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3DR - Drone & UAV Technology

3DR - Drone & UAV Technology

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Voltaic Systems Blog – Solar DIY and Device Charging We’ve been working with a company called Cam-Do on how to power a GoPro camera for extended timelapse photography projects where battery life is a limiting factor. Our setup is now being used out on Jamaica Bay to monitor horshoe crabs, more pictures to come. Here’s what’s in the Kit and its purpose: - Waterproof Enclosure (made by Cam-Do) keeps the GoPro and Voltaic battery Dry - Scheduler (made by Cam-Do) turns the GoPro on and off based on a programmable schedule - 3.4 Watt Solar Panel (made by Voltaic) charges the Voltaic battery - V15 USB Battery (made by Voltaic) stores power from the panel and charges the GoPro We’re pretty pleased with how it turns out, but give yourself a week or two to setup and test the system so that you’re happy with the way everything fits together. Three important tips to making sure it works well.

Using the Crowd as an Innovation Partner Photography: Michele Sereni Artwork: Jacob Hashimoto, The Other Sun, 2012, acrylic, paper, thread, bamboo, Ronchini Gallery, London To answer the most vexing innovation and research questions, crowds are becoming the partner of choice. Apple has turned to large numbers of users and developers distributed around the world to propel its growth by creating apps and podcasts that enhance its products. Biologists at the University of Washington used crowds of external contributors to map the structure of an AIDS-related virus that had stumped academic and industry experts for more than 15 years. FocusMaker DSLR Focusing Tool FM01 B&H Photo Video International Pricing Disclaimer Our price and the price displayed on the Comparison Shopping Site may not always match due to fluctuation in exchange rates. Please note: We do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the foreign currencies information.

DroidPlanner UAS (UAV) Battery Flight Timer is your personal flight assistant, keeping you up to date while you concentrate on flying your expensive hardware. Audio and vibrate alerts you at various times, these can be toggled in options. Vibrate is useful if you're wearing a headset (like fat sharks) or the Android device is in your pocket; the vibrate will shake the same amount of times as the current minute remaning, from the 5 minute mark (5 minutes = 5 shakes, 2 minutes = 2 shakes etc). This feature allows you to know how many minutes remain without being able to see the screen or hear the voice. The world's first bionic hand that will allow patients to 'feel' sensations set to be transplanted onto a patient Will give amputees a genuine sense of touchAttached directly to the nervous system via electrodes'We hope one day the user will just forget it's there' Dr Silvestro Micera By Nick Mcdermott, Science Reporter Published: 18:34 GMT, 17 February 2013 | Updated: 08:21 GMT, 18 February 2013 A bionic hand which allows the recipient to feel ‘lifelike’ sensations is to be transplanted on to a patient’s arm for the first time. Until now, artificial limbs have been able to pick up brain signals destined for the absent hand and translate them into movements, but they could not give sensory feedback. The new hand, which is attached directly to the nervous system via electrodes clipped on to two of the arm’s main nerves, aims to restore a sense of touch in amputees.

Best lenses for GH4 Hi, I'm getting ready to purchase a GH4. I will be using it primarily for directing and producing my own horror and comedy films, but I also need a nice stills lens to take photos of the vintage dirtbikes and parts that i sell online and for pics of my family and such. I am a learning about the different features of cameras and lenses, but I am buying a camera next week so I would like to get some quick advice from some more knowledgeable folk before I make a purchase. Based on what I will be using the camera for, can anyone tell me how I would achieve a 35 or super 35 equivalent with and without a metabones speedbooster? Should I get one? I plan to buy the speedbooster when they release one that is optimized for the GH4, so I hope that one of the lenses I buy now will still be capable of 35 mm with the booster.

Rewards The contest is over! And the winners are… Winners of the 2014 Dronestagram Photo Contest have finally been selected! Picking winners was a very difficult task especially because of the great quality of the photos that have been submitted. We tried to reward the photos that show the best the fantastic potential offered by drones in terms of image. It’s been an amazing first edition with many photos entered from everywhere in the world. Silencer Lite - Trigger Controlled Follow Focus With most follow focus systems on the market, you run into a few problems: You can't pull focus without taking your hands off the entire rig which loses stability, or you can't focus on your own. That's why we created the Silencer. Silencer Lite is a kit for students and low budget filmmakers, and it's the only follow focus controlled by a trigger, which means you can keep your hands on the rig and pull focus on your own. Virtually silent, it offers both true Run & Gun capability and cinematic focus movement to add more production value to your projects. The Lite system offers half the level of pressure sensitivity as compared to the Pro version, but still gives entry level filmmakers the same perks of the Silencer System. Included:

Pay-what-you-want Panera called a success By Jim Salter, Associated Press Updated 5/16/2011 11:24 PM | CLAYTON, Mo. — Rashonda Thornton looked up at the menu on the wall, ordered a Caesar salad and dropped a $10 bill in a box. Pretty generous, considering the meal at Panera Bread's cafe in the St. Louis suburb of Clayton sells for less than $7. Tim A. Local Motors just 3D-printed a car live at an auto show Auto shows are typically a place to debut cars, not to build them — but then again, Local Motors isn't your everyday automaker. The printing of the car takes 44 hours The Phoenix-based company crowdsources the design of its cars (like the oddball Rally Fighter), and it's showing a refreshed version of its 3D-printed Strati model here. Lowepro DryZone Duffle Bag 20L (Yellow) LP36579 B&H Photo Video This yellow waterproof DryZone Duffle Bag 20L from Lowepro can hold a DSLR with an attached 70-200 f/2.8 lens, two extra lenses, a flash, and accessories. It is made of a lightweight 210D TPU tarpaulin and features a waterproof rating of IPX-6, which indicates that the duffle is protected against high pressure water streams. For added durability, it has reinforced seams and 840D reinforced Cotec patches on the front and back.

untitled Local Motors, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively "Local Motors" or "We") provide service and content on,, and all other web properties owned or operated by Local Motors (the "Website") to you subject to the following Terms and Conditions (the "Terms"). We may periodically change the Terms without notice, so please check back from time to time. These Terms of Service constitute a binding agreement between you and Local Motors governing your use of the Website and any/all content represented herein. MindShift Gear rotation180&deg Horizon 34L Backpack 215 B&H The charcoal lightweight rotation180˚ Horizon 34L Backpack from Mind Shift Gear features a detachable rotating beltpack that allows for quick-access to your camera gear while still wearing your backpack. The rotating beltpack holds a DSLR with an attached lens, an additional lens between padded dividers and an up to 10" tablet behind a padded divider at the back. Simply swing the beltpack around to return it to the backpack and secure it in place via a magnetic tab. On shorter outings, the rotating beltpack may be worn separately.

New Product Post-Quadcopter Kit and 6 Channel Radio Set We’ve been posting a lot of progress messages on ELF drone, and you can expect beta prototypes very soon. Be proactive to join us for the first testers on the arrival of the beta. We have truly limited seated~