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Help with lighting issues. Lets make Lightmass EPIC (and understandable) - Page 9. Hey!

Lets make Lightmass EPIC (and understandable) - Page 9

This is my first post on UE4 forum! This thread is fantastic, than you so much for investigating and sharing the process. I have 8 years experience of working with V-Ray and only now I can say I understand how samples work and how to optimize settings for good results fast. Now I got into UE4 and it feels like the whole process of learning I need to start again for Lightmass, so it's so great to have this thread, it's so much faster to grasp the concept of it!

Kudos to Raghu for starting the thread, DanielW for all the hard work in the implementations of new solutions and rafareis123 for the great guide with examples.I want to share with you some of my tests too. Some contact shadows are looking pretty OK - like the one from kitchen unit, but the further the light needs to travel the more splotches. Lets make Lightmass EPIC (and understandable) - Page 9. Lightspeed SketchUp modeling of smart building materials. Commercial bathroom projects. We are very please to have released a series of ArchiCAD libraries.

Commercial bathroom projects

These files represent our most popular products and we will be continually adding to this collection. To read more about of ArchiCAD file specifications click here. Toilet Suites Baths Basins Mixer Taps Taps Outlets Showers Urinals Accessories Thermostatic Mixing Valve Mixer Taps Outlets Showers Accessories Mixer Taps Taps Outlets Showers Taps Kitchen Sinks Toilet Suites Baths Showers Our ArchiCAD file specifications are as follows: 3ds Max vs. Maya: Is One Better than the Other? Sketchbook Archives - DesignImage. A few work in progress shots of my sci-fi concept vehicle.

sketchbook Archives - DesignImage

Straight out of 3dsmax using VRAY. Not really meant to be seen this close hence the minimal detailing and texturing. I think I’m finally going to move away from zbrush. The Mudbox interface is simply fantastic. Especially compared to zBrush randomness. This is pretty much my first mudbox model. Work in progress image from a music video I’m working on.

I’m partway through look development and the animatic. Dbrenders/Blog. SteamRoller. Tom Shannon: TS_Tools v1.1: UE4 Mass FBX Exporter v1.1 and UCX Namer v1.0. Update, 2014-09-16: A bug has been fixed that was causing exported scenes to not export the name of the object.

Tom Shannon: TS_Tools v1.1: UE4 Mass FBX Exporter v1.1 and UCX Namer v1.0

This has been fixed. It's suggested that you update your script! Hello everybody! I'm proud to release a pretty major update to TS_Tools. Not only have I made some major upgrades to the FBX Exporter based on community feedback, I'm also happy to release the second script, TS_UE4NameUCXPrimitives! TS_UE4NameUCXPrimitives A simple script that names selected objects based on a packed object's name to make them into collision shells for use in UE4!

How it works: Create your concave collision primitives in MAXSelect your collision primitivesRun the script, which temporarily hides the selected shell objectsSelect the base meshAll the selected meshes are named correctly and will import into UE4 as collision shells! TS_UE4FBXExporter v1.1 Features: What's new in 1.1 NEW: Exports UCX collision geometry! Here's a video of both the renamer and exporter in action: Facebook. The Art of Rendering: How Technology Will Revolutionize Architectural Representations. Ahead of the upcoming d2 Conferences taking place in Vienna this August, we caught up with Jeff Mottle — visualization evangelist and founder of CGarchitect — to get his take on the state of the industry and exciting new developments transforming the field of architectural representation.

The Art of Rendering: How Technology Will Revolutionize Architectural Representations

Mottle’s unique background, encompassing architectural design, visualization and business development, makes him a leading authority on all things ArchViz. CGarchitect went live 15 years ago and has since evolved into a go-to source of information on architectural visualization and a community platform with over 80,000 forum members and 1.3 million unique visitors per year. It is hard to imagine anyone whose work relates to architectural representation not having posted a comment on the forum, read a tutorial, gotten inspired by the huge gallery of images or looked for a gig in CGarchitect’s jobs section.

In addition to running the website, Mottle speaks at events around the globe. Making of Metallum City - Giants in The Dust. Hello Everyone!

Making of Metallum City - Giants in The Dust

My name is Tamas Medve and I am currently working as an architectural illustrator in Norway. First of all, I wish to thank CGarchitect very much for the opportunity to share this short “making of” about my project called "Metallum City - Giants in The Dust. " Here are a few words about this project. This image has been made for the Evermotion Challenge 2013 but the main idea of the concept hatched in my head only three weeks before entering this competition.

Creative 3D Solutions. © Copyright 2014 Dreamplex Modal title Web designed by IMAS.

Creative 3D Solutions

Saeed Amiri / CG artist. Marooned. If you would like to download - read this article with a white background please DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION.


*Sponsor LEARNVRAY.COM. Making of articles are always a great source of both education and inspiration! Reading them we are able to learn several tips and tricks which are useful for our evolution as 3d artists. But what about an education method from scratch? LEARN V-RAY comprises various complementary activities and possibilities to ensure continuous and satisfying training. Inspiration. My main inspiration was Julien Coquentin's photos and I’ve also used some other photos as inspiration. Modeling. For blocks I’ve used Debris Maker.

Simulate Water Drops. Welcome to my Repository of Free Textures, Brushes, Patterns and Design Articles. Cobblestone 1 Free Texture Pack.