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Postcard from New York with top tips for writing – pedagogfredrik. I läromedlet Magic (Classbook 5 kapitel 24 och Classbook 6 kapitel 20) finns flera kapitel om USA.

Postcard from New York with top tips for writing – pedagogfredrik

Det finns flera roliga sätt att introducera dessa kapitel. I mina klasser har vi listat upp delstater som eleverna känner till, tittat på klipp från YouTube (berömda platser i New York) Sedan fick eleverna skicka vykort från New York. Här finns en färdig mall med vykort från London och New York På den här länken kan klassen läsa ett vykort tillsammans. LONDON. Halloween Night (Children's Halloween Song) The English Language in 67 Accents & Random Voices. London. 63 Differences Between British And American English That Still Confuse Everyone. The UK and the USA were once referred to by George Bernard Shaw as "two countries divided by a common language".

63 Differences Between British And American English That Still Confuse Everyone

To this day, Brits and Americans continue to misunderstand and confuse each other. Thankfully, Grammar Check has put together a handy infographic comparing 63 British words to their American counterparts, and it needs to go viral for the sake of communication. Show Full Text A lot has changed since British explorers brought a funny language called English to the New World over 400 years ago, and the USA is quite proud of the unique accents and identities they've carved out for themselves.

The trickiest part is the vocabulary, as some British words came to take on different meanings in the States, while others never made it over the pond to begin with. – Konversationer på engelska, för ÅK 4-6. Visiting London - Video for English Classroom. London map - Map of top 10 must-see historical places in central London - Locations of other major landmarks including most popular sites, famous old destinations, best free museums, must-do spots.

Walking map. Map of London Attractions. Big Ben One of the main London landmarks.

Map of London Attractions

Clock Tower with 4 clock faces, a part of Westminster Palace. Buckingham Palace The majestic palace is the official residence of British monarchs. A must-see – do not miss the Changing the Guard ceremony! Tower Bridge This fascinating bridge is one of London's icons. The views from top are amazing and it's quite a sight to see the bridge open for ships, too. London visitor guide. Tacksägelsedagens historia. Vad är tacksägelsedagen?

Tacksägelsedagens historia

Om du tittat på amerikanska filmer har du säkert sett dem äta kalkon med tranbär under en speciell helg. Det är så amerikaner firar ”Thanksgiving”, eller "Tacksägelsedagen", efter den första gången vita nybyggare hade en fest tillsammans med indianerna. Men vad är det egentligen man firar? Varför är den viktig? Amerikanerna räknar händelserna kring tacksägelsedagen som grundandet av Amerika. Trots detta räknar de flesta i USA landstigningen vid Plymouth Rock 1620 som grundandet av det nya landet. Pilgrimerns väg över Atlanten Pilgrimerna landstiger vid Plymouth Rock Det var 35 pilgrimer av 101 passagerare som seglade över Atlanten på skeppet Mayflower.

Inne i Mayflower Men varför just dit? Nybyggarna visste att en sjukdom drabbat regionen något år tidigare, en ”pest”. Related topics: Seasons, Months Warm-up Rapping Weatherman There are seven videos of the Rapping Weatherman.

Watch and check what the students understood. Watch again and see how much more they understood this time. Watch as many videos as your students want. US State Department Creates Illustrations Depicting Differences Between British And American English. People in America and the UK both speak English, and while most words remain the same there are a few differences that could potentially create a misunderstanding.

US State Department Creates Illustrations Depicting Differences Between British And American English

To help English speakers from all over the world better communicate, the US State Department created these useful illustrations that highlight key differences between British and American English. English originated as early as the mid-5th century, and has since been brought to a number of countries. Over the years many changes and adaptations have taken place, creating unique discrepancies in the English language all around the world. London. If you live in London, are visiting England's capital, or are studying London, why not bring...


This is Activity Village's collection of original London colouring pages. Take a tour around... Here's a brand new collection of printable word search puzzles, mazes and word scrambles for... Use these fun London postcards - quick and easy to print onto paper, cut out and stick - as a... Just for fun, these simple illustrated posters for younger children feature some of London's... Our London I Spy booklets have lots of uses. Use our printable story paper for all sorts of writing activities, in the classroom or at home. Use these writing pages - available in colour or black and white - for writing about these famous... Facts and information about London. London Coloring Page. Big Ben Model. London maps - Top tourist attractions - Free, printable city maps - Tube with points of interest overlay - London top tourist attractions map You can view, download or print a full, high resolution (detailed, large) version of this image by clicking on the plan itself.

London maps - Top tourist attractions - Free, printable city maps -