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Manchester City FC

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Hey! Manchester - alternative concert promotions in the rainy city Hey! Manchester was established in February 2006 to promote alternative gigs in Manchester. We started up because Jens Lekman wasn’t going to play here and we wanted him to. The show sold out and everybody was very happy. Since then we’ve promoted shows big and small, and everywhere in between. History of Manchester United Old Trafford 1909 was also a milestone for United for another reason. John Henry Davies once again lent financial support by lending £60,000, a huge sum at the time, to finalise the team's move to Old Trafford. They played their first game there on 19 February 1910 as Liverpool spoiled the celebrations with a 4-3 win in a close game. Welcome Welcome For the month of March admission to the Manchester United Museum will be free. The story of Manchester United is unlike any other club in the world.

Genius of Lancashire's 'matchstick' master: This summer's biggest exhibition reassesses the merits of LS Lowry - Features - Art Although he possessed a cloth cap, in every published photograph of him, whether at his easel or pounding the Lancashire streets, he is dressed in a dark suit and tie; out of doors, he wore a trilby. His job of rent collector with the Pall Mall Property Company, which he held down for more than 40 years, placed him squarely on the capitalist side of the class barricade. Yet it was his family's sudden tumble down the class ladder that triggered his genius. It was in 1909, when Lowry was 21, that he, his mother Elizabeth and his father Robert moved from the salubrious greenery of Pine Grove, Victoria Park, to 117 Station Road, Pendlebury, on the north-west outskirts of Salford, on the way to Bolton and Wigan.

History of Freemasonry in the Province of North Wales No institution can boast a more solid foundation than that on which Freemasonry rests - the practice of every moral and social virtue! At that time not all these Lodges would have been affiliated to the Premier Grand Lodge. The name of William Hughes of Holt is the very first reference, so far discovered, to speculative masonry in North Wales. How to Use Photoshop Home Donate New Search Gallery How-To Books Links Workshops About Contact How to Use Photoshop © 2012 This free website's biggest source of support is when you use any of these links when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. Thank you! Ken.

LS Lowry and the industrial revolution Jackie Wullschlager on a Tate show that aims to challenge our perceptions of LS Lowry ©Bridgeman ‘The Pond’ (1950) The Centre for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism Freemasonry and the Problem of Britain Inaugural lecture by Andrew Prescott to mark the launch of the University of Sheffield's Centre for Research into Freemasonry, 5 March 2001. Most inaugural lectures draw together research which has been in progress for many years. This inaugural lecture is unusual in that it marks the launch of a new programme of research, with the establishment here at the University of Sheffield of the Centre for Research into Freemasonry, the first such centre in a British university. I will not this evening be presenting the fruits of years of reflection on the subject of freemasonry, but will instead seek to convey why this is an exciting new area for research. I will, however, take advantage of one tradition of the inaugural lecture and begin with some personal reflections.

25 Famous Photographers Share Their Favorite Shots and Stories Behind Them Email When it comes to naming the best, the most professional, the most famous photographers of the world, it always makes me shrug, because you just can’t name all of them, and you can’t make a “top 10″ list of artists of any kind, because art is not about rating. But still, there are some famous photographers, pronounced more frequently, and knowing them is a must if you don’t want to blush in a company of snobby slightly bearded guys in hipster glasses who might ask you “So you’re a photographer? And who’s your favourite?” So here we go. Annie Leibovitz

TIME FOR REFLECTIONS: What's this L S Lowry? Continuing my series of art critiques, I would like to introduce you to L S Lowry, an English painter who lived from 1887 to 1976. Laurence Stephen "L.S." Lowry was born in Stretford, Lancashire, in the North of England and many of his paintings depict scenes from Pendlebury, Salford and surrounding areas.

Freemason intelligence service Yearbooks - latest Grand Lodge of England See also my Bilderberg site masons page August 2008 - latest additions (1) 2007 Spreadsheet of Scottish Freeemasonic Officers and (2) PDF of 2006/7 Freemasons' Yearbook for England and Wales Adobe - Pdf pages of the 2003/4 Masonic Yearbook from web site - These files were moved from that page in the last few days of August 2004 Complete PDF file of the Freemason handbook of 2003/4 including full contact details and officers of all provincial offices - June 2006 - Complete list of Scottish Freemason Officers as an Exel Spreadsheet - sorted by lodge number, surname and county -

Alcohol plague in Liverpool 23 March 2011Last updated at 07:36 Liverpool residents are twice as likely to die from an alcohol-specific condition as the national average Alcohol misuse is being addressed by health bosses in Liverpool, who have unveiled a three-year strategy to tackle the problem. The city has the highest numbers of hospital admissions in England related to alcohol. Residents are also twice as likely to die from an alcohol-specific condition as the national average. Plans include offering an extra 2,000 people a year help with their drink problems.

Origins of Freemasonry The Origins of Freemasonry A Lecture given on 25 August 2000, at the 5th International Conference of Great Priories in The Albert Halls, Stirling, Scotland by