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Encyclopedia of American Studies

Encyclopedia of American Studies

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Végig a sárga köves úton International Encyclopedia of Communication Online: Home Published in association with the International Communication Association Welcome to the International Encyclopedia of Communication Online, a vast library giving instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship in your field. With unbeatable functionality, students, lecturers, and researchers will find the International Encyclopedia of Communication Online an invaluable learning, teaching, and research resource. You can access the content in a number of ways: Browse table of contentsUse Explore for sophisticated browsing across subjects, people, periods, places, and key topicsUse Quick Search found on top right hand corner of every page or the Advanced Search for more precise search requirements Updated twice a year, The International Encyclopedia of Communication Online ensures that you are kept abreast of developments in the field. Since 2009, there have been over 300 updates adding a total of 30 new entries to the collection and updating a further 274.

Auto Mechanics Hilariously Recreate Renaissance Paintings US-based photographer Freddy Fabris had always wanted to pay homage to the Renaissance masters with his photos in some way, but he wasn’t sure how until he stumbled upon an auto-mechanic shop in the Midwest. This led to a brilliant series of portraits with auto mechanics reenacting famous Renaissance paintings. Show Full Text “Translating painting into photography was a challenge I looked forward to,” Fabris wrote on Huffpost. “I wanted to respect the look and feel of the originals, but needed to come up with a conceptual twist that would create a new layer to the original.” Fabris is a professional photographer, so the rest of his work is definitely worth checking out too! More info: (h/t: huffpost) The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo The Anatomy Lesson by Rembrandt A series of Rembrandt-inspired portraits

Encyclopedia of Mathematics snapshots Visual Arts Encyclopedia Marci menni Barcelona Hála szuper indiai programszervezőnknek, Shaznak, aki főállásban szervezi halomra az erasmus-programokat itt Barcelonában, a múlt pénteken lehetőség volt pofátlanul olcsó áron átruccanni Valenciába egy egyéjszakás kalandra, ugyanis odaát pont most zajlott a közmegítélés szerint és szerintem is egyaránt kihagyhatatlan Las fallas. Ez a József-napi buli elég egyedi módon hozza meg a meleget, az elhivatott tűzoltók és megélhetési piromániások nagy örömére. A várost ilyenkor cirka egy hétre teletömik faalapra ácsolt, hatalmas, kartonból gyártott groteszk, szarkasztik-szürreál stílusban készült bábukkal, amik a lehető legkülönfélébb módon gúnyolják ki a társadalmat, a közszereplőket vagy a globalizációt. A skála elég széles: Chaplintől a terhes Hófehérkén át megjelenik Sárközy, a Supermannek öltöztetett Obama, Cristiano Ronaldo és Zapatero is (nyilván én pont nem a legérdekesebbeket találtam meg, de nézzétek el, a rendelkezésre álló órák kevesen voltak, a bábuk meg 700-nál is többen).

Concise Encyclopedia of Economics| Library of Economics and Liberty Harry Johnson, a Canadian, was one of the most active and prolific economists of all time. His main research was in the area of international trade, international finance, and monetary policy. One of Johnson's early articles on international trade showed that a country with monopoly power in some good could impose a tariff and be better off, even if other countries retaliated against the tariff. His proof was what is sometimes called a "possibility theorem"; it showed that such a tariff could improve the country's well-being, not that it was likely to. Johnson, realizing the difference between what could be and what is likely to be, was a strong believer in free trade. Indeed, he often gave lectures in his native Canada excoriating the Canadian government for its protectionist policies and arguing that Canada could eliminate some of the gap between Canadian and U.S. standards of living by implementing free trade....

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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Classics - Because what you read matters. October 3, 10:30am and October 5, 6:00pm — New York Public Library for the Performing Arts @ 40 Lincoln Center Plaza This October you'll have two opportunities to show your love for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland if you're already an aficionado, or want to learn what all the fuss is about if you're not. Charlie Lovett, former president of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America (and author of The Bookman's Tale, First Impressions and The Further Adventures of Ebenezer Scrooge), headlines "On A Golden Afternoon" on October 3. Two days later, a panel of artists and scholars will host "Who's Alice," an evening dedicated to examining the curious allure of Lewis Carroll's heroine, who—despite her eternal youth—turns 150 this year. See more » It's been notoriously difficult to make a good Moby-Dick film, but we fully expect to be thrilled by In the Heart of the Sea, starring Chris Hemsworth and opening December 11th. See more » Read more » Sign Up Submit