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Startup Tools 1. Startup Tools Click Here 2. Lean LaunchPad Videos Click Here 3. 4. 5. 6. Startup Tools Getting Started Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything – Harvard Business ReviewThe Lean LaunchPad Online Class – FREEHow to Build a Web Startup – Lean Launchpad EditionHow to Create a $1M Web Business – Noah KaganWeb Fundamentals – Google developersQuickMVP – test your ideasFoundersSuite – Startup Mgmt SoftwareThe U.S. Lists of Tools from Others Groups Startup Weekend – Launch a Startup in 54 hoursThe Lean Startup Machine – Launch a Startup in 48 hoursStartup Monthly – Launch a Startup in a monthStartup Grind – community looking to be educated, and network with the smartest startup mindsLean Startup Circle – Google Group for startup adviceWomen 2.0 – Launch a startup for womenMeetup – Meet people you’re interested inTop Startup Conferences (North America) Find a Co-Founder Developer Bootcamps Programing Bootcamp Finder – Thinkful “How Big is the Market?” “How Do I Contact Customers?” Surveys

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IPOs by LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others could alter venture capital landscape Against the backdrop of a moribund market for initial public stock offerings and a venture capital industry hobbled by a recession, the half-dozen social-networking companies expected to go public in the coming year -- likely candidates include Groupon, Twitter, LinkedIn and, the granddaddy IPO of all, Facebook -- could be silver-winged angels. Some venture capital investors stand to make a killing from these IPOs -- though those that missed these deals could close up shop amid a VC industry downturn. At the same time, a wave of successful IPO launches may trigger a ripple effect, fattening the coffers of the survivors so they can fund a new slew of social-media derring-do. This anticipated IPO flurry comes at a time when Silicon Valley's once high-flying club of venture capitalists has been rattled and cut down in size.

Content Strategy Generator Tool - V2 Update > Please give me the tool now! Way back in September we released the first version of our content strategy tool, and due to popular demand and awesome feedback I’m excited to be releasing an even hotter version of the tool! This blog post takes a quick look at some of the cool new features in this latest update. Since the launch of the first version of the tool, there have been numerous updates across a number of websites forcing the xpath to return a null value, or to change the value returned. The first part of this update restores values for any empty fields, and reformats a number of elements of the tool for a cleaner, more digestible appearance. More Insight from Google Insights

Slides/Videos Slides/Videos 1. Videos Click Here 2. Startup tools Startup tools for Analytics and Statistics : Google Analytics : advanced web analytics : App Annie : advanced app analytics : Mix Panel : advanced web and app analytics : Mouse Flow : foolow the visitor’s mouse on your website : Botify : improve your website and your SEO : Course Outline The course is divided up into 2 main sections and each section has a team project in the form of a writeup and presentation. The first section is the Opportunity Analysis Project, here you will test whether the startup idea you have is worth pursuing and customers agree with the problem you are solving. The second section is the Opportunity Execution Project, here you test the rest of the aspects of the business model. Each session corresponds to one week. Each session gives you a different aspect of the business model that you should test for that week.

6 Tips for Entrepreneurs Looking for Press Almost all startups love press, and luckily it’s not too hard to get some extra exposure every once in a while. For the startups that are dying for to be mentioned, here are 6 tips to get press: 1. 36 places to submit your startup Check out this neat list of 36 places (with a few bonus ones) to submit your startup for some coverage. Since many of these places are outlets that love the latest scoop on anything innovative, and are always excited to hear from new companies, your chances of getting some press when you start here is high. I’d even add social news sites like Digg and Reddit, since Hacker News was mentioned as a bonus to the list of 36 sites, but the trick here is to NOT submit your own startup, instead, find a friend who might be something of a power user on those sites and have that friend submit your startup to their followers and hopefully the traffic will flow on in.

Top 10 Logo Design Software To Help You To Design Logo By Yourself Nowadays the importance of custom logo design cannot be really underestimated. It is one of the best ways that can help in marketing a brand and so a lot of companies have started indulging in logo designing. Once your company has a great logo, it creates a good impact on the consumers. The Entrepreneurs Source - About UsThe Entrepreneur's Source: About Us For over 25 years The Entrepreneur’s Source has provided thousands of people with the answers and the opportunities they needed to improve their lives. Our discovery and education-based method of franchise and business consulting allows our clients to discover opportunities that are ideally suited for what they are seeking for themselves and their families. We apply our “win-win” principles to our four key service areas: Franchise / Business Ownership CoachingEducating individuals in business ownership opportunitiesCoaching through personal evaluation of goals and dream attainmentGuiding them through career transitions

San Francisco Wants to Tax Your Stock Options– All of Them. Few people are aware the San Francisco has had a tax provision in its municipal code since 2004 that requires companies to pay a payroll tax on gains from employee stock options. No one pays it, and San Francisco hasn’t enforced it to date, but companies are becoming increasingly agitated that the city may change that policy at any time. The number of high profile and high value startups based in San Francisco – like Twitter and Zynga – may be too big of a temptation for the city to ignore. Recently, I heard San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee on our local NPR station talking about how important it was to keep Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco. To those worried that the recent talks between Twitter and the City were stalling, his words must have been reassuring.

Free Link Building Tools from BuzzStream Use our free tools to find link opportunities, conduct link research or automate link building tasks. Free Tools Email Research ToolEnter a name, company and website and this tool will generate Google searches to find their email address. Link Building Query GeneratorAutomatically creates link building search queries to help you find link opportunities. Saves them as an OPML file for easy import into monitoring dashboards.

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