe le strange bebe le strange 'Images -- millions of images -- that's what I eat' --William S. Burroughs (click here for pics only) alyptoph: (Source: velvetharrys) Here to There [oF] - "programmed illustrations" by @theowatson + Emily Gobeille aka @design-io / + WIN ONE! Inspired by the childhood memories of artworks on their bedroom walls, Here to There is a project by Emily Gobeille & Theo Watson (Design I/O) created two years ago, now available as a limited run of prints. For the project, the duo developed a suite of software tools using openFrameworks to programmatically build elements based around concepts like algorithm, permutation, cause and effect, and topology to name a few. More than 25 mini openFrameworks applications were created that would output graphics as postscript.

BakerTweet Nitty gritty We built a wall-mounted, Wi-Fi device with a large, friendly dial for doughy hands. It had a bespoke Arduino circuit board and hygienic wipe-clean controls. We designed the CMS so even the tech-averse could edit the tweets and we trained the staff up, so they didn’t need us after launch. It solved a simple problem for bakers and customers, making them both happier. Books » Bureau of Trade We sift through the world’s major marketplaces, searching for the most distinctive merchandise for men. Vintage timepieces, clothing, and classic cars. Furniture. Literature. LPs.

Stripeyhorse Creative June 29th, 2012 We really like the new logo design for British Gymnastics. Using bright bold colourful graphics the swirls track the motion of a gymnast. There is also a video that accompanies the logo design, check it out on our facebook page. Via the Creative Review website And strangely enough in the comments someone has linked to this website, the go to wall for in-situ visuals. I Love CDs Matt Ottdal has a series of old and new typography experiments. He decided to showcase them in his favorite format, CD covers! "This is my tribute to the Compact Disc format before it settles down into the grave with the Compact Cassette. I've always loved the CD format, the jewel case, though I've never made one, or worked with a musician. Its just a nice format, and the thought that visual expression and typography can describe music has always been appealing to me.

youthquakers: February 1972 - Vogue Italia La Primavera 72Cover Model: Ann Schaufuss Photographed by: Alex Chatelain Ellesse Ad Valentino at the Factory with Andy, Cyrinda Foxe, Elsa Peretti by Chris von Wangenheim Unknown Model by: Erhardt all about visual art Desktop Calendar – January 2014 2014 begins and we are starting the fourth round of our desktop calendar series. We are looking forward to a successful New Year and wish you all the best. If you want this wallpaper at your desktop feel free to download in different resolutions or tell us if you need something else. [...] Brand Identity Blog, Creative Direction Blog – Gary Swindell, Aimizm — Gary Swindell is a Creative Director specializing in strategic brand identity. Working in the UK and Scandinavia helping clients deliver through Strategy, Design and Art Direction. Date Item There's a McQeenish vibe to these 'wearable' sculptures by Rien Vollenga. { Comments on this entry are closed }

What Katie Does: Sheaff's Ephemera A simply amazing collection of ephemera over at, lovingly collected and shared by the site’s owner Dick Sheaff. It covers all sorts of items from Victoriana right up to modern times loosely categorised by type, from elaborate book plates to ticket stubs. You could lose hours happily wandering through it all – a real treasure trove for inspiration. All images © Richard D.

The Typography of Sanborn New York City Maps NEW YORK Staten Island. Atlas 159, 1885 BROOKLYN New York. Atlas 80. Magazine Born in 1976, French-British photographer Cedric Arnold first picked up a 35mm camera at university, whilst studying linguistics and history in Paris. He quickly turned most of his attention to photography and filmmaking, taking extra credits in printmaking, the history of cinema, and documentary filmmaking. Read More “Gonzaga Manso is a Madrid-based photographer whose elements are very unique and his work is eye-catching beyond belief

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