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The Fun Theory

The Fun Theory

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Vince Carducci - Dazed & Confused: The 1970s and the Postmodern Turn ike the loop of Brady Bunch episodes ubiquitously playing across the 500-channel wasteland of cable TV, the decade of the 1970s is a specter haunting the American popular imagination. It is the specter of cheese culture, the jelly-headed amiability of smiley faces, white polyester three-piece suits, and the most recent return of the repressed, Starsky & Hutch, set to a mind-numbing soundtrack of Barry White, Kiss, and “Stairway to Heaven.” Yet the arguably tackiest American decade is also when much of what is termed the postmodern condition began to emerge. The 1970s have been studied from a range of perspectives. Liberals like Boston University historian Bruce J. Gamestorming Think back to the last time you played a game. What was the game? Why did you choose to play? Was it a simple game like tic-tac-toe, or something more complex, like Monopoly, Scrabble or Chess?

Tools for - Board Game Maker, printable board games, 100% customizable Tools for Educators offers to use as resources for lessons, lesson plans and printable materials for English classes . More game board options listed below! ID8 Now it’s your turn—take ID8 Nation on a tour of your city. Show us your city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. What are entrepreneurs doing to create new ideas and businesses in your city? Conversation lesson: Man who wears all his clothes « Cecilia Nobre ELT Blog We all want our students to feel motivated to come to our class, right? The other day I watched the enlightening and inspirational webinar “Motivating the Unmotivated” by Ken Wilson delivered at the British Council. I was particularly sparked by the first activity he used to arouse students’ curiosity with an intriguing image of a man eating a bicycle tire. Images can be so powerful! That set me off to write this very lesson plan. My main aim is to make students curious and keen to discuss the topic and I’ve decided to choose a funny piece of news.

A Moment for the Selk'nam A Moment for the Selk'nam by Chris Nelson The Selk'nam lived in the remote southernmost tip of South America among the islands now known as Tierra del Fuego, the continent's last tribe to be encountered by European explorers.

Trip's GeoAdventures If there was ever a cache that everyone should try once, pict-o-caches would likely be near the top of the list. They take aspects of several different types of caches and join them together to make a cache that everyone can participate in and enjoy. But how do they work? First, we need to establish what they are… The Guide to Digital Games and Learning MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning How can games unlock a rich world of learning? This is the big question at the heart of the growing games and learning movement that’s gaining momentum in education. The MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning [PDF] explains key ideas in game-based learning, pedagogy, implementation, and assessment. This guide makes sense of the available research and provides suggestions for practical use.

Ten BIG Business Ideas As I sit here in the lobby of the Marriott in downtown Toronto, I am reflecting on some of the highlights of the past few weeks which have taken me to assignments in Charlotte, Baltimore, Vegas, Toronto, Barbados and now back to Toronto. The clients have ranged from Bank of America to small business owners, to a workshop for 1,000+ CPAs and a speech to 8,000+ of the top financial planners in the world. Also, with so much time on planes I have read 20+ books on various business topics. Here are some big business success ideas I have picked up (or re-confirmed) along the way… 1.

Labels This Blog Linked From Here The Web 18 Jan 2016 Contemporary art museums: Home of the brave THE view north from the top of Tate Modern’s new twisted ten-storey extension (pictured), which opens on June 17th, is among the finest in London: a perfectly aligned panorama of St Paul’s Cathedral in all its Baroque beauty. And such is the democracy of the museum that the public will get to enjoy it too, from a generous balcony that wraps right around the building. They won’t have to pay. They won’t even have to look at any art on the way up. Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Good Questions to Ask Your GirlfriendWelcome to Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Asking great questions always opens up interesting conversation. If you can get them telling stories that relate back to the answers you will have endless good times. So enjoy yourself and ask away. Here are the categories.

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