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Pagefin - Free Page Creating, Hosting, Page Sharing & Site Hosting

Pagefin - Free Page Creating, Hosting, Page Sharing & Site Hosting
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Steps For Securing Your Wordpress Blog | Levoltz Your body mass index is 34.2 You are below averageaverageoverweightOBESE! Create Web Pages Calepin graphic recording Making Digital Books Etherpad – collaborative note taking | CRAIG HALLMAN'S OPEN LIBRARIES Etherpad is a real-time, collaborative note taking tool. It requires no sign-in or installation. It’s a good example of less is more: using your browser, you create a simple, temporary web page and send the link to your students. They then join in writing. In my experience, this can be a great time saver. Regarding the less: formatting is minimal, inactive pages are quickly deleted and there is no security. The security issue is worth considering. If one of your own students vandalizes the page, there is a time slider to restore past versions. Etherpad has the standard export options if you need a record of the class/session. Etherpad was acquired by Google and then released as open-source (thank you!) Here are a few free sites using Etherpad software: The source code is here although I’m not sure why a librairy would want to install their own – inside an intranet, maybe?

Blogging Romance, Bootstrap Themes and a ManageWP Milestone [Links Mashup] We all love links! Welcome to the first installment of a brand new feature on the ManageWP blog! Every Friday we will be linking to the very best content that we have read in the previous seven days. You will only find the cream of the crop here – no fluff. Let’s not waste your time on introductions though – it’s time to start reading! For your ease of browsing we have sorted the posts into four categories. Blogging Bloggers should always be working to improve their craft. 17 Copy-And-Paste Blog Post Templates - seeking blog post inspiration? WordPress We all love WordPress. WordPress permalinks FAQ : Your Guide to choosing the right Permalink Structure - all WordPress bloggers should have a good understanding of permalinks. ManageWP The latest news and views on your favorite WordPress site management tool. The Best of the Rest For those articles that we loved, but don’t fit into one of the above categories. Creative Commons photo courtesy of Orbmiser

Collaboration Free Hit Counter for blog and website The Death Of The Blog Post - Smashing Magazine Obviously this style isn’t suitable for every website. It wouldn’t be practical for blogs that pump out three or four articles a day, but certain types of websites could benefit from it especially. Portfolios We have a habit of following trends very easily, especially in our portfolios. Instead of following the tired old practice of positioning screenshots of your work in a nice grid one after the other, why not use the blogazine technique and design a fresh page for each project according to the subject, client and color scheme? Online Shops Many online shops suffer from a certain blandness, following the pattern of: thumbnail grid, name, short description and then pagination. This layout may be good for usability, but there is a middle ground between scannability and visual appeal. The design changes do not have to be dramatic. But perhaps even subtle changes to design elements could give your online shop the distinction that makes it more noticeable? CSS Galleries Merely for consistency?