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Free Online Collaborative Whiteboard Platform. Ayuda a Jóvenes Emprendedores - Youth Business Spain. Inscripción - mentorDay. Asesoría uno a uno. Investments by Geography · State of European Tech 2019. International Community Day. Memoria 2018 Banco Sabadell With more than 135 years of history, Banco Sabadell is the fourth largest financial institution in Spain.

International Community Day

The bank currently has more than 224 billion euros in assets and is trusted by 12 million customers. , business - Idea Evaluation Checklist. Got a great idea for a product or service?

, business - Idea Evaluation Checklist

Self Employed. Business coach Dan Sullivan reveals his focusing tips for entrepreneurs. FoundrFindr connects you with a worldwide community of entrepreneurs. Ideagist Global Community. Startup = Growth. September 2012 A startup is a company designed to grow fast.

Startup = Growth

Incubator - Lists. Join Log In AngelList CompaniesIncubators Track SalariesValuations.

Incubator - Lists

List of individual Seed Accelerator programs. FounderSensei. Office Evolution Office Space, Conference Rooms, and Coworking.

Productivity tools

Podcasts - David Lizerbram & Associates. SPI 243: How to Create Your Life Vision Plan with Michael Hyatt - The Smart Passive Income Blog. Today’s episode is all about goals: setting them, achieving them, and knowing when to change them.

SPI 243: How to Create Your Life Vision Plan with Michael Hyatt - The Smart Passive Income Blog

George Soros. The decision-making formula elite entrepreneurs use to hack unstoppable growth - Commit Action. If you’re an entrepreneur reading this, you have hundreds of marketing, sales and growth ideas for your business.

The decision-making formula elite entrepreneurs use to hack unstoppable growth - Commit Action

Sequoia - Build. Betagroup. 11 errores que te alejan de tu primer millón. He sido millonario tres veces en mi vida.

11 errores que te alejan de tu primer millón

La primera vez que vi un millón de dólares en mi cuenta casi me desmayo. A pesar de saber que ya casi llegaba a esa cifra el hecho de verla completa me tomó por sorpresa. [infografía] 46 cosas que deberías saber sobre emprendimiento. Index of Entrepreneurship Series. E-Myth. Orion Startups – Accelerate your Startup. Sixersinnovationlab. Bayonet, Grill on Box y Dogsi: las start-ups ganadoras de Expansión-PlugandPlay.

International Accelerator. Librería y Academy con recursos de Marketing Online. MicroMentor. Libro Bestseller. Centro de Innovación Social. ¡Bienvenidas, comunidades! MIND México. About Us - Google for Entrepreneurs. Fakie Seshion. Base de la Pirámide. Steve Blank's Customer Discovery Checklist - startupweekend. Essential Advertising Rules for Your Businesses. Whether your business is a mom and pop operation or has a multistate presence, it is important to be familiar with the applicable state and federal advertising laws.

Essential Advertising Rules for Your Businesses

This article outlines basic advertising rules -- where they come from and how they operate -- and offers tips on how to make sure your business is in compliance. Where Advertising Rules Come From The advertising rules that dictate what businesses can and can't say in ads come from applicable state and federal laws. Typically, these laws focus on truth in advertising, deceptive advertising practices, and unfair advertising.

State and federal laws and agencies aim to curb these advertising practices, require businesses to be truthful about their products or services, and to substantiate claims that they make in advertisements. Next Generation Professional Network. Abundance 360. Exponential Wisdom – Insights from Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis on the Human-Technology Relationship. Unexpected convergent consequences… this is what happens when eight different exponential technologies all explode onto the scene at once.

Exponential Wisdom – Insights from Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis on the Human-Technology Relationship

An expert might be reasonably good at predicting the growth of a single exponential technology (e.g. the Internet of Things), but try to predict the future when A.I., Robotics, VR, Synthetic Biology, and Computation are all doubling, morphing and recombining… You have a very exciting future. In This Episode: Forbes Welcome. Collaborative Entrepreneurship Network. Home. Startups List. Startup Genome. Global Startup Industry Map – StartupBlink. This Week In Startups. WebinarArchive. Vault. Startup Weekend Part 2. Resources. Worldcuptech. JustReachOut - Forget PR Firms, reach out and pitch relevant reporters yourself. +300 Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs and Startups — Startups, Wanderlust & Life Hacking.

Blog de emprendimiento y su ecosistema. Algunas Ligas Interesantes.. TEDxMexicoCity. Inscríbete a las convocatorias confrencistas. World Economic Forum - The Millennial Challenge. Citing a “mismatch” between high youth unemployment across the globe and the dearth of qualified workers for many companies, corporate and civil society leaders at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014 called for a collaborative approach to seize the opportunity inherent in the problem.

World Economic Forum - The Millennial Challenge

In the presence of members of the Forum’s Global Shapers community – a worldwide network of socially engaged young people – leaders urged further incubation of creative ideas to train and invest in the 50% of the global population under the age of 27. The potential upside of better incorporating youth into the economy is enormous, said Robert Greenhill, Managing Director, World Economic Forum. For every percentage point increase in youth unemployment, US$ 72 billion is added to global consumption. $700 million renewal of Ohio Third Frontier heads for May ballot - MedCity NewsMedCity News. COLUMBUS, Ohio — A $700 million renewal of Ohio Third Frontier — the 10-year, $1.6 billion project to re-energize Ohio’s economy by investing in emerging technologies — is on its way to the May 4 ballot, thanks to bipartisan support of a compromise resolution by state Senate and House members on Wednesday.

Gov. Ted Strickland “is pleased to see that all sides have come together to reach a bipartisan agreement to renew the Third Frontier,” spokeswoman Amanda Wurst said. “This bipartisan agreement is the strongest validation of the successful economic development program that has already created tens of thousands of jobs. This is a significant investment in Ohio’s economy and cornerstone of Ohio’s economic growth strategy.” CIPE_Report_Creating_the_Environment_for_Entrepreneurial_Success_1113.pdf. Can Public-Funded Entrepreneurship Work? A Q&A With the Author of Boulevard of Broken Dreams. In recent months, the U.S. government has taken on a challenging and controversial new role: private sector investor. This development has raised a host of questions about the government’s role in the economy and a new book by Josh Lerner, Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Why Public Efforts to Boost Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Have Failed — and What to Do About It, is required reading for anyone hoping to understand the issues.

Lerner, the Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School, describes government interventions in countries as varied as the U.S., Singapore, and Israel, and explains the case for intervention. His analysis of successful and unsuccessful programs worldwide ultimately suggests a cautious approach to government intervention that bears little resemblance to the reality of today. He has agreed to answer some of our questions about his book: Second, the public sector, especially the U.S.

Everything you need to know about building a startup in China. China’s booming mobile market is creating lucrative new business opportunities for startups, according to Australian entrepreneur and Koombah cofounder Jason Lim, who recently returned from China. However, mobile is different in China because they have a generation of people who skipped the laptop phase and moved directly to smartphones, says Lim. “China has the [world’s] largest number of mobile internet users with 500 million,” he says. Lim told StartupSmart the mobile boom is leading to big startup opportunities mobile gaming, social media, online video and mobile commerce.

“China is set to surpass the US mobile gaming market next year and is on track to hit $US3 billion ($A3.23b) in revenue this year,” he says. Los mejores podcasts sobre emprendimiento. 1. Beyond Silicon Valley: Ο Ρόλος του Κράτους/The Role of Government. Formas de liderazgo en una empresa. Crowdfunding network, seed capital for start-ups. 10 emprendedores con sed de cambiar al mundo. En conjunto, representan la generación 2012 de emprendedores sociales de Ashoka, su principal cualidad es que se han asumido como transformadores de la realidad social, conoce sus proyectos. La nueva realidad empresarial implica un factor de negocios que antes no se contemplaba como prioritario: la sustentabilidad. En estos días no es más exitoso el empresario que gana más dinero, sino aquel que posiciona una idea y la hace crecer, y además el mayor valor agregado surge al generar un cambio en la realidad cotidiana, ya sea en el frente ambiental o en el combate de problemas sociales.

Idea Storm. Este simple invento podría salvar millones de vida. Global leader in mobile shopping and scanning - RedLaser. Pay-what-you-want Panera called a success. By Jim Salter, Associated Press Updated 5/16/2011 11:24 PM | CLAYTON, Mo. — Rashonda Thornton looked up at the menu on the wall, ordered a Caesar salad and dropped a $10 bill in a box. Pretty generous, considering the meal at Panera Bread's cafe in the St. How Threadless turns T-shirts and technology into works of art.

Quieres iniciar un negocio rentable y con poca inversión, que tal esta idea? Emprender mientras colaboras con la preservación del medio ambiente es una combinación interesante. Using the Crowd as an Innovation Partner. Photography: Michele Sereni Artwork: Jacob Hashimoto, The Other Sun, 2012, acrylic, paper, thread, bamboo, Ronchini Gallery, London To answer the most vexing innovation and research questions, crowds are becoming the partner of choice. Apple has turned to large numbers of users and developers distributed around the world to propel its growth by creating apps and podcasts that enhance its products.

Equity Crowdfunding. 3DR - Drone & UAV Technology. 3 estados financieros que debes usar. Como emprendedor, es probable que tengas que usar varios “sombreros”; a ratos eres administrador, en otros momentos eres financiero, en algunos manager y en otros hasta técnico. Sin embargo, muchas veces no se cuenta con la preparación para desempeñar estos “cargos”. En el área de finanzas es importante que entiendas que tu principal papel es entender y definir el origen (de dónde se obtienen) y aplicación de los recursos. Para poder tomar buenas decisiones es clave que cuentes con información oportuna, útil, clara, relevante y concisa.

Por eso, te compartimos tres informes financieros que puedes utilizar para operar tu negocio con mayor eficiencia: Coursera. Y Combinator. No trabajamos, hacemos negocios. 10 Start-up Incubators to Watch. Founded in 2006, TechStars is one of the country's most prestigious incubators. Its four locations in Boston, Boulder, New York City, and Seattle, host 10 teams for three months of the year on rotation, funding each team member between $6,000 and $18,000. More than 600 teams applied last year, making TechStars one of the country's most competitive incubators. TechStars focuses on technology companies with transnational appeal, and requires a 6 percent equity stake in any new companies that are funded.

Each program ends with a pitch event with venture capitalists and other investors. Since 2005, Y-Combinator has set the standard for technology incubators. Nail It Then Scale It Summary - The Principles and Process. How to Start a Startup. Principales medios de comunicación especializados en emprendedores. Los medios de comunicación son uno de los canales de difusión principales para que emprendedores y startups puedan dar a conocer sus proyectos e iniciativas empresariales.

Check-A-Contract - Legal Contract Review Service. How Quirky Works. 10 comportamientos de la gente auténtica. Pat Flynn - Online Entrepreneur, Author and Host. Proyectos » Appiario. Jinso by J-INSO. Distrito Emprendedor. Giro Legal « Instituto del Emprendedor.