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Varga Hair Tutorial This tutorial is dedicated to Polycount community. 1.Hairstyles2.Game models approach3.Example of hairstyle 4.Varga You could also check the second part of this tutorial regarding normal mapping(workflow used for Varga ) This is not a step by step tutorial.I will nail down the main stages for creating hair for game characters using lots of images and some printscreens directly from the application used ( maya/photoshop etc ...). The idea for this tutorial came from the polycount forums ; for the Dominance War II contest i joined Polycount team and the folks there asked me if i can make a little tutorial about Varga's hair so here it is ... Cinema 4D Congratulations to Michael Rinnan for winning the Five Second Project for March. His entry had a great concept and was outfitted with excellent lighting, atmosphere, camera movements and sound design. We wanted to know a little bit more about Michael’s entry, so we asked him a few questions regarding his workflow and the process for creating his winning piece. Where do you work?

Everyday 3D This Christmas, at Tool we wanted to create a small interactive experience to share with our friends and clients. Since lately I did experiment with compositing WebGL objets on a video [1, 2] I thought this is a cool technique that we can use. The idea was simple enough: we would shoot a Christmas tree in a nicely decorated room and composite-in a gift box that the user can interact with while watching the video.

Mac Animation Pro - Macintosh Animation Production Tools & Techniques for Professionals The Complete Guide to Creating Photoshop Filters By Dave Nagel I realized some time ago that it's simply too difficult for new readers of our publications to go hunting through the tutorials archives here to find all of the parts to our Filter Factory tutorial series. To date there have been six parts--two specific tutorials on generating 3D effects, one on customizing the interface of completed filters and three general pieces on working with the Filter Factory's expressions, functions and operators to generate effects. To this we now add our seventh and final part and conclude the series. ...Read More » GPU Computing Gems Jade Edition By Wen-mei W. Hwu, Mark Harris and Michael Garland The NVIDIA Fermi GPU architecture introduces new instructions designed to facilitate basic, but important, parallel primitives on per-thread predicates, as well as instructions for manipulating and querying bits within a word.

Digital Production Program in 3D Animation, VFX & Entertainment Design The ultimate program for aspiring digital artists blending a strong foundation in art and digital production with an in-depth focus Three years of full-time study Focus on production skills for movies, broadcast or games Specialized, industry developed tracks Financial aid for those that qualify International visas available Choose Your Path as a 3D Artist The Entertainment Design and Digital Production Program is a full-time 3-year curriculum blending one year of foundation art and design classes with two years of digital production. NetrinoMedia Marketplace's Blog Details Techniques:Rendering, TutorialsAds: Hello 50 Rendering Tutorials – it’s collection of most usefull cg tutorials by 3d rendering around cg sites. Hope you find this collection informative.

Derek Lieu – Editor » 25 Simple Tricks for Better Motion Graphics I’m an editor by trade, not a motion designer which means I wish I wasn’t the one writing this article or the one who made the video, because I know there are more qualified artists out there. I make gradual improvements to my After Effects skills, but I don’t feel comfortable selling myself exclusively as a motion graphics artist. That said, I think more lists like this should exist especially for people just getting started in motion graphics. This is a collection of techniques that I noticed overlap in a lot of video tutorials that I’ve watched over the years. //game dev log of martins upitis: BGE Candy It has been a busy week with real life stuff, so I am not progressing very fast. Last 2 days I have been working on environment reflection mapping coordinates. Blender currently have only view-space reflection coords reflect(viewvec,viewnormal); and of course that is not nearly enough for a proper IBL (Image Based Lighting) setup. So first I implemented world space reflection coordinates so the environment texture is world oriented. > Quicktime H.264 (18.6mb) > iPod Compatible (8.3mb) > Watch in Flash (7.3mb) > Quicktime H.264 (19.8mb) > iPod Compatible (9.5mb) > Watch in Flash (7.9mb) > Quicktime H.264 (17.4mb) > iPod Compatible (5.9mb) > Watch in Flash (6mb) Brazil just got itself a new channel with the launch of children’s entertainment network Gloob earlier this month.

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