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L'ADN, innovation, marketing, publicité et communication

L'ADN, innovation, marketing, publicité et communication

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Motivating People to Perform at Their Peak - Art Markman by Art Markman | 9:00 AM January 14, 2014 Almost all decisions, big and small, are choices between exploring new possibilities and exploiting old ones. When you explore, you select an option that’s unknown—or reexamine one that wasn’t optimal in the past to get new information about it. When you exploit, you choose something that’s yielded good results before, believing it will do so again. Of course, the known course is safer. SEO Tactics You Must Stop Right Away If your website is anything like mine, traffic from organic search is where you get most of your traffic. So when traffic starts falling, you start to worry that Google has it in for you. Or the search engine optimization strategy you’ve been using no longer works. It’s hard out there for content.

Mobile Emulators and Simulators - The ultimate guide to mobile developers The most useful tools for mobile web are emulators and simulators. In Chapter 4 of Programming the Mobile Web I’ve made an extensive description and installation guideline for creating a desktop mobile testing environment. And in Chapter 13, I’ve also reviewed other solutions for mobile testing, including four device remote lab solutions.

CoDesign Lab & Media Studies » CoDesignLab Forbidden Touch and New Media in Museums The co-design lab works on a research project taking place within the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. website: focus on the project is how to interact with objects that you cannot touch. We are producing representations and scenarios of use with the students of Telecom ParisTech who poetically explore the potentials of new media but also of photography, video and narrative that address this question of touch in Museum.for Telecom ParisTech course material see: The engineering design and innovation program at Mines ParisTech, (research institute, engineering school and member of ParisTech), is based on recent transformations of design in companies, which have put the established engineering design methods, used in companies and taught in engineering schools, into question. Forbidden Touch and New Media in Museums The co-design lab works on a research project taking place within the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.

7 tools to monitor your competitors’ traffic TweetTweet “Heavy Traffic” by Masakazu “Matto” Matsumoto on Flickr Just how accurate are Alexa, Compete, Quantcast & the others? Find the Coaching in Criticism Feedback is crucial. That’s obvious: It improves performance, develops talent, aligns expectations, solves problems, guides promotion and pay, and boosts the bottom line. But it’s equally obvious that in many organizations, feedback doesn’t work. A glance at the stats tells the story: Only 36% of managers complete appraisals thoroughly and on time.

13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week Some of our staff spent the week in Austin TX reporting on anti-robot protests and drones that shoot both fire and silly string. But the news cycle rolls on with big announcements from Facebook, Tesla and Nintendo. These are our best stories from this week (3/14-3/20). 1. Facebook introduced free friend to friend payments through Messages. Josh Constine gives you the rundown. Mac OS X Setup Playback: XiphQT: Xiph QuickTime Components (XiphQT) is a set of QuickTime plug-ins that allow iTunes, and other QuickTime-based applications, to play ogg vorbis files. VLC media player: VLC is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats. Ogg Drop: Ogg Drop will encode audio tracks and CD's into vorbis.

Future Office Pods / Alexa Getting FOPods (Future Office Pods) revamp the office building typology. The project was designed by Alexa Getting. As we continually advance technologically, the office needs transform from physical space to virtual (paperless) space. The office becomes hand-held, thus decreasing the office footprint. FOPods capitalize on this concept to create a unique, open air, minimal footprint, public, and hourly rentable office spaces. The jury noted that this “aspirational” plan is reminiscent of a 1960’s hyper-future in its forward thinking approach.

Everyday tips for making every fan feel special via social media You already know that your social media fans are responsible for much of your success. They spread the word, earn you revenue through referrals, and often become paying customers and lifelong fans of your brand. Rewarding your fans is a great way to show how much you appreciate their role in your success. Though it might seem obvious that you should reward them, some people just don’t know how or when to do it. Here are some ideas for rewarding your fans to make sure they feel appreciated. Special offers: When you release a new product or you’re running out of stock, offer your social media fans first dibs on the goods. Why leadership-development programs fail For years, organizations have lavished time and money on improving the capabilities of managers and on nurturing new leaders. US companies alone spend almost $14 billion annually on leadership development. Colleges and universities offer hundreds of degree courses on leadership, and the cost of customized leadership-development offerings from a top business school can reach $150,000 a person.

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