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Guerrilla Marketing defined

Guinness has an interesting new QR code effort that is featured on a pint glass. This QR code though is only visible when very dark beer is poured into the glass, and it is meant to be a guerrilla marketing social media super stunt. Apparently it tweets about your pint, updates your facebook status, checks you in via 4 square, downloads coupons and promotions, invites your friends to join, and even launches exclusive Guinness content, but now here comes the problem. When you actually scan in the code it is meant to take you to , but someone seems to have forgotten to handle this part of the deal, as now you go straight to which reminds you that this domain has been parked. Nice, well, just go drink your Guinness. Not this way or that way.

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Buzzlog // le blog du buzz marketing InterFaces vous propose une exploitation fiable, sûre et performante. Afin d'assurer la redondance, sa plate-forme est reliée à internet via plusieurs liaisons en fibre optique dont la capacité évolue rapidement en fonction des charges demandées. Pour une disponibilité maximale, les protocoles qu'InterFaces a choisis permettent de répartir de manière optimale le trafic IP entre nos différents fournisseurs d'accès. Pour maintenir une exploitation de haute disponibilité un système de supervision interne doublé d'une surveillance externe, assurée en toute indépendance par la société Witbe et des astreintes humaines permettent de surveiller constamment la plate-forme. Grâce à des signaux d'alertes, notamment sur iPhone, au matériel de rechange présent sur place, les interventions ont lieu sans attendre pour un retour à la normale dans les meilleurs délais.

10 Steps to Becoming A Social Media Expert We’re all pretty much experts at something. Since social media is all the rage, why no become an expert in that? So many of the world’s trends in technology, business, marketing, entertainment and overall communication are heavily tied in with online social media. It’s an important area in which to be well-versed. I’ve been knee-deep in social media since I was a friend-deprived middle schooler (not to give away my age here, but that’s 15 years and counting). Vintage Classics - Faceout Books Vintage ClassicsAuthors: Jane Austen, E.M. Forster, Charlotte Brontë, Emily BrontëDesigner: Megan WilsonPublisher: VintageIllustrators: All Jane Austen: N. Heideloff's "Gallery of Fashion" (I checked, and these are sketches of English fashion, not German!)

Emotional Component: Luxury Brand Personality Luxury brands cannot symbolize anything, but they need to comply with the worldview and taste of the upper class (Kapferer and Bastien, 2009). As their core task is to assist their consumers in showing or even improving their social status, the most essential symbolic feature of luxury brands is prestige. All luxury brands are prestige brands, whereas not all prestige brands such as Apple are luxury brands (as they do not meet the functional criteria explained above). 1. The Big Five of Luxury Brand Personality

CPN Pruvost Andrés Blog de Nuit, créativité et publicité, marketing, médias sociaux Voir la façon dont les médias ont mis (et mettent toujours) de l’avant Facebook et compagnie lors des récents événements dans les pays arabes est assez comique. J’ai toujours été partisan de Gladwell, même si ce dernier, avec raison, a reconnu le rôle des nouveaux outils dans la propagation des mouvements sociaux. De même, j’ai trouvé complètement stupide l’analyse similaire qu’on avait fait ci et là, de l’usage des nouveaux médias mobiles dans la propagation des mouvements de révoltes londoniens, que l’on pourrait par synthétiser par : À cause des… NM Incite (Une joint venture de Nielsen et McKinsey sur laquelle il est fortement conseillé de garder un oeil) vient de publier les résultats d’une étude fort intéressante sur l’utilisation des réseaux sociaux, avec un important focus sur le mobile.

The Future of the Social Web: In Five Eras « Web Strategy by Jer Expect the Groundswell to continue, in which people connect to each other –rather than institutions. Consumer adoption of social networks is increasing a rapid pace, brands are adopting even during a recession, so expect the space to rapidly innovate to match this trend. Clients can access this report, but to summarize what we found, in the executive summary we state: Today’s social experience is disjointed because consumers have separate identities in each social network they visit. Monster-Munch Matt W. Moore’s first solo-exhibition in Paris, all the works of which were created during his visit to the city. Have a look at the exhibition and the rest of the vibrant collection here. He actually uses spray paint to create almost digital looking canvases, which i was surprised at.

Tu portal de referencia en Social Media – dosensocial marketing interactif, experience utilisateur, concep Il y a 1 semaine environ, la célèbre marque horlogère TAG Heuer (groupe LVMH) a mis en ligne en collaboration avec l’agence Nurun ;-) 2 opérations stratégiques dans le cadre de son 150ème anniversaire : Pour avoir eu la chance de travailler sur ces 2 projets (et parce que cela me fait tout simplement plaisir d’en parler ;-) je vais vous présenter ces 2 opérations. A l’occasion de ses 150 ans, TAG Heuer se lance, en partenariat avec Tesla Motors, dans un tour du monde 100% électrique ("The 1st World Tour in a 100% Electric Car"). Dumbed-Down Book Covers The other day, when I was making my weekly post for the Villette Read-A-Long, I was searching the internet for an attractive cover so the post wouldn't look so boring. I loved the cover I chose, which is one of a series for Vintage Classics: Elegant and classy, I thought.

Celebrations & Rituals · A White Carousel bunnies + chocolate I love bunnies and chocolate + orange and white ~ Oh la la! {Image via French Frosting} easter decor Curled Up With A Book I found these pretty covers on The Book Cover Archive. Isn’t it a nice set? They were designed by Gabrielle Wilson and published by the Poetry Society of America. Making our bookshelves prettier one cloth-bound book at a time, Coralie Bickford-Smith is known for her beautiful cover designs. the mehallo blog. beta. » Typography Dude ‘The Dude can draw.’ Handlettering by Jeff Bridges for the cover of Esquire UK. Behind the scenes here. And check out more typographic wonders (some posted below) by Bridges at his own website. Found via Stüf Stuff