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Businessinsider. I first wrote about the world's 25 least visited countries in 2013, and the post has has been read almost a million times, in addition to have been translated to several languages, republished in many countries, rewritten and plagerised.


Two years have passed, and it is time for an update of what I consider the ultimate traveller's bucket list. Perhaps narrowly beaten by visiting all the 198 countries in the world. I just published "198" - my book about how I ran out of countries - in English. Written by: Gunnar Garfors who visited every country as a hobby traveller, set a Guinness World Record by travelling to 5 continents in 1 day and beat a Recordsetter world record by visiting 19 countries in 24 hours.

On Twitter: @garfors. Why countries are less visited varies, but location, travel related logistics, costs, visa availability, governements or lack thereof and degree of war usually matters. In 2013, country number 25 was Dominica with 73,000 tourists. 25. FounderList - Red de Mentores. Estados Unidos propone una visa para emprendedores. Una visa para emprendedores es la nueva propuesta que han comentado dos congresistas de Estados Unidos.

Estados Unidos propone una visa para emprendedores

El proyecto planea aumentar la inversión extranjera. Congresistas de Estados Unidos han propuesto al Gobierno crear un visado especial y de carácter indefinido para todos los emprendedores tecnológicos extranjeros que hagan carrera en dicho país. Esta posible visa para emprendedores podría ser aprobada el 30 de septiembre del 2015. Según fuentes legales estadounidenses, la visa es uno de los requisitos que necesita todo emprendedor para instalar su start up en Estados Unidos.

Para trabajar en el país norteamericano (cuando se trata del sector empresarial) existen varios tipos de permisos, con distinta duración y requerimientos, por ejemplo, depende mucho si la compañía está constituida como una filial y del capital que se maneje en el país. UP Global Comunidades de Startups. Crowdfunding en México-Ideorama. Ideorama funciona de una forma muy simple, una persona tiene una idea, ésta la sube en Ideorama y le pone un precio en base al mercado potencial que considera que tiene y la ganancia que calcula se puede generar, convietiéndose en el Generador.

Crowdfunding en México-Ideorama

La gente puede gustarle la idea y participar en ella en 4 distintas modalidades: Desarrollador, Ejecutor, Inversionista o Comprador. Generador: Es el que tiene la idea y la sube. El sistema lo va llevando de la mano para registrar sus datos. Tenga cuidado con su contraseña, guárdela, ya que no se puede cambiar. Recuerde utilizar nombres cortos, no utilizar ñs de preferencia, diagonales y palabras excesivamente grandes. Desarrollador: Es generalmente una persona que tiene conocimientos sobre una idea y que le gusta y le parece viable. Ejecutor: Es una persona que cuenta con maquinaria o medios tangibles y tiempo para llevar a cabo la idea.

El comprador paga por la idea y recibe de parte de ideorama. Empoweredstartups.


20 Productivity Apps to Keep You On Task (Infographic) Apps mainly do two things: They either distract us or keep us on track.

20 Productivity Apps to Keep You On Task (Infographic)

If you’re a busy entrepreneur or someone who works for one, it’s best to stick to the latter kind, at least during working hours, especially if you want to be a productivity powerhouse. Productivity apps can give you -- and, yes, your boss, too -- a leg up on putting your most organized, efficient professional foot forward. Some are built to tame your inbox, while others streamline your to-dos or track your expenses. You can also use efficiency apps to sharpen your focus before a big meeting or to communicate with your coworkers under the radar (for strictly work-related conversations, right?). And then there’s the type that bosses love the most, procrastination-preventing apps that whip you into action. Impulsando la Innovación de Impacto en Latinoamérica. 5 Ways Entrepreneurs See Life Differently. Entrepreneurship is more than just a career choice.

5 Ways Entrepreneurs See Life Differently

Starting A Business? You Need These 3 Basics. The decision to start a business is exciting, but don’t get caught up in the fairytale.

Starting A Business? You Need These 3 Basics.

If you want your business to succeed for the long-term, have these three essential elements in place. 1. Enough capital for six months. The time it takes to turn a profit will vary between industries and individual businesses, but the rule of thumb remains the same: have enough cash in the bank to survive for six months or more before you launch. Developing a realistic personal and business budget can help you survive the first few months, and sticking to this budget will be crucial to success. 20 Productivity Apps to Keep You On Task (Infographic) Learn More. What Growing Up Broke in a Rich Neighborhood Taught Me About Business. I grew up in a single-mother household, like the other one of four of you out there.

What Growing Up Broke in a Rich Neighborhood Taught Me About Business

I also grew up in a very nice neighborhood called Westlake Village, which is north of Los Angeles and is a close neighbor to Calabasas. (Thanks to the Kardashians, many people know Calabasas these days.) My mom worked two jobs so my siblings and I could live in a nice area because she wanted us to go to good schools and reap the benefits of a nice community. This is important for two reasons: In other areas our dollars could have gone further, and because of the nice area a lot of my friends and their families had extreme wealth (such as mansions with movie screens), which made our financial situation appear even more bleak. Related: How 3 Entrepreneurs Went from Welfare to Multi-Million Business in Five Years This unique experience actually worked out to my advantage, and some of the lessons I learned helped shape my perspective and outlook on life and business today. 1.

12 Organizations Entrepreneurs Need to Join. Entrepreneur and CultureIQ are searching for the top high-performing cultures to be featured on our annual list.

12 Organizations Entrepreneurs Need to Join

Think your company has what it takes? Click here to get started. Ever since becoming an official entreprenuer, I have been attending entrepreneurial events. I have attended and joined 1000's of different organizations. There are many out there that I personally haven't gotten anything out of. Whether you’re looking to network, meet mentors or gain insights on the latest industry trends, joining and participating in an organization has an abundance of benefits that can make you a stronger and more effective entrepreneur. 1. Founded in 1987, EO has become “the global thought leader on entrepreneurship.” 2. If you’re an entrepreneur under the age of 40, then having the chance to join this invite-only organization is an absolute must. I've been a member of the YEC for the past year and a half and it's been one of the best things for my business.