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Start your daily photo journal today!

Start your daily photo journal today!
Capture your life with a photo a day Join over 130,000 members documenting the special moments in their lives. Taking a daily photo will help improve your photography skills and capture otherwise forgotten moments. Complete your photography projects

The Digital Learning Farm and iPad Apps  21st Century Learning Socratic Seminar and The Backchannel Humanities teacher, Shannon Hancock, at Graded, the American School of São Paulo, read and worked through The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo with her 8th grade students. 11 Tips to Succeed with a Photo365 Project Whether you call it a Photo 365 or a Photo A Day (PAD) project the net result is the same, a photo for every day of the year. These types of photo projects are menacing at first thought, but provide a fantastic opportunity to explore and learn not just photography, but creative seeing and post-productions skills. Here are 11 tips to get the most out of any future Photo365 / Photo A Day project you undertake this year. 1. Watercolor Stencil Portrait + TUTORIAL - MORE ART, LESS CRAFT Okay kids, for leaving me all those wonderful and inspiring comments, I give you: Watercolor Stencil Portraiting - The Tutorial! Bear with me, it's almost midnight and I am exhausted, and I leave for vacation tomorrow.

107 Favorite iPad Apps for K-8–Plus 1 Click for more information OK–I left one app off the list of 107 Favorite iPad Apps published earlier this week. It’s called Murky Reef. It’s advertised as ‘a series of thematic educational apps that encourages critical thinking through contextual game play’ and includes specific apps for language, science, and different grade levels. One thing I particularly like about this app is that it’s designed with Bloom’s Taxonomy in mind–those quintessential characteristics of effective learning. There are 7 apps in the Murky Reef series.

Jumpstart Your Photography: Start a 365 Project With the beginning of a new year, many people around the world take time to reflect on the past year and set goals or resolutions for the upcoming year. It’s a good time to ask yourself; “What do I want out of my photography this year?” For most of us, the response might be to improve our skills, to be inspired, and to find more time and energy to pursue our passions. No matter what you want out of your photography, your path to accomplishing your goals will require dedicated time and effort.

fortune cookie favors I needed a favor for my friend Emily's baby shower recently, and decided to make some personalized fortune cookies. I'm not a fan of the crunchy stale fortune cookies you usually get after a meal in a chinese restaurant, but these homemade fortune cookies not only look cute, they actually taste pretty delicious! I came up with as many fortunes as I could for this new baby girl, things like "Baby Wight will never cry" or "Baby Wight will grow up to be a famous trapeze artist" or my favorite, "Baby Wight will be a boy! Surprise!". The fortunes were printed and cut into strips, mine are about 1/2" high and 7" or so wide.

The iPad 2 and Apple TV … Ed Tech Industry Killer? What would you rather get for your classroom, an iPad 2 and Apple TV or an Interactive Whiteboard? Are your teachers asking for Interactive Whiteboards? Hold on to that discussion and don’t answer until you know all of the possibilities! I think we now have the ability to put together a very highly effective digital classroom with the combination of iPad 2′s, a digital projector, and an Apple TV. All of this can be done at a fraction of the cost of most 21st century classrooms that have combined the use of Interactive Whiteboards. I just don’t know why you would ever want to purchase them anymore.

follow-these-30-photographers-instagram-enrich-your-life Thanks to Instagram, we can experience far away places, exotic scenes, culturally significant events, mentally stimulating and downright gorgeous images from all over the world. Adding a few (or all) of these talented photographers to your feed can enrich your life with purposefully captured visuals and impressions from places you may have traveled yourself, or new destinations you have yet to visit. Here are 30 skilled and insightful photographers to follow on Instagram for a life boost. 1. Pei Ketron Raised between tropical Taiwan and the deserts of Arizona, Ketron has travel in her blood.