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Your Scheduled Tweets - Timely Dear Timely User, Timely started as a fun side project back in 2010. Since then it has grown to help tens of thousands of people publish millions of Tweets and Facebook updates. We're proud of that. And happy we could help you manage your hectic world of social media. Unfortunately we haven't been giving Timely much attention recently as we've been focusing on Demandforce's paid products.

J’ai testé pour vous: Crowdbooster Présenté par Mathilde comme un outil incontournable quant à l’efficacité de sa présence sur les réseaux sociaux (et gratuit quand on paramètre juste un compte Twitter et une page Facebook), je me suis dit que cette solution pouvait correspondre à mes besoins (même si je gère aussi des groupes sur Linked IN) et je n’ai pas hésité longtemps avant de la tester, cela ne demandant qu’un investissement minimum quand on parle de Social Media Managing: un peu de temps… #1 Premier contact Premier contact et première déception: Crowdbooster a besoin de temps, lui aussi.

How to Measure Someone's Social Influence Social Influence. How do you measure it? I asked this question on LinkedIn Answers and got a range of responses. Some said by looking up someone’s Klout score. Some said by the number of followers someone had. How Business Does Twitter Back on January 17th we launched SocialEngage, which takes the best of CoTweet Enterprise and includes new capabilities to empower brands to engage in social channels. To focus on the development of SocialEngage we also announced we would discontinue our free edition of CoTweet Standard on February 15th. This means, the free version of CoTweet, also known as CoTweet Standard is no longer available.

Médias sociaux – Comment mesurer l’influence sur Twitter ? L’influence sur Twitter … Un sujet récurrent pour tous les bloggeurs et les utilisateurs du réseau. Essayons de cerner les 2 termes de l’expression ! Les composantes de l’influence : L’influence sur le web se compose de 4 éléments fondamentaux : - La capacité à produire du contenu : se constituer une opinion, analyser et mettre en forme sa pensée. The Problem With Measuring Digital Influence Editor’s note: Dr. Michael Wu is the Principal Scientist of Analytics at Lithium where he is currently applying data-driven methodologies to investigate and understand the complex dynamics of the social Web. Social media is a required avenue for brands to engage their customers. However, social media engagement is primarily based on conversations and personalized interactions that are difficult to scale. Influencer marketing provides brands with the leverage to reach many by engaging only a few illusive influencers. This strategy depends on the accurate measurement of people’s digital influence, so brands can figure out who they need to engage.

TwitterCamp at Daniel Dura Update: As of November 24, 2008: TwitterCamp has been updated. The latest version now uses the Twitter search API, so users no longer need to authenticate or follow the target user to see their messages on the screen. Also, I added a configuration panel so that you could easily re-skin the application without having to recompile or modify configuration files. Please use the instructions below to install the application or to download the source visit TwitterCamp is a desktop application that allows you to monitor tweets from your friends using the popular Twitter service.

7 Applications Twitter Gratuites Pour Faire De L’analytics Les billets de la série Marketing sont ouverts au parrainage. Si vous voulez parrainer un de nos billets, merci de consulter la rubrique « annonceurs » . Vous utilisez Twitter pour promouvoir votre entreprise ? Savez-vous alors comment mesurer l’engagement ou l’impact de votre compte ? 10 Tools for Measuring Your Social Media Influence Meaningful exchanges constantly take place all over the social Web on a variety of platforms, connecting people and enabling them to share, critique, and interact with content and with each other. The type of information we share reveals a lot about who we are, who we know, and what we know — people tend to talk about the things they care about/are most knowledgeable about with others who are interested in similar subjects. The impact of those relationships affects our Web authority. Social influence occurs when a person’s thoughts, feelings, or actions are affected by others.

tweetPad About tweetPad is software used to visualize Twitter feeds in a new, dynamic fashion. The idea is to not only be on the receiving end of these feeds but to be able to manipulate them; to react and to interact with what we are reading. 5 Tools That Help Measure Your Social Media Influence Do you know if you’re having an impact on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks? Do you want some tips on how to measure your social media influence? As Twitter continues to grow, tools to enhance your Twitter experience and measure your influence are popping up all over the web. In this article, I’ll highlight five free tools that offer easy ways to keep track of your influence on Twitter and beyond.

The Great Social Customer Service Race: Top Brands Compete in a Social Response Test How it Worked Four Software Advice employees used their personal Twitter accounts to send customer service tweets to 14 leading consumer brands in seven industries. Each company received one tweet per weekday for four consecutive weeks. During the first and third weeks, our employee participants used the brand’s Twitter name with an @ symbol.