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Guerrilla Marketing defined

Emotional Component: Luxury Brand Personality | Upmarkit Luxury brands cannot symbolize anything, but they need to comply with the worldview and taste of the upper class (Kapferer and Bastien, 2009). As their core task is to assist their consumers in showing or even improving their social status, the most essential symbolic feature of luxury brands is prestige. All luxury brands are prestige brands, whereas not all prestige brands such as Apple are luxury brands (as they do not meet the functional criteria explained above). 1. The Big Five of Luxury Brand Personality As the symbolism of luxury brands refers to a large extent to human personality traits (Vigneron and Johnson 2004, p. 490), the emotional identity component corresponds largely with the concept of brand personality. Tradition covers the openness and temporal perspective of a brand personality: Does the brand personality live rather in the good old past, in the present or the future? The Big Five of Luxury Brand Personality 2. Overview about the Identity of Luxury Brands

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