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World Economic Forum - The Millennial Challenge Citing a “mismatch” between high youth unemployment across the globe and the dearth of qualified workers for many companies, corporate and civil society leaders at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014 called for a collaborative approach to seize the opportunity inherent in the problem. In the presence of members of the Forum’s Global Shapers community – a worldwide network of socially engaged young people – leaders urged further incubation of creative ideas to train and invest in the 50% of the global population under the age of 27. The potential upside of better incorporating youth into the economy is enormous, said Robert Greenhill, Managing Director, World Economic Forum. For every percentage point increase in youth unemployment, US$ 72 billion is added to global consumption. “We’re trying to bring more entrepreneurs to the table,” said Maria Fanjul, Chief Executive Officer,, Spain, and a Global Shaper, “to encourage young people to be owners of their lives”.

Looking For Customers? Be A Hunter, Not A Gatherer ⚙ Co You've come up with a great business idea, teamed up with trusted cofounders, registered your URL, thrown up your minimum viable product in WordPress, and emailed your link to a few VC friends to "gauge their thoughts." Now sit back, refresh your analytics dashboard, and wait for customers to sign up. Right? Wrong. If only it were that easy. No matter how good your product is, customers aren’t just going to magically start knocking at your door. 8 Great Tools and Resources for When You're Ready to Build a Business Business owners aren’t successful because they think about building a business -- they’re successful because they don’t stop until they get things done. And when it comes to getting things done, mental tenacity and motivation are important, but having the right tools and resources can make a huge difference as well. Related: 7 Critical Questions to Contemplate Before You Become an Entrepreneur The following tools and resources are ones you’ll definitely want to have on hand when you’re ready to build your business.

$700 million renewal of Ohio Third Frontier heads for May ballot - MedCity NewsMedCity News COLUMBUS, Ohio — A $700 million renewal of Ohio Third Frontier — the 10-year, $1.6 billion project to re-energize Ohio’s economy by investing in emerging technologies — is on its way to the May 4 ballot, thanks to bipartisan support of a compromise resolution by state Senate and House members on Wednesday. Gov. Ted Strickland “is pleased to see that all sides have come together to reach a bipartisan agreement to renew the Third Frontier,” spokeswoman Amanda Wurst said. “This bipartisan agreement is the strongest validation of the successful economic development program that has already created tens of thousands of jobs. This is a significant investment in Ohio’s economy and cornerstone of Ohio’s economic growth strategy.” The Ohio Senate voted 30-2 to ask voters to extend Third Frontier — slated to end in fiscal 2012 — for four more years with a bond issue of $700 million, said Senate spokeswoman Maggie Ostrowski.

Up!, Second Skin and #hack4good Posted by on 27 August 2013 | Comments Up! Shoutout for a friend: lovely chap (and available-for-business photographer!) Matt Evans is just finishing up his 100day project, which focuses on clouds (predominantly in the Wellington region). So pretty :)

55 great tools and resources for startups and entrepreneurs Between commuting to office, catching up with your inbox, to rushing for review meetings, it’s a hard life, as any entrepreneur will know. They are always on the lookout for ways to get the most out of their day. Running a startup is a daily challenge, but there exist tools out there to simplify almost all aspects of a business, enabling entrepreneurs to minimize distractions and focus on their ‘core’. Right from naming and registering a business, to managing teams, to handling marketing and customer relations, these tools can help you ease up the process of running your business.

Everything you need to know about building a startup in China China’s booming mobile market is creating lucrative new business opportunities for startups, according to Australian entrepreneur and Koombah cofounder Jason Lim, who recently returned from China. However, mobile is different in China because they have a generation of people who skipped the laptop phase and moved directly to smartphones, says Lim. “China has the [world’s] largest number of mobile internet users with 500 million,” he says. Lim told StartupSmart the mobile boom is leading to big startup opportunities mobile gaming, social media, online video and mobile commerce. “China is set to surpass the US mobile gaming market next year and is on track to hit $US3 billion ($A3.23b) in revenue this year,” he says. “China has a higher penetration rate of social media than the US.

The Twelve Gifts of Christmas, Startup Weekend Edition The silly season is in full swing and the Christmas spirit has us rolling around in pine needles with everyone’s favourite jolly old man – Santa Claus! We sat down with the old chap to have a chat about this year’s wish lists. Assuming they’ve all been good this year, we understand it can be a right pain to shop for a particular (and likely stubborn) breed of professionals, so here’s our list of the top 12 terribly thoughtful and seriously kickass offerings for the Startup Weekender(s) in your life. These gifts will spread ALL the cheer!