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Future - Welcome to a home for the insatiably curious What is BBC Future? Well, for starters we are about so much more than making predictions. Our mission statement is simple: Paroles d’Adultes Fans de Lego Paroles d'Adultes Fans de Lego Mercredi, 01 Juin 2011 Ils osent s'aventurer là où vous n'avez jamais remis les pieds depuis vos 13 ans. Laissant libre cours à leur imagination, ou à leur envie de jouer, les adultes fans de Lego, ou AFOL, n'hésitent pas à dépenser des fortunes en briques colorées. Collectionneurs, fous de modélisme ou tarés de robotique, ils vous expliquent pourquoi ce qu'ils font de leur temps libre est bien plus cool que ce que vous en faites.

Tube Net Installation by Numen/For Use, Innsbruck Until October 10, 2015, Austria’s Aut. Architektur und Tirol will host an interactive site-specific installation created by Croatian-Austrian design collective Numen/For Use. Tube is a structure composed of stitched safety nets which assume a form of a closed hose that pulsates and oscillates in the longitudinal section. The object is suspended from surrounding surfaces with numerous elastic strings, channelling a giant convulsing centipede. Not Even Wrong Graham Farmelo has posted a very interesting interview he did with Witten last year, as part of his promotion of his forthcoming book The Universe Speaks in Numbers. One surprising thing I learned from the interview is that Witten learned Calculus when he was 11 (this would have been 1962). He quite liked that, but then lost interest in math for many years, since no one gave him more advanced material to study. After years of studying non math/physics subjects and doing things like working on the 1972 McGovern campaign, he finally realized physics and math were where his talents lay. He ended up doing a Ph.D. at Princeton with David Gross, starting work with him just months after the huge breakthrough of asymptotic freedom, which put in place the final main piece of the Standard Model. If only back in 1962 someone had told Witten about linear algebra and quantum mechanics, the entire history of the subject could have been quite different.

Futureproof - rozenbrood In May 2015 ROZENBROOD did a presentation at the bi-annual congress of FEGIME. FEGIME is a federation of independent electrical wholesalers in Europe. This congress they celebrated their 25th anniversary. The program of the congress therefore was focused on the history of the Federation and on the actual situation. It was up to ROZENBROOD to look into the future. That was a daunting task.

42, Da Ultimate Webzine of Zi Intraweb ! CxC - Childfree by Choice — Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve Redefining Tomorrow’s Family The nuclear family is detonating “As American as Mom and apple pie,” the saying used to go. But now, a societal tsunami is underway, changing the way we see motherhood and questioning its primacy in the fabric of our culture. The spherical genius of the Hüttlin Kugelmotor Huttlin kugel motor prototype under testing Image Gallery (25 images) The car is not going to disappear anytime soon and neither is the combustion engine, despite the inevitable rise in fuel prices. We have said it before, electrical motors are an energy-efficient method for driving vehicles but battery technology is simply not going to advance quickly enough for all-electric vehicles to be a practical reality for most uses anytime soon. The near and mid-term future is undoubtedly a combination of compact combustion engine generators charging dense battery packs that drive electric motors - the "range extender" option. We reported on one possible candidate, the disc motor, a couple of months ago.

About us - Futureconsult Jan Nekkers Director | Futurologist | Future Strategist Jan Nekkers is the founder of Futureconsult. His starting point is that although the future is unpredictable, we can speak in a meaningful way about it. Niou Taiknolog1e: Geekeries & Cie

Kids Lifestyle Trend Expert News: We are recruiting! We are recruiting! We’re looking for a full-time Junior Trend Researcher to join us at our Newcastle-based head office. The ideal candidate would be a pro-active, organised, hard-working, committed individual with excellent written, verbal and visual communication skills. Trend Bible is a home and interior trend forecasting agency producing trend publications and delivering bespoke trend insight and strategy through consultancy relationships. Our trend publications sell in 22 countries and our consultancy work spans recognised brands in the UK, Europe, USA and South Africa.

Future Concept Lab – Hits & Hots: January 2018 Hits Hots Gucci garden – Florence On January 10th he inaugurated in Florence Gucci Garden, the last original format created by the artistic director Alessandro Michele.