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Social Media Guidelines

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Weblogs at Harvard Law School » Terms of Use Welcome to Weblogs at Harvard Law! We don’t mean to turn you off from blogging by immediately inundating you with legalese, but we need to make clear our respective rights and responsibilities related to this service. So, the President and Fellows of Harvard College (“Harvard”) offer these blogging services (the “Services”) to you subject to the terms and conditions of use (“Terms”) contained herein. By accessing, creating or contributing to any blogs hosted at and in consideration for the Services we provide to you, you agree to abide by these Terms. Please read them carefully before posting to or creating any blog.

Social media case studies from IBM, JetBlue, Nokia, and 10 more These case studies (along with a bunch of career openings, new hires, and fantastic upcoming events) were featured in today’s edition of’s Big List. You can sign yourself up using our handy form on the right. Comcast, Zappos, Dell, and JetBlue are all featured in Brian Solis‘ Fast Company article on Twitter tips from socially savvy brands. >> Fast Company InterContental Hotels Group‘s Del Ross was featured in a recent USA Today article on how the hotel brand is using Gowalla this summer as part of their “Hit it Big” loyalty program. >> USA Today IBM‘s Adam Christensen says they avoid using a corporate Twitter account because they want their IBMers — all 400,000 of them — to be the aggregate online voice of the brand. >> Social Media Examiner

Technology@Intel · Intel's Social Media Story - just the beginni We introduced Intel’s blog program 2 years ago this month. I’d like to use this Intel anniversary as an opportunity to reflect and look back at some of our social media efforts over the past decade. Its not possible to go into every project and program in one blog post. Nor can I properly speak to all of the hard work from our various social media teams. So, I look to others to help fill in those gaps, but here’s a high-level overview of just some of the activities to date at Intel.

Using Social Media We are committed to aggressive journalism in all its forms, including in the field of computer-assisted reporting, but we draw the line at illegal behaviour. Internet reporting is nothing more than applying the principles of sound journalism to the sometimes unusual situations thrown up in the virtual world. The same standards of sourcing, identification and verification apply.

Social Media Policies Database – Compliance Building Here is my collection social media policies. I initially gathered a big collection while trying to formulate my own policy. That collection grew over the years to include a variety of industries, types of companies (public or private), industry and approach to social media (proactive, prohibitive or neutral). The collection began to get overwhelming so I decided to get it organized. I figured I would just share it and make it available. Answered: 10 Common Social Media Marketing Questions Can dipping your toe in the water be more detrimental than diving all the way in? Yes, when it comes to using social media for marketing your business. Dipping your toe in the water by launching a small social media experiment or hiring an intern to manage community engagement will deliver insignificant or vague results. It is not going to change the way you are doing business. As HubSpot’s VP of Marketing Mike Volpe explained in a recent webinar , social media needs to be part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy in order to yield visible results.

Fortune 500 Series: How Intel is listening, engaging with its co Simply said, Intel is doing great stuff. Much like the other companies I have profiled in this series (Cisco, Office Max, Texas Instruments and Newell Rubbermaid), this Fortune 500 company has implemented significant social business programs ranging from integrated marketing to internal communications, and even engaging with its technical community. I spoke with Kari Aakre, Intel's director of consumer and social media inside the company's Global Communications Group. She has a huge responsibility, from corporate branding and product awareness, all leveraging social media. Since her role is global, it's critical that she work collaboratively with other social media practitioners throughout the huge company to make sure that the company's social media strategies not only map to corporate business objectives, but are ubiquitous. Q.

blogs: HP Blogging Code of Conduct HP blogs are written by a variety of employees at different levels and positions in the company, so you can expect many viewpoints. You can also expect the following: We will strive to have open and honest dialogues with our readers. We will correct inaccurate or misleading postings in a timely manner. We will not delete posts unless they violate our policies.

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