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Ipod classic - rockbox - its happening. Rockbox for the iPod Classic iPod 6G/6.5G/7G (Classic 1G/2G/3G) (2007-2011, 80/120/160GB) OP v1.2 ‘I love Rockbox’ [cooperpwc]‘My Classic runs beautifully on Rockbox firmware’ [WildmaN86]‘I feel that the sound quality is amazing on Rockbox’ [yosh]‘Just opened the iPod's box, and I didn't even turn it on! It's straight to Rockbox!’ [putente] Content DisclaimerIntroductionInstallationUpdatingUninstallation - back to Apple's original firmwareF.A.Q.Useful linksCredits DisclaimerInstalling alternative software/firmware on your iPod Classic is not supported by Apple. IntroductionWhat is Rockbox? Another top priority of Rockbox is audio playback quality. You can load different configurations quickly for different purposes (e.g. a large font for in your car, different sound settings for at home). Key features of Rockbox for the Classic Why this topic? InstallationPlease follow the instructions closely, step by step. Read this first! F.A.QDo I have the right iPod for this specific Rockbox port? Credits

Cineversity on Vimeo Cineversity ( is a CINEMA 4D online training and education resource dedicated to helping creative professionals, educators and students maximize their potential. The site features nearly 2,000 tutorials on some of the industry’s most advanced 3D graphics and visual effects techniques as well as resources, a knowledgebase, forums and instructional tips on MAXON software for users from beginner to award-winning artist. Cineversity is the first stop for the many respected educational facilities that rely on MAXON CINEMA 4D as a core element of their visual arts programs in graphics, animation, and design, including the Savannah College of Art and Design, Vancouver Film School, Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, and Art Center College of Design. External Links Cineversity

kalibracija — ...ispod gornjih 5% ne vidite ništa? Onda ste doista dobro došli... U okviru od 10% nazirete nešto, no niste sigurni što bi bilo.... joj. Pa vi gubite vid :-(( ili ga gubi vas MONITOR?!? ako vam je tekst ispisan s 10 posto manje svijetla u boji gotovo crn, kakave su vam tek fotografije o kojima na ovim stranicama pričamo? Toplo se nadam da dobrodošlicu u idućem okviru vidite bez problema, a ako ne... ...ako doista ispod gornjih 15% ne vidite ništa, onda se ili bacite na temeljitu kalibraciju, ili bacite svoj monitor... Opće je poznato da svako oko svaku boju vidi malko drugačije. Načinio sam 7 "kalibracijskih trakica" s poljima u koracima od 5%. Ak vam je nakon štelanja kontrasta gornja trakica O.K. Kao fotografi / budući fotografi / ljubitelji fotografije = foto amateur, predpostavljam da poznajete ili rabite Adobeov PhotoShop. (otidjite na stranice koje je pripremio gospodin Timo Autiokari i koji mi je velikodušno podijelio savjete kako doraditi ovu moju malu kalibraciju.

open source cinema | apertus° - open source cinema The Do It Yourself Scholar | Explore the best in free web learning. 5 Great Ways To Put Your Dusty Old iPod To New Use How long has your old iPod been in a drawer, unloved and dusty? Probably since the day you upgraded to a fancy new touch version or decided your smartphone would suffice from now on. But wait! Your old iPod is still a more than capable device that eats MP3s for breakfast and even takes advantage of a few old-school apps. If you’re short on uses for your old white chum these days, read on… First: Make It Awesome This is somewhat of a precursor to all these steps, and may be required depending on the state of your old jukebox. Luckily there are detailed instructions regarding battery replacement over at iPodHowToVideo and batteries for your specific model can be ordered from retailers like iPodJuice and iPodBatteryDepot. Finally you might want to Rockbox your iPod. A while back I wrote an article all about Rockbox, and I couldn’t recommend it more. Car Jukebox If you’re after a car jukebox then your old iPod is more than up to the task. Turn It Into A….Something Relive Your Earlier Days

Formations vidéos créatives sur le Motion Design Нема случајности! Све води ка најбољем Датум: 02/06/2011 10:39 Свети оци уче човека, знате чему? Богомислију! То је сасвим дуга ставар од молитве. Постоји богомислије и молитва. Потпуно различите ствари. Навешћу пример, да бисмо имали представу о томе шта је то. (Одломак са предавања студентима МДА) А. Превод за Поуке.орг. – С.Л. Преображење Господње „Зашто се преобрази у гори а не у долини?

tve : inspiring change Rockbox - Free Music Player Firmware CG News Зашто верујемо у Пресвету Богородицу Датум: 16/09/2011 14:35 У Новом Завету се о Пресветој Дјеви Марији, Мајци Исуса Христа, говори релативно мало.У Новом Завету се о Пресветој Дјеви Марији, Мајци Исуса Христа, говори релативно мало Од четворице јеванђелиста само двојица, Матеј и Лука, говоре о рођењу Исуса Христа у Витлејему, а то значи - спомињу Његову Мајку, говорећи о спољашњим околностима у којима се збио тај дагађај. Јеванђелист Марко уопште не говори о Дјеви Марији. У Јеванђељу по Јовану, Она се појављује само два пута: на самом почетку, у причи о свадби у Кани Галилејској, где се заузела код свог Сина да помогне домаћинима свадбене трпезе којима је у једном тренутку нестало вина. И други пут, на самом крају када је стајала под Крстом на коме је био разапет Њен Син.У књизи Дела Апостолских, посвећеној у свом првом делу животу прве хришћанске заједнице у Јерусалиму, Дјева Марија се помиње само једанпут, у првој глави, где је казано да су ученици Христови били заједно на молитви са женама и Маријом, Мајком Исусовом.

Use the 80/20 Rule - Focus on What Has Impact While in the Navy, I was honored to work with some of the finest analysts in the world, who were anticipating the demise of the Soviet Union. They came from the Rand Corporation, CIA, military intelligence, Department of Commerce and other government organizations. We had the funds, people and time to study scenarios in detail. Most businesses, non-profits and local governments don't have that much money or time. What I'm suggesting is learn to do "down and dirty" analyses. First, you cannot predict the future precisely , so don't waste your money trying to be absolutely right. Second, most leaders I met have relied on only four or five key discriminators to make a decision. Strategic thinkers must approach the research wearing their leadership hat. If you have 5 areas in your strategy where you have to be at least 90% right to succeed, then you probability of sustaining the success is 59%. Math for the 80/20 rule 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 = .59049 or about a 59% chance of success.

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