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Sexisme chez les geeks : Pourquoi notre communauté est malade, et comment y remédier

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How To: Make Origami Stars Origami stars look tricky to make. There are several steps to follow in order to make a cute mini origami star. Maybe in the first attempt you will fail, but you will get better on the second. Diane Torr Performance Artist Diane Torr Diane Torr is a performance artist working in dance, drag king performance, installation, film and video. Download Diane’s complete resume here. Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, after graduating from Dartington College of Arts, England, Diane moved to New York in 1976.

It is ‘all men': Our culture of predatory misogyny You know how they are telling you that it is “not all men?” That men like Jian Ghomeshi are a terrible exception and if we as men simply stand up and say we are not as bad as that, or that we are not rapists or do not beat “our” girlfriends or that we show that it is not men, generally, who are violent and abusive, but only “bad” men? Well that is bullshit. It is all men. Molly Matalon → Apr 2014 robertkulisek: Objects Purchased In Atlantic City (via robkulisek) → Apr 2014 From Atlantic City with Rob Les folles aventures de Bob l’éponge : genre et (a)sexualité dans la série animée SpongeBob SquarePants « Camp cartoon star ’is not gay’ », BBC News, 9 octobre 2002. « US right attacks SpongeBob video », BBC News, 20 janvier 2005 ; Associated Press, « Spongebob, Muppets, Sister Sledge writer suffer criticism », USA Today, 22 janvier 2005 ; Stephen M. Silverman, « SpongeBob Asexual, Not Gay: Creator Says », People, 28 janvier 2005.

The Kon Mari Method of Organizing Might Change Your Life After nearly 8 years living in the same apartment, I’m maxed out on space. I’m constantly donating bags of unwanted items to the GoodWill but despite this, I still have too much stuff and not enough space to put it in. I’m constantly rationalizing why I should keep something: “If I lose 5 lbs I’ll love it … maybe it’ll be back in style someday … it was a gift …” those kind of excuses are huge contributing factors to my clutter crisis. Since I’m on a massive mission to declutter, I was excited to discover the Kon Mari Method by Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo whose internationally best-selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” was recently released in the US.

Esther Newton Esther Newton (born 1940, New York) is an American cultural anthropologist best known for her pioneering work on the ethnography of lesbian and gay communities in the United States. Newton was born in New York. She studied history at the University of Michigan and received her BA with distinction in 1962 before starting graduate work in anthropology at the University of Chicago under David M. How Anti-feminism Is the Gateway to the Far Right Both men are referring to the right-wing conspiracy theory popularized by the French author Renaud Camus, which warns that nonwhites are having more children than whites, and that the resulting demographic change threatens European culture. This idea has been memefied by the online far right, with different groups painted as the usurpers: The neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, chanted “The Jews will not replace us”; for the Christchurch shooter, the threat came from Muslims; in El Paso, it was Hispanic immigrants. In all these strands of replacement theory, controlling white female sexuality and reproduction is vital.

girlification.tumblr This was posted 4 days ago. It has 5 notes. " I look for cute, funny, clever - what I look for in GIFS, I look for in love interests!" Me and Arvida chatting 4 Kopenhagen Art Magazine about our show LIKE This was posted 5 days ago. It has 313 notes. .

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