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Survey of the States The state of K–12 economic and financial education in the United States. Key FindingsBy the Numbers – VideoTake ActionInteractive CompanionAbout Survey of the States Key Findings All 50 states and the District of Columbia include economics in the K-12 standards for the first time.While more states are implementing standards in economics, no improvement has been seen in the number of states requiring students to take an economics course as a high school graduation requirement. Teacher Lesson Plans – Economics and Personal Finance – Philadelphia Fed. All Lessons Uncle Jed's Barbershop (9-11 years) Children's Literature Lesson Description: Students listen to the book Uncle Jed’s Barbershop, about an African-American barber who, despite significant setbacks, saves enough money to buy his own barbershop. From the story, students learn about saving, savings goals, opportunity cost, and segregation.

Economics Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources by CEE We offer a variety of standards-based classroom resources for K-12 teachers, students and parents. Our resources include a variety of print and online materials. Classroom Resources Math in the Real World (Grades 6-12) February 25, 2016 Continuing Education Units: 3 In this workshop, we will introduce you to several resources that will help you relate math and personal finance lessons to real issues facing your students.MORE Classroom Resources Teaching Economics Using Children’s Literature March 16, 2016 Continuing Education Units: 3 Add a new dimension to your read alouds by teaching economics.

5 Ways the Weather Affects the Economy There are some who rejoice in the eerie calm of a storm and there are others who rush for shelter. Regardless of one’s personal views, there is no doubt that extreme weather can have profound effects on local, state and national economies. Are these effects positive or negative? Well, it depends. In light of recent extreme weather events such as the drought in California, flooding in Texas and record snowfall in the northeast, read on to learn about some of the ways that extreme weather can affect the economy. Check out our mortgage calculator. Developing Good Credit Habits Key Concepts Credit, Goods, Income, Interest Rate, Interest, Services, Credit Card Goods and Services: Some are Private, Some are Not The role of government is to provide for the common defense, define and protect property rights, and enforce contractual arrangements. Throughout the 20th and early 21st century, government has increased its role in economic life.

I, Pencil: A Brilliant Vintage Allegory of How Everything Is Connected By Maria Popova For an object this seemingly simple, the pencil is not only an artifact with a remarkably fascinating history but also an enduring staple of creative culture — from John Steinbeck, who kept exactly twelve sharpened pencils on his desk at all times, to David Byrne, who captured the human condition in pencil diagrams. But although it is one of humanity’s humble masterpieces of design and ingenuity, we continue to underappreciate the pencil’s genius. In 1958, libertarian writer and Foundation for Economic Education founder Leonard Read (September 26, 1898–May 14, 1983) set out to remedy this civilizational injustice in a marvelous essay titled “I, Pencil,” published in Essays on Liberty (public library). In a clever allegory, Read delivers his enduring point about the power of free market economy.

Snowstorms: What is the economic impact? © Time Inc. All rights reserved. is a part of the network of sites. Powered by VIP Email address or Password is incorrect Financial Literacy Lesson Plans & Financial Planning Tips at NFEC Using the NFEC’s financial literacy lesson plans, instructors build rapport and connections with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. And these fun, engaging lessons also meet core educational standards. Participants from all walks of life will leave inspired to take positive financial action.

Project Management Game online free,CEO simulation games for kids,students Game Corp is a highly interactive, entertaining and quirky business management simulation game for older kids, high school and college students, and grownups who enjoy online games that involve business themes and thinking strategy. In Game Corp, you take control of your very own awesome computer game development company! Starting from scratch, you have to hire good workers, manage projects, create new flash games, and gradually build your business up from a small-time, mini-game development outfit into a highly successful global corporation in the online game industry! Hire the brightest technical minds to produce fun games, choose the most popular genres, utilize fab modern technology, and have excited gamers from around the world flocking to try out your latest titles!

Weather Wiz Kids weather information for kids 5 three ounce paper Dixie Cups 2 soda straws pin paper punch scissors stapler sharp pencil with an eraser Take four of the Dixie Cups and use the paper punch to punch one hole in each, about a half inch below the rim. Take the fifth cup and punch four equally spaced holes about a quarter inch below the rim. Lesson Plans Give your students a deeper understanding of money management using a curriculum offered by Practical Money Skills. Here you’ll find lesson plans for students of all ages – from preschoolers and elementary school students to teens and college students. We also offer course materials for students with special needs. Topics range from the basics for the very young, such as “What is Money?” and “Spending Plans” to more comprehensive courses for young adults who are about to venture off into financial independence. These more advanced courses cover everything from budgeting and bill paying to the influence of advertising and issues of consumer privacy.

Atlas of Urban Expansion Massive urbanization, accompanied by the rapid expansion of cities and metropolitan regions and the sprawling growth of megacities the world over, is one of the most important transformations of our planet. Much of this explosive growth has been unplanned. Cities in developing countries have been unprepared for absorbing the many millions of the rural poor that are still crowding into informal settlements. These cities are now scheduled to double their urban population in the next thirty years, and possibly triple the land area. And while in industrialized countries the great transformation into an urban society is largely completed, there are growing concerns about continuing low-density sprawl and its deleterious environmental consequences - the effects on carbon emissions, energy use, and the loss of prime agricultural lands.

Financial Literacy Lesson Plan Search Results For Kindergarten, First and Second Grade lesson plans, please go to the K, 1, 2 Core listing. General Financial Literacy Banking Budgeting Budgeting & Checking Activity - Financial Literacy Budgeting Your Financial Resources - Financial Literacy Consumer Fraud FInancial Institution Comparison How Credit Works Insurance: Your Protection Smart Shopping What would it cost you today?

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