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Medscape: Medscape Access. This Privacy Policy applies to the websites and, which are operated by WebMD LLC ("WebMD") and Medscape LLC ("Medscape"), respectively, including the mobile optimized versions of these websites (collectively, the "Sites"). Except where otherwise noted, statements in this Privacy Policy with respect to the Sites also apply to the Medscape Device Applications (or "Apps") for iPhone, iPad and Android devices which include Medscape Mobile, Medscape Medpulse and Medscape Business of Medicine. The Sites and Apps are referred to as the "Medscape Network. " References to "we," "us" or "our" refer to WebMD and Medscape.

This Privacy Policy describes how we may collect, use and disclose information about users of the Services. Information That We Collect Registration. How We May Use Your Information In this section of our Privacy Policy, we discuss how we may use the Personal Information and Non-Personal Information that we collect about you. Communications. Human Beings – The Peak of Physical Evolution. In the yogic system, we have said that of all the life upon this planet, the human being is not only the most dominant, but that life cannot evolve beyond this in terms of body and in terms of brain any more.

He can only learn to use it better, but he cannot evolve. How we arrived at this is by looking at the life cycles of various creatures from worms, insects, birds, animals to plants. We found that the human cycle is perfectly in tune with the cycles that happen in the solar system, because life upon this planet is just a manifestation of the energies which work upon this solar system. This body is a piece of earth powered by the sun. You are a solar powered life. If the sun does not come up tomorrow, the scientific data says in eighteen hours’ time, all the water in the oceans, your blood, your brain – everything – will be frozen solid.

So today morning the sun came up – that is not a small thing; it is everything. What you said is truly incredible. . – Sadhguru You may also like. Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging: Chapter 1 | Ward Dean, MD. Ward Dean, MD The Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging was first described in 1954 in a Master’s Thesis by the distinguished Russian gerontologist, Vladimir Dilman, M.D., Ph.D., D.M.Sc.(1) Although Dilman was very well known in Russia as a scientist and popular author, he was practically unknown outside of Eastern Europe because most of his books and articles were only available in Russian. In 1981, two years prior to the publication of the blockbuster, Life Extension (2.5 million copies published), one of Dilman’s books was translated into English in a short press run of about 1,000 copies.(2) I happened to be fortunate enough to obtain several copies of this book, and in 1983 began corresponding with Dilman.

In 1992 we coauthored an updated version of his theory in our book, The Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging and Degenerative Disease.(3) Unfortunately, our book sold out almost immediately, and I’ve never had time to reprint it. Endocrine System Homeostasis Hypothalamus and Homeostasis 1. Haas.pdf. Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life. Dry Skin Brushing Helps Eliminate Toxins... and Cellulite?

AE. GLOWM | The Global Library of Women’s Medicine and Healthcare. Could Wheat Be Destroying Your Thyroid? Out of all of the diseases that are associated with celiac disease and gluten intolerance, autoimmune thyroid disorders are one of the most striking examples. In fact, the connection is so strong, that I’d urge anyone who has a problem with their thyroid not to “think” about eliminating gluten from their body, but to immediately cut all gluten from their diet. 90% of thyroid disorders are autoimmune in nature. This means, 90% of the people who have thyroid disease (and there are a LOT of us out there) have a problem with their thyroid because their immune system is mounting an attack against their thyroid. Scary! So, what does this have to do with gluten? Maybe you’re wondering why I’m picking on wheat once again. Why Are People with Thyroid Disorders at Risk for Gluten Intolerance?

The molecular structure of the thyroid and gliadin, one of the proteins found in gluten, is very similar. How to Know if Gluten is a Problem Will Cutting-Back on Gluten Help? Take the Adrenal Fatigue Quiz. Are you shipping this product to California? Yes | No yes Continue > California's Prop 65 and Our Supplements Recently, we started adding this Prop 65 warning sticker to our product labels. Lead is commonly and naturally found in soil, plants, and water. All of our ingredients and products test well within the internationally accepted safety standards for dietary supplements. From Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndromeby Dr. This questionnaire covers many of the common fatigue causes and stress symptoms associated with fatigued adrenals. Instructions: Please enter the appropriate response number to each statement in the columns below. Note: One column in the questionnaire is titled "Past" and another "Now.

" Rating Scale Total Count of Questions Answered: This gives you a general "Yes or No" answer to the question, "Do I have adrenal fatigue? " Total Points: The total points are used to determine the degree of severity of your adrenal fatigue. To learn more about what you can do: The LIM Domain Only 4 Protein Is a Metabolic Responsive Inhibitor of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B That Controls Hypothalamic Leptin Signaling. The Fitness Rules Winners Follow. The health hazards of sitting.