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British weather. British people talk about the weather all the time because it changes all the time.

British weather

The weather for us is a national obsession. This is BBC Television Centre in London. Four Nations. Nick: This is London and behind me are the Houses of Parliament.

Four Nations

Parts of these buildings are more than nine hundred years old. This is where the laws of the UK are debated and created. The United Kingdom is actually made up of four different countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Nationality in Britain. UK, GB, British Isles – What’s in a name?

Nationality in Britain

Nationality, or national identity, can be a complex issue for those of us from Britain. Take me for example. I was born in England, but my Mum is Scottish and my Granny is from Northern Ireland. Now I live and study in Scotland. England's obsession with tea. England’s ongoing love affair with the humble cup of tea is no secret.

England's obsession with tea

In fact, our obsession with tea is probably one of the most well-known quirks about your average Brit. It makes up a huge part of English and British culture, both historically and today. England. England is the biggest of the four countries in the United Kingdom.


Together with Scotland and Wales, these three countries are the island of Great Britain. The English Channel is in the south between England and France.