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Digital Cinema Foundry – Learning resource in the field of digital cinematography – Free “Film Burns” exclusively here! Get your FREE Films Burns and Light Leaks here! Some of you have seen the so called “film burn” (or sometimes called light leaks) on different creative pieces. The look typically comes from the misfeed of film through the camera gate behind the lens of a film camera, creating a beautiful but unintended look of red and yellowish or any variety of hues on the negative and the print. You can pay as much as $199 for a single standard definition clip from Artbeats or $499 for the complete collection. Instructions: How to add film burns in Final Cut Pro (YouTube Tutorial) Here they are. FREE 720P Film Burn Version 1FREE 720P Film Burn Version 2FREE 720P Film Burn Version 3FREE 720P Film Burn Version 4scroll down __________________________________________________________________ Want access to my vintage collection of Film Burns/Light Leaks? Demo Video Only $99 for Instant Download Today only $49 with Promo Code “planet5d” LUSTER Film Burns (12 Pack) Try ‘em out first: FREE Download Now! Features: Q.

Hugin Tutorials English The new features in Hugin-2015.0.0 This tutorial gives an overview of the new features in Hugin-2015.0.0 The new user interface (2013) This tutorial gives a preview of the new Hugin user interface Hugin Overview This tutorial explains the different stages of the panorama stitching process and discusses the concepts involved. Stitching two photos together This tutorial covers the simplest usage of Hugin, just taking two handheld photographs and sticking them together into a single image. Stitching Multi-row photos together This tutorial covers a more complex application of Hugin, taking two rows of handheld photographs and stitching them together into a single image, using the automated Assistant. Simulating an architectural projection This tutorial covers a basic non-panoramic usage of Hugin; taking a handheld photograph and using vertical control-points to correct lens barrel distortion and remove perspective effects. Stitching photos from different lenses Stitching flat scanned images 日本語

Greatest Dubstep Artists of All Time - Top 10 | The Untz Date: Feb 11, 2013 (Monday) By: Jordan Calvano Compiling a list of the top dubstep artists of all time is not an easy task. It’s not just a “who’s who” of the last few years, or even a “Best of 2012” type list—it’s of all time. This means you have to dig way back into genre obscurity to make sure you’re not missing any crucial producers, simultaneously highlighting those wrecking shit today. 10. Excision’s crucial contribution to dubstep consisted of providing three game-changing elements: heavy, heavy, and heavy. 9. London-based producer Caspa has been making an infectious dent on the world of dubstep for over seven years now, way back when George W. 8. The inexplicable rise by Zeds Dead (DC & Hooks) to ultimate supremacy seemed like it occurred over night, but in reality took at least a week. 7. If you’d asked a follower of Chinese astrology what 2012 was the year of, they would’ve said “the dragon.” 6. Next

Creating linear panoramas with Hugin Introduction Not so long ago, passing through a railway station, I noticed a long wall covered in graffitti - not the ugly vandalism you see much too often, but well-done tags, one nicely sprayed next to the other and none of them stained by the amateurish works of envious would-be sprayers. What hit my eye in particular was one of these pictures, which was featuring my two favourite cartoon characters: Calvin and Hobbes! So, after having passed through that station several times and never being brave enough to jump out of the train, shoot a quick picture of the painting and get into the train again before it leaves, I decided one sunny weekend to just leave at that station on purpose and find my way back home by bike. My intention was to put all these pictures together using Hugin and the Panorama Tools - a project which proved to be trickier than I thought, yet possible. The Real World Before any work could be done at the computer, the photos had to be taken, of course. Mark my Features

Quantum Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. En physique, quantum (mot latin signifiant « combien » et dont le pluriel s'écrit « quanta[1] ») représente la plus petite mesure indivisible, que ce soit celle de l'énergie, de la quantité de mouvement ou de la masse. Cette notion est centrale en théorie des quanta, laquelle a donné naissance à la mécanique quantique. Description[modifier | modifier le code] La théorie des quanta ou théorie quantique, affirme que l'énergie rayonnante est discontinue. Les quanta sont alors les quantités minimales, les « grains » composant cette énergie. Ainsi, on peut déterminer facilement l'énergie contenue dans un photon en multipliant sa fréquence (déduite de sa longueur d'onde puisque sa vitesse est constante) par h. La valeur de h est faible : 6,626.10-34 J.s. Et , c'est-à-dire que le quotient est toujours un multiple de h. Histoire[modifier | modifier le code] Application en électronique[modifier | modifier le code] avec la tension pleine échelle

How to create a vintage look The 25 Best Film Schools Rankings Hollywood talent as diverse as Martin Scorsese, Lisa Cholodenko, George Lucas and Joss Whedon got their start at a film school, all of which are named and ranked here on The Hollywood Reporter's inaugural list (comprised with help from industry insiders) of the world's best. PHOTOS: THR's List of the Top 25 Film Schools Of 2012 (Updated) 1. Among the most selective film schools in America, AFI's Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies in Los Angeles offers a two-year conservatory program where students specialize in fields including directing, producing and writing, often coming to the institute after working in the industry or having attended other schools. TUITION $38,416 for first year; $37,112 for second year (plus $8,033 for thesis) DEGREES MFA, certificate of completion NOTABLE ALUMNI Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life), David Lynch (Blue Velvet), Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) "I love AFI and would be nowhere without it." -- David Lynch 2. TUITION $42,000 (plus room and board)

Create 3D Text onto live action Footage Cours et Formations Gratuits en Vidéo Old Film Look Tutorial Comment prendre de bonnes photos avec différentes caméras Part of complete coverage on By Michael Saba, Special to CNN September 22, 2011 9:43 a.m. EDT There are many types of cameras on the market now; which one is right for you? iReport Boot Camp offers guide to taking good pictures with a variety of camerasPortable devices like cellphones and tablets can take high-quality imagesEvery journalist should be well-versed in how to use themWe examine some of the most popular image-taking devices on the market and give our verdict Editor's note: This report is part of a series about storytelling and reporting skills called iReport Boot Camp. (CNN) -- In photojournalism, good hardware can go a long way in helping you capture high-quality images, but someone who can properly use a cellphone camera is just as likely to take great photos as a novice equipped with a top-of-the-line DSLR. Can you tell whether a photo was taken by a phone or a fancy DSLR? Part I: Cellphones Part II: Point-and-shoots Part III: Tablet PCs Part IV: DSLRs