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iOS Ad-hoc Provisioning. Munzee - Scavenger Hunt. The Treasure Hunt App. iTreasure, create, share and play treasure hunts. Klikaklu - Scavenger and Treasure Hunts. iBeacon. Hunt for Treasure Using Your iPhone. Did you know that you can use your iPhone to hunt for lost or buried treasure?

Hunt for Treasure Using Your iPhone

OK, maybe not real treasure, but still … Tap “more” to discover ten apps that will have you scrambling through brambles, using multi-million dollar satellites to search for camouflaged tupperware in places you never even knew existed until now. Like the article? You should subscribe and follow us on twitter. Geocaching For the uninitiated, Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game in which the participant uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to hide and seek containers, referred to as Geocaches, in over 100 countries around the world. Geocaching compiles a list of every single Geocache available in your area, displaying its distance along with type, difficulty rating, terrain and the date it was last discovered, guiding you directly to the Geocache you wish to find once selected. Price: $9.99Developer: GroundspeakDownload: App Store.

Geobeagle - GeoBeagle: an Android app for geocaching and letterboxing. Search for geocaches and letterboxes near you.

geobeagle - GeoBeagle: an Android app for geocaching and letterboxing

What is this about? Geocaches are objects that have been hidden in the real world; the game of geocaching is finding these objects around you. Just the Best Apps - The best apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Unlock the exclusive coordinates and detailed information for 2 million hidden geocache containers across the globe.

Just the Best Apps - The best apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Join the search for geocaches and the growing community of families, urban explorers, and spontaneous outdoor adventurers. Use the Official App to guide you to cleverly hidden containers just around the corner and in more than 180 countries. Tap into your treasure-hunting skills, the in-app descriptions, and available hints to make the final find! Start your location-based GPS-powered adventure now, or combine it with other activities like biking, hiking, or camping.

Geocaching 101: Getting Started with Profile & App - Whenever we describe our hobby of geocaching to people we get asked the same question, ‘How Do You Get Started Geocaching?’

Geocaching 101: Getting Started with Profile & App -

So we decided to put together a few beginner steps to help curious adventure seekers get out of the house and start discovering geocaches around the world! The best way to get started with Geocaching is to set up a FREE profile by clicking HERE and download the geocaching app to your SmartPhone. If you don’t have a SmartPhone, you can just use a Garmin (GPS unit) without the app. Enjoying a day full of caching and scenery at FDR State Park. The no. 1 Geocaching tool for Mac - iCaching. The Best Geocaching Apps. Geocaching App Walkthrough. Le materiel - Geocaching Randonnée GPS avec Il existe différents moyens de pratiquer le geocaching, mais tous se rejoignent : l'utilisation d'un GPS.

le materiel - Geocaching Randonnée GPS avec

De nos jours, la majeur partie des téléphones possèdent un GPS. Nous avons vu dans un premier article le géocaching avec un nokia, découvrons aujourd'hui le géocaching avec un Iphone. L'application officielle GROUNDSPEAK Vendue sur l'app store au prix de 7,99 euros, elle est vraiment bien conçue. Un système de localisation des caches près de vous, affiché via google map, le descriptif de la cache, ainsi que le photos sont accessible. Il y a encore peu de temps, le soucis principal de cette application était la couverture réseau.

En effet, toutes les informations ( notamment les cartes ) sont téléchargées en live via le réseau 3G ou EDGE. Probleme resolue avec l'arrivée de la version 3, ou il est possible d'enregistrer les caches que l'on souhaite via un menu " save map & photos " Vous êtes, bien entendu, directement relié a votre compte, avec lequel vous pouvez interagir : 11 Geocaching iPhone Apps Worth Finding. C:geo - android geocaching. Geocaching With Your iPhone: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide. Overview Geocaching is a great way to explore your city and places you visit.

Geocaching With Your iPhone: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

Geocaching is where people will hide “caches” which are then located by others who are geocaching. Inside each of these little tiny caches are lists of who has found them and some random trinkets. There are literally thousands of these all over the place. All of these caches are entered into a giant database. Top Five Android Geocaching Apps » Its Not About The Numbers. Whether the Geocaching purists like it or not, smartphones are being used more and more for Geocaching.

Top Five Android Geocaching Apps » Its Not About The Numbers

In fact, it seems to be a common set up in this day and age to have a smartphone for urban caching/cache database with a dedicated GPS unit in your caching bag for those ‘deep in the outdoors’ trips. So it’s important that you have a geocaching app on your smartphone that does the job well. But picking the best app can be a difficult thing when there are lots of choices in the market, which is what I found when I jumped the smartphone platform fence and started using an Android. Searching ‘Geocaching’ in the Android market, whoops, Google Play Store (or G.P.S. ), brings up over 400 results. Geocaching. Geocaching4Locus is a helpful when you need to find information about Geocaches directly on the place.


The add-on also include support for updating already stored Geocaches in Locus Map, Live map and many more features. Limitations for Basic Members• Basic members are limited to download full details of 3 Geocaches per 24 hours period.• Searching nearest Geocaches functionality find only Traditional Geocaches (Importing specific Geocache from URL or from manually entered GC code is not limited).• Basic members can not use Container size, difficulty and terrain filter.• For more information, see manual. I suggest to read manual first. Geocaching Apps for iPhone and Android. Choosing the right business model for your game or app. Choosing the right business model for your game or app. The Angry Business Model - Blog. Let’s say you’re a team of game developers working on a unique game idea.

The Angry Business Model - Blog

Working with friends can be fun and you could spend countless hours evolving your idea. All of your friends like your prototype and push you forward ensuring that you’ve really done something original and you should continue working on it. Yet, the fear of not being understood by customers is always here. Angry Birds publisher Rovio reveals its growth stalled in 2013. Angry Birds maker Rovio Entertainment's growth stalled in 2013, according to financial results for the year that show the company's revenues grew by just 2.5% year-on-year.

Angry Birds publisher Rovio reveals its growth stalled in 2013

Rovio reported revenues of €156m (£128.4m) for 2013 compared to 2012's €152.2m – which represented more than double the €75.6m that Angry Birds made in 2011. Rovio's net profits also halved from €55.5m in 2012 to €26.9m in 2013, as the company invested in new games, its ToonsTV cartoons network, and its upcoming Angry Birds feature film. 47% of Rovio's revenues in 2013 came from its consumer products division, which spans toys, books and other licensed products. App Monetization: 6 Bankable Business Models That Help Mobile Apps Make Money. Why are you building an app? Yes, you want to cultivate loyalty, create company awareness, gain new mobile customers, provide a benefit, and more. Often, mobile apps are another marketing channel for your brand and after everything you’ve put into getting it launched, you also expect it to be a solid source of revenue.

Many people enter the mobile arena because they’ve become infatuated with the billion-dollar success of breakout apps like WhatsApp, Vine, and Instagram. Mobile is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean it will magically lead to a big deal for you. You need to build a sustainable mobile business, not just a one-hit wonder.