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Practical Ethics

Practical Ethics

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Philosophy association board reaches out to victims of sexual assault and harassment It’s hard these days to talk about women in philosophy without talking about sexual harassment and assault and sexism in general. Whether conditions for women in the discipline are actually worse than they are in the humanities overall is up for debate and likely impossible to quantify, but philosophy has attracted much criticism in recent years for what some have called a systemic discrimination problem. From accounts on the blogs What Is It Like to Be a Woman in Philosophy? Philosophical Powers: Philosophy Action Figures Philosophical Powers has moved! Update your links to the 'new' URL: I had a little extra time on my hands the summer after my first year as a graduate student in Indiana University's prestigious philosophy department, so I decided to take on a project that would blend two of my greatest interests--or rather, one of my petty distractions and my greatest interest, which are philosophy and toys, respectively.

Your favourite philosophy web sites! Solipsism OnlineFrom the site: "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" (Queen 'Bohemian Rhapsody')Nominated by Geoffrey KlempnerAgainst Professional PhilosophyFrom the site: "We are here to tell about the the ups-and-downs of being a professional philosopher, to provide a serious critique of contemporary professional philosophy, and to look towards the real philosophy of the future. Join us!" Part I: Spenser, Superheroes, and Ethics: Allegory in the 21st Century — Rock Ethics Institute I. “But why do you hate it?” The sophomore student and I sat together in my cramped cubicle in Burrowes building. The student looked at me, looked back at his book on the desk, then lowered his eyes and shrugged. We changed the subject and discussed his upcoming writing assignment in the British literature survey course, for which I was currently a TA. As we weighed thesis statements and supporting evidence, my question hung in the air like the smell of the tuna fish sandwich I’d eaten too early for it to technically qualify as lunch.

Intro Gendlin, E.T. (1997). A process model. New York: The Focusing Institute. Recent articles by Gendlin not yet added to the Library Search (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) 1–10 of 209 documents found thought on marriage. Philosophical debate concerning marriage extends to what marriage, fundamentally... 1. Defining Marriage 2. Understanding Marriage: Historical Orientation 3. Marriage and Morals ...Politics of Marriage 4.1 Marriage and Legal Contract 4.2 The Rationale of Marriage Law 4.3... Explaining Blame and Forgiveness (by Featured Philosopher Miranda Fricker) I am pleased to introduce the next PEA Soup Featured Philosopher, Miranda Fricker. Profesor Fricker is currently the Director of the Mind Association, the author of the insightful and very influential book, Epistemic Injustice, and she is posting today about her next book project. Please feel free to add comments or questions below! Thanks for inviting me to contribute! I’d like to put forward one or two of the main lines of thought for a book project I’m working on—Explaining Blame and Forgiveness.

Filosofía para Niños The US philosopher Mathew Lipman, created Philosophy for Children in 1969, and nowadays more than 50 countries from all continents has applied its program. The goal has nothing to do with trying to convert these children and teenagers into professional philosophers, but instead, its aim is to develop and preserve their critical, creative and caring thinking and attitude. The program is based on: Description of the Program The philosophical issues are presented in a daily language. The program has been structured in different levels, that corresponds to different ages and courses. Morality is a muscle. Get to the gym. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters Every once in a while, I read the news and I think "Damn.

Evolutionary Pragmatism A Discourse on a Modern Philosophy For the 21stCentury By Stuart A. Burns Welcome to my Home Page! The essays attached to this Home Page are the results of my contemplations. 150 years ago, a world-famous philosopher called busyness the sign of an unhappy person — Quartz H&M probably talks about sustainability more than any other fast-fashion brand. It produces a Conscious collection made using sustainable and recycled materials, creates glossy ad campaigns to encourage garment recycling, and has a voucher program offering discounts to those who donate their old clothes at its stores. On April 18, it kicks off a major project intended to collect 1,000 tons of used clothes, called World Recycle Week, that it’s promoting heavily, even making a music video in collaboration with rapper M.I.A. These efforts sound great, but critics—myself included—have questioned how much they actually mitigate the massive and growing company’s environmental impact.

Ereignis - Martin Heidegger in English @ Punktmannigfaltigkeit Welcome to my Heidegger site. Alain Badiou - Professor of Philosophy Alain Badiou, Ph.D., born in Rabat, Morocco in 1937, holds the Rene Descartes Chair at the European Graduate School EGS. Alain Badiou was a student at the École Normale Supérieure in the 1950s. He taught at the University of Paris VIII (Vincennes-Saint Denis) from 1969 until 1999, when he returned to ENS as the Chair of the philosophy department. He continues to teach a popular seminar at the Collège International de Philosophie, on topics ranging from the great 'antiphilosophers' (Saint-Paul, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Lacan) to the major conceptual innovations of the twentieth century.