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34402_1312296843_large.jpg (JPEG Image, 1500×857 pixels) - Scaled (95

34402_1312296843_large.jpg (JPEG Image, 1500×857 pixels) - Scaled (95

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3D Paintings on Panes of Glass Using multiple layers of clear glass, Canada based David Spriggs and Chinese born Xia Xiaowan, transform flat artwork into 3D sculptures. Viewers are treated to different shifting perspectives of the works based on where they stand in the art space. Spriggs work revolves around powerful explosive imagery, often resembling storms, cosmic blasts or firework like explosions. Xiawan’s “spatial paintings,” which often feature distorted figures, are drawn individually using colored pencil on tinted glass. Only when these pieces are combined on their floor racks do the images create the whole hologram like effect. See Also INCREDIBLE 3D ILLUSTRATIONS JUMP OUT OF THE SKETCHBOOK Hydra Modern Piano by Apostol Tnokovski Lady Gaga, This One Is Because Of You If you have a bone to pick with regards to the designing of the Hydra Piano, you better fight Lady Gaga then. Apostol Tnokovski was enjoying one of her performances on the telly, when he realized that the old, boxy piano was a misfit on her stage!

25 Steampunk Inspired Wallpapers To all those who do not know what Steampunk is, let me give you a basic definition of Steampunk, from Wikipedia: Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s. Steampunk involves a setting where steam power is still widely used—usually the Victorian era Britain—that incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy – Wikipedia 24 Captivating Digital Painting Tutorials All designers know the power of photoshop and the fantastic stuff they can create using it. There is always more to learn in photoshop, if you want your sketches to get painted photoshop is best tool. Digital painting is a beautiful art that requires too much experience and talent. Sculptures Popping Out of Paintings Oh, to have been in Tokyo in June! Shintaro Ohata just finished up a solo exhibition at the Yukari Art Contemprary in Tokyo, Japan. This Hiroshima, Japan-born artist is known for his ability to show us everyday life in a cinematic way. He captures light in his paintings, showering the world, as we know it, with carefully placed strokes of it. "Every ordinary scenery in our daily lives, such as the rising sun, the beauty of a sunset or a glittering road paved with asphalt on a rainy night, becomes something irreplaceable if we think we wouldn’t be able to see them anymore," he told Yukari gallery. "I am creating works to capture lights in our everyday life and record them in the painting.”

Stunning underwater pictures show undiscovered cave network of the Blue Lake, the deepest of its kind in the world By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 15:17 GMT, 28 April 2012 | Updated: 21:00 GMT, 28 April 2012 A frogman glides through a crystal blue lagoon beneath a breathtaking canopy of stars and in another picture a diver examines a wall of bright green moss illuminated by an underwater lamp. These stunning photographs were taken by National Geographic photographer Victor Lyagushkin who accompanied a team of divers to explore an underwater cave network. Taken at the Blue Lake, near the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, the incredible scenes were captured on camera to raise awareness about the unique environment. A frogman glides through a crystal blue lagoon beneath a tree at the Blue Lake in Russia

A Separate Reality These surreal artworks were created by Alex Andreyev, artist form Saint Petersburg, Russia. Uusual, creative and inspiring. You will not forget them! Enjoy! Pencil Vs Camera by Ben Heine Ben Heine (born June 12, 1983 in Abidjan, Ivory coast) is a Belgian multidisciplinary visual artist. He is best known for his original series “Pencil Vs Camera”, “Digital Circlism” and “Flesh and Acrylic”. “Pencil Vs Camera” mixes drawing and photography, imagination and reality. It’s a new visual concept invented and initiated by Ben Heine in 2010. It’s full of magic, illusion, poetry and surrealism. Ben published his first “Pencil Vs Camera” image in April 2010 but the series is the result of a long graphic exploration and a logic consequence of his personal artistic development.

David Bray Wednesday, July 01, 2009 David Bray More great images by David Bray Looking for someone?! Awesome Paintings of Epic Movies Bad-ass movies such as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Fight Club and The Dark Knight deserves bad-ass posters, and as you see they finally got it. The man behind the caricature posters is the talented illustrator Justin Reed. They are all done on 100% cotton paper with acrylic paint, and you can only get them at a group show at the APW Gallery in New York where he is showing just five pieces of his work, and one painting is $150, a bit pricey but worth it. If you don’t like his movie poster creations you can get one painting custom-made but only on a limited basis. What gives the posters an edgy look is the almost scary caricatures that reminds of a bad dream or a wicked memory of these classic movies. With epic movies follow epic movie quotations, and here you can take a look at some great illustrations of popular movie quotes that you will most likely recognize.

is Photography Premium Canvas Starting at just $99 Buy Now Framed Print Starting at just $139 Imp Head Color 5 I usually get my ideas in a flash of inspiration. It comes when I least expect it and usually revolves around something I've seen or done recently. This piece came not long after I watched "Adaptation". BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 2011 : Irina Werning Now its time for KOREA, TAIWAN AND TOKYO. If you live here and want to participate in my project, email me amazing old pictures to : Riff Raff 1976 & 2011 London Beautiful/Decay Cult of the Creative Arts Allusion Yellena James uses pen and ink to create truly exquisite forms. What starts out as a single shape or line blossoms into magnificent mushroom-jellyfish hybrids, feeding my affinity for all things under the sea! Her artwork has been so perfectly described as “colorful arrangements of organic shapes and tangled lines (which) are at once floral and alien, organic and sci-fi, crafty and fantastic.” With each piece she tries to “create an intimate world that posesses its own ethos and its own emotional range.” She’s done illustration work for clients such as Anthropologie and Nike, and her work has appeared in numerous art and design resources and publications like Vogue Australia and Giant Robot.