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Practical Ethics

Practical Ethics
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Welcome to Philosophical Investigations a few years in the Absolute Elsewhere Philosophy association board reaches out to victims of sexual assault and harassment It’s hard these days to talk about women in philosophy without talking about sexual harassment and assault and sexism in general. Whether conditions for women in the discipline are actually worse than they are in the humanities overall is up for debate and likely impossible to quantify, but philosophy has attracted much criticism in recent years for what some have called a systemic discrimination problem. From accounts on the blogs What Is It Like to Be a Woman in Philosophy? In perhaps its strongest statement on the matter yet, the association’s Board of Officers is releasing later Tuesday morning a letter acknowledging the suffering experienced by victims of sexual assault and harassment. The letter addresses familiar complaints by some victims that their harassers have been less than adequately punished for their actions, taking a leave of absence or a new job. The letter also potentially puts harassers on watch. Mixed Reaction So how can an association board serve members?

giambattistavico FreedomInfo About - The UPDirectory EpistemeLinks: For Philosophy Resources on the Internet Totalitarian Collectivism Are You a 'TC' Proponent? Most have heard all they want to know about 'PC' or political correctness. But how many of you have come into contact with a much more hideous and sinister value system called 'TC'? And even more important, are you an advocate of this behavior and its imposition on society? Fiat money creators that enslave the public with their hatred for honest money; are the designers of TC. If you support the estate tax, progressive income tax, its graduated increase on greater income and redistribution of wealth; YOU are a TC. Advocates of direct elections for the Presidency (as well as Senators), and the abolishment of the Electoral College; YOU are a TC. Proponents of the UN involvement's that conflict with American interests and impose compliance upon nations that differ with the world community; are TC. Champions of criminalizing more non violent conduct, while applying lenient standards for the political and attorney class; are the creators of TC.

Philosop-her Oscar Brenifier | Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques The Social Rationalist | Advancing Analysis of the Human Condition Hypatia: a journal of feminist philosophy PACTISS – Philosophers and Critical Thinkers in Senior Schools: Resources for Educators | You can upload and share your resources as well as download what you need