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BI Suite Product Tutorials - SAP Community Network

BI Suite Product Tutorials - SAP Community Network
These official product tutorials are designed to help you learn how to use SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) products available in SAP Crystal Server, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI , SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform/Suite/a la carte, and the SAP BusinessObjects Analytic editions. Select a product below to view a library of conceptual animations and interactive step-by-step demonstrations for that product, or review the Hot Topics at the bottom of the page for concepts and features that apply across the BI suite of products. Start exploring the content below or watch the overview video to learn more. Note that the main focus of these tutorials is on beginner and core topics for BI designers, analysts, and consumers. You can submit and vote on ideas for new tutorial topics or improvements to tutorial formats and delivery, follow us on Twitter @SAP_learn_BI, or contact us at Looking for a free trial of SAP products? SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x spacee Related:  Support & Help Pages

Tips For Fine Tuning Performance For The Webi Rich Internet Applet (Java Report Panel) Introduction SAP BusinessObject Web Intelligence 4.0 introduces a number of improvements over the older XI 3.1 version. One of the major changes was to Java based designer/viewer found within the BI Launchpad application. This viewer was redesigned from the ground up and was even branded with a new name Rich Internet Applet (RIA). The RIA, previously referred to as the Java Report Panel, has taken on a new architecture in BI 4.0 and instead of being 1 single jar file (ThinCadenza.jar) it is now deployed as a bunch of jar file. Ensure you have the latest Support Package or Patch installed codebase_lookup causing unnecessary delays in load time of the applet Some of the older versions of the Rich Internet Applet (RIA) did unnecessary codebase lookups which could add additional load time as the applet attempted to search needlessly for some classes or resources. That reduces the time spent trying to look for classes in the classpath. This was logged internally at SAP using the following #s

Official Product Tutorials – SAP Business The following tutorials have been developed to help you get started using the Business Intelligence Suite products. New content is added as soon as it becomes available, so check back on a regular basis. You can submit and vote on ideas for enhancements to this product, or submit and vote on ideas for new tutorial topics or improvements to tutorial formats and delivery. Looking for eLearning for the rest of the Business Intelligence Suite? Go to Key Concepts Getting Started Connecting to Data Sources Working with Tables and Crosstabs Create a table (3:28) interactive / videoChange the layout of a table (1:53) interactive / videoDelete columns and rows from a table (1:26) interactive / video Working with Charts Setting up Interactive Elements Selecting, Sorting, Grouping, and Summarizing Data

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New Maintenance Dates for SAP BusinessObjects B... By SAP support standards, the End of Maintenance dates are defined by a 7+2 years support plan for a product line, this resulted in an End of Maintenance for SAP BusinessObjects BI4.1 by December, 31 2016. However, while listening to our customers, SAP learned that the existing End of Maintenance Dates where too short to enable a full adoption of SAP BusinessObjects BI4.1. To enable all our customers in the adoption of SAP BusinessObjects BI41, SAP has decided to extend the default Mainstream Maintenance with an additional two years. End of Mainstream Maintenance for SAP BusinessObjects BI4.1 is now December 31, 2018End of Priority One Support for SAP BusinessObjects BI4.1 is now December 31, 2020 Existing SAP BusinessObjects Products Support Overview Although the Mainstream Maintenance dates for SAP BusinessObjects BI4.1 have been extended by 2 year, this is not the case for other SAP BusinessObjects Products. The SAPBUSINESSOBJECTSBI.COM Website will enable to

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