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The business lessons we’ve learned from Conor McGregor. Business is ruthless. regardless of how long you’ve been in the game, everything you’ve built can go down in a split second if you don’t play your cards right.

The business lessons we’ve learned from Conor McGregor

We can almost compare business to a series of UFC fights where you’re constantly fighting competitors, trends, exchange rates, standards. You’re always in a fight to not only survive, but to also win the big belt – the well deserved symbol of your efforts. Why we partner with White Label Companies and Digital Agency Resellers. Because we love to help build global workforces.

Why we partner with White Label Companies and Digital Agency Resellers

In a world of tremendous competition, innovation and flawless customer service have to be nothing short of impressive. And we reward our clients who so modestly offer it. So if you’re either looking to expand your product range by offering staffing services to complement your current business or whether you’re looking at the bigger picture and want to support your current market by providing different new services through an outsourcing service, then you’re in luck. Because half your problems are solved with Ezy VA. We’re committed to helping you build your ‘High Performing Team’ from our offices in The Philippines, we work closely with you to build the systems required to manage your team, and we also consult with you on a business level, holding your hand throughout your business scaling process.

The Difference Between Offshoring & Outsourcing. There’s a common misconception that Offshoring is the same thing as Outsourcing.

The Difference Between Offshoring & Outsourcing

While the two can work together, separately, they mean different things. Offshoring means your work is getting done in another country by trained and skilled people, whereas Outsourcing means you’re contracting work out to a third party. Both processes can take advantage of specialised skills, but also lower costs and getting work done faster. Enthusiasm is the Key. There are times in business when you hit a plateau.

Enthusiasm is the Key

When you realise you’ve been doing the same thing for such a long time that it’s not giving you anymore satisfaction. And that’s alright. We’ve all been there. We’ve all struggled with it, you get anxious, lose patience, revolve your life around your work, become impatient, and pretty much lose all interest. That’s the moment when you have to become aware of your situation and either question if this is the road you want to continue walking on, or make a change. The Why to Outsourcing. We’ve talked a lot about how outsourcing can help you reduce costs and improve productivity.

The Why to Outsourcing

After all we are the leading company in The Philippines within the BPO industry. But that’s not the point. Knowing outsourcing is good for your business is not enough. You first need to understand why outsourcing is vital for any growing businesses across the globe. So we have listed a handful of reasons below. How to Choose the Right Outsourcing Company.

Deciding to outsource might just be one the best decisions you could make for your business.

How to Choose the Right Outsourcing Company

Clearing your day of the everyday noise, allowing yourself and your team to focus on the money-making activities is the most important step towards automating your processes. But once you take this decision, how do you choose which outsourcing company is better for you, can meet your expectations and even exceed them? Attention Span In Business.

We live in an age where we can quite literally get distracted by at least 5 things in the same time, while trying to do our job.

Attention Span In Business

Starting with phone notifications, emails, and calls and ending with pop up ads, shopping and even food. The human attention has become so scarce that we can no longer enjoy a minute of our time without trying to do two other things at once. Having access to last minute news, variety of services and the rest has scientifically proven that humans have shorter attention span than goldfish. In everyday life they say spending time in nature and reading can help quite a lot with improving our focus and attention, but what is there to do in business?

Your Company’s Foundation. Whenever you think of outsourcing, think of how you can ease your workload, but also how to make it easy on the staff as well.

Your Company’s Foundation

Offshore outsourcing has numerous benefits that we covered so many times with you before; When you outsource offshore you save money and time, without having to set systems in place for management and human resources, for example. Everything functional that is meant to make your life easier is all setup for you, but that doesn’t mean your staff can work without you from the get-go. When you outsource offshore you have to understand that your staff need to be briefed on what your company stands for, what it needs, and where it’s headed. And you are the perfect person to give them that insight. The way to do that, besides providing them with a job description, of course, is by providing them with examples of what you need doing.

Prepare to Sell your Business. Do you see yourself working a lifetime?

Prepare to Sell your Business

Doing the same thing, struggling to always be creative, innovative, different from competition? Some of you might answer ‘yes’ to that question, but for the rest of you reading this, let’s discuss why that option doesn’t sound too appealing. Better and Improved. When you’re a big and established brand, you always seek to better and improve your range of products and services.

Better and Improved

Look at Facebook for example, they simply don’t stop. They always seem to provide their users with more and more features, so the platform doesn’t get too ‘boring’ or underused. From design capabilities, to different ways of uploading your pictures, even transferring money between accounts, Facebook and big brands alike have revolutionized the way they service their users and clients.

What does this teach us? Never stop improving what you’re working on. Is the Customer Always Right? In a time when businesses try to adapt to the customer’s needs more than ever, and try to accommodate them to the best of their extent, thinking customers are always right can do more damage than good. Understanding your customers is vital to your business for a number of reasons, but mainly it helps you provide greater services. By listening to complaints or suggestions, you can work on improving your work. That’s all well and good, but when you allow customers to take advantage of your good will, you’ll find yourself frustrated and floating in a sea of forever unpleased clients. Yes, you need happy customers in order to run a happy business, but having happier employees is what will keep your business alive. See below why. From Solo to Global. Growing your business from the startup stage into the growth stage is something every entrepreneur dreams of in their first day of sale.

We all picture creating an institution, a well-oiled machine that runs by itself, beats competition down every quarter and is recognised as an established company. Dreaming is the first step to creating, but in order to turn your dream into reality you need to go through a couple of steps that are meant to keep you focused and help you leverage of every tools possible for a swift and correct scaling of your business. For starters, you need to identity your key roles within the company and empower your employees. Allow them to own the role, to make it theirs as if it was their company. Day-To-Day vs. Yearly Objectives. We all have yearly objectives for our companies. Be it reaching a certain financial milestone, growing the team, or increasing the number of products or services offered, the list is endless. In order to achieve these objectives though, there are certain steps that need to be followed, and necessary activities that need to be done to a specific standard. This translates into processes that need to be done on either a daily or a monthly basis by yourself and the staff working for you.

Managing Time. As a business owner you know how important time is. You get sucked into so many things that you don’t want to be doing and at the end of it you’re left with frustrations at the idea of all the things you could have achieved instead of replying to emails, dealing with complaints or answering unnecessary calls. But we’re here to tell you it all gets better. It’s a learning curve. Is Your Business Sustainable? Having a sustainable business is not a trendy thing anymore.

It’s a necessity. It’s a misconception that only production companies can “go green” and beware of the carbon footprint and materials used. Any business can have a sustainable approach and it can be applied to either the global or local environment, community, society or economy. Running a sustainable business, means you’re not in the game only for the profits. You want to make a change for the better, for the world that you and your family live in.

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