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CERIMES - Centre de Ressources et d’Information sur les Multimédias pour l’Enseignement Supérieur

CERIMES - Centre de Ressources et d’Information sur les Multimédias pour l’Enseignement Supérieur

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Makebeliefscomix, make your comics! « Magic in Education! Makebeliefscomix is an application where you can design your own comics. You can choose from a variety of characters and create your own dialogues. In other words, you can make a whole comic on your own. Educationally, there are various ways of using it. You can ask the students to make a story by using some given words. New book by David Harvey: Rebel Cities Between trying to take a day off and teaching overload (at the same time), I have been speed-reading David Harvey’s new book, Rebel Cities: from the right to the city to the urban revolution, bought on a day out in Bath. I know, this is the sort of book you are meant to buy at Booksmarks or somewhere like that, but Bath is the closest place to where I live with decent book shops (Oxford doesn’t count, because it doesn’t actually have great bookshops, apart from Blackwell’s, and the OUP bookshop, both of which are more like academic libraries where you can buy the books, if you see what I mean). It has some familiar limits, shall we say – an aversion to rights-talk when thought of as anything more than a convenient strategic fiction, and a simplistic contrast between ‘individual rights’ (not to be trusted), and ‘collective’ rights (more of these, please).

Educational Technology MIT Report Calls for Integration of Online Learning Research, Support for ‘Learning Engineers’ April 10th, 2016 by EdSurge A call to “blend” learning research is included in the report. How will advances in learning science and education technology impact online learning? 10 Bookish Umbrellas for Your Rainy Day You can never have too many umbrellas. It’s been an unseasonably rainy summer where I live; every other week has been a wet, humid, tropical nightmare. We’ve got umbrellas by each door, umbrellas in the car, umbrellas in my purse, umbrellas drying in the bathroom. In fact, if an umbrella’s not drying out somewhere, one of us is probably using it. But all of those umbrellas are boring. Learn English As a Second Language Falibo Quotes Embed Extensive collection of quotes from famous authors, celebrities, literature and more. We post an Inspirational quote every few hours.

Free Software-Multimedia ChrisPC JTV Player 3.8 DateS:2013-2-5 Size:6186KB License:FreeWare Enjoy watching latest movies, live sports, news and your favorite TV series on channels for free. You want to keep in touch with y... RadioSure 2.2.1036 DateS:2013-2-4 Size:5246KB License:FreeWare RadioSure gives you the smoothest radio listening experience. Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution by David Harvey – review Echoes of the Paris Commune? … The 2011 London riots. Photograph: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images The increasing urbanisation of the globe is frequently discussed and worried over. How to use the resource If you have enquires, questions or just want to get in touch please select a contact form on the navigation to the right and complete the contact form to send us an email. General Enquiry If you want to get in touch, or just have a question. please select the option on the navigation or click the link below to send us an email.

27 Bookish Goods For Cat Lovers If you fall in the overlapping centers of the Venn Diagram of “book lovers” and “cat lovers,” then this will be the purrfect (heh) round-up of 27 fun fetish items for your life. Cat book coffee pin, $12. Literary cat woven blanket/rug, $79 and up. Rudyard Kipling cat earrings, $22. Queen of Hearts cat feltie, $36. Literary cats messenger bag, $50. Physics Animations by Dr. Michael R. Gallis Penn State Select a category from the menu at left to browse the catalogue of animations by category.

The Price of Walkability This is a community post, untouched by our editors. Not so long ago, walkable neighbourhoods had a price penalty associated with them – not a price premium. However, a structural shift is occurring, which demonstrates a fundamental change in demand in our cities. An Easy Way to Build Branched Scenarios for E-Learning This past week I was in Nashville where we discussed building interactive scenarios. Part of the discussion revolved around designing some simple scenario strategies to move the projects away from linear elearning and towards meaningful interactivity. The ultimate goal is transitioning from a push model where we just provide information and move to a more interactive model where the learner makes the same types of decisions she’d make in a real-world environment. These decision-making activities are used to reinforce what you want her to practice and learn so that your courses have real-world impact. Simple Structure for Scenarios As I’ve shared before, I like to use what I call the “3C model” to construct my scenarios or interactive elearning.

8 Literary Shower Curtains to Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Library I have, in my head, a dream bathroom. There’s a giant tub in it, lots of fluffy towels, good lighting (but not so good that I can see every single one of my pores), waterproof shelves near the tub so I can read in the bath, speakers for my iPhone so I can listen to audiobooks, and… that’s where my vision stops short, because I want bookshelves in this dream bathroom, but I know keeping books in a bathroom is a terrible idea. But what if you could keep your books in an appropriately dry room while seeming to have a library in your bathroom? The Internet has the answer: shower curtains. Bookshelves, piles of books, close-ups of spines; there are so many options to make your bathroom bookish without endangering your actual books.

Jeff Branzburg I attended EduCon 2.3 last weekend at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. It was an excellent experience. Hundreds of motivated, interesting, forward-thinking educators discussion ideas in education. This edition of my periodic cartoon posts consists of a quote or thought from each session I attended. Kind of like Tweets, but in a cartoon format. Hope you like it.

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