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Ipod classic - rockbox - its happening. Rockbox for the iPod Classic iPod 6G/6.5G/7G (Classic 1G/2G/3G) (2007-2011, 80/120/160GB) OP v1.2 ‘I love Rockbox’ [cooperpwc]‘My Classic runs beautifully on Rockbox firmware’ [WildmaN86]‘I feel that the sound quality is amazing on Rockbox’ [yosh]‘Just opened the iPod's box, and I didn't even turn it on! It's straight to Rockbox!’ [putente] Content DisclaimerIntroductionInstallationUpdatingUninstallation - back to Apple's original firmwareF.A.Q.Useful linksCredits DisclaimerInstalling alternative software/firmware on your iPod Classic is not supported by Apple. IntroductionWhat is Rockbox? Another top priority of Rockbox is audio playback quality. You can load different configurations quickly for different purposes (e.g. a large font for in your car, different sound settings for at home). Key features of Rockbox for the Classic Why this topic? InstallationPlease follow the instructions closely, step by step. Read this first! F.A.QDo I have the right iPod for this specific Rockbox port? Credits

open source cinema | apertus° - open source cinema 5 Great Ways To Put Your Dusty Old iPod To New Use How long has your old iPod been in a drawer, unloved and dusty? Probably since the day you upgraded to a fancy new touch version or decided your smartphone would suffice from now on. But wait! Your old iPod is still a more than capable device that eats MP3s for breakfast and even takes advantage of a few old-school apps. If you’re short on uses for your old white chum these days, read on… First: Make It Awesome This is somewhat of a precursor to all these steps, and may be required depending on the state of your old jukebox. Luckily there are detailed instructions regarding battery replacement over at iPodHowToVideo and batteries for your specific model can be ordered from retailers like iPodJuice and iPodBatteryDepot. Finally you might want to Rockbox your iPod. A while back I wrote an article all about Rockbox, and I couldn’t recommend it more. Car Jukebox If you’re after a car jukebox then your old iPod is more than up to the task. Turn It Into A….Something Relive Your Earlier Days

Rockbox - Free Music Player Firmware Encyclopodia - the encyclopedia on your iPod Everything Search Engine Le Geek Pauvre • Applications web, logiciels gratuits et astuces SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter - Download foobar2000 Free PDF Reader - Sumatra PDF OPEN SOURCE GOD: 480+ Open Source Applications Open source software is booming: here we round up over 480 open source applications for you to use or build upon. Feel free to add more apps in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to Mashable for the latest web news and resources. Also see the other entries in this series: ONLINE PRODUCTIVITY GOD, WORDPRESS GOD, ONLINE MEDIA GOD and FIREFOX GOD. Accounting Adaptive Planning Express - An open source solution enabling medium sized companies to automate budgeting and forecasting by moving beyond traditional applications like Excel. Buddi - A simple budgeting program for users with no financial background. CheckItOut - A Ruby on Rails application to manage personal money accounts. FrontAccounting - A professional web-based accounting system for ERP chain; written in PHP with use of MySQL. GFP - A free java based personal finance manager with the ability to run on any operating system. TurboCASH - Flexible small business accounting software fulfilling the major needs of any business. Dr.

Open Source And Free Software Alternatives Blog Logiciels Libres Nouvelles notices Live_Raizo Live-Raizo est un Live-USB Linux Debian Wheezy destiné à l’expérimentation de l’administration système et la configuration de réseau. | FR | TUX 15 juin 2015 DirectNews_France Logiciel qui vous notifiera des derniers articles de journaux parus sur le web. | FR | WIN 8 juin 2015 Ancestromania Ancestromania, Logiciel complet de généalogie | FR | WIN | TUX 4 juin 2015 Novius Novius OS est un CMS Open Source multi-canal | FR | WIN | TUX 18 avril 2015 Sylius Sylius, une application web Open Source en Symfony2 destinée à créer des sites d’e-commerce puissants. 11 avril 2015 Formagri Plate-forme du Cnerta/Eduter/Enesad de Dijon | FR | WIN | TUX | MAC | GPL 10 avril 2015 Adminer Remplace PHPMyAdmin, en un seul fichier PHP, simple à utiliser et à installer [ Ajouter une notice ] Quelques indispensables [ Tout le best-of ] Informations complémentaires Framasoft needs you ! Notices mises à jour [ Mettre à jour une notice ] Informations générales Cheer

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